Thursday, October 31, 2013

Open Mosque Day in Southern California

Gary Fouse

This past Sunday was proclaimed Open Mosque Day in Southern California by the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California. Several mosques were open to the public for tours and presentations. A friend sent me this composite report from multiple persons who visited multiple mosques.


Sunday, October 27, was Open Mosque Day at twenty-two Mosques and Islamic Centers in Southern California. An invitation communique from the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California assured non-Muslims that “Muslims are happy to answer questions about their religion.”   Based on reports from those who visited the mosques, their hosts were very cordial.  The visitors were provided with refreshments, guided tours, and even question and answer sessions about the mosque and Islam in general. However the answers to ideological questions left more than a few visitors disappointed, and they felt their intelligence was insulted by the evasive answers.  Taqiyah – the art of deception to hide the shameful truth about Islam -- was on full display.

For those unfamiliar with this term, the Quranic reference to taqiyah is Surah 3:28:  ‘’Let believers not make friends with infidels in preference to the faithful – he that does has nothing to hope for from Allah – except in self-defense.”  The Arabic word for self-defense here is tuqah which means to guard against.  In Reliance of the Traveler, section r8.2 on Permissible Lying , it says, “When it is possible to achieve such an aim (as advancing Islam) by lying but not by telling the truth, it is permissible to lie if attaining the goal is permissible, and obligatory to lie if the goal is obligatory.  . . . But it is religiously more precautionary in all such cases to employ words that give a misleading impression, meaning to intend by one’s words something that is literally true, in respect to which one is not lying, while the outward purport of the words deceives the hearer . . . .”

As we will see below, the hosts at the mosques could not defend their ideology by telling the truth, so they resorted to lying.

The mosquing of America is proceeding at a rapid pace, underwritten by oil-rich countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The number of mosques and Islamic Centers almost doubled from 1,209 in 2000 to 2,106 in 2011, most of this increase occurring after Islamic terror attack on 9/11/01.   It is estimated that 80% of the new establishments  are sponsored (and guided) by the Wahhabi sect in Saudi Arabia, with their U.S.-based Muslim Brotherhood affiliates operating as the front-men for the projects.  (See Chapter 8 of “The Brotherhood, America’s Next Great Enemy” by Erick Stakelbeck .)  In 1995, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, boasted at an Islamic conference in Ohio, “We will conquer Europe, we will conquer America, not through the sword but through dawah [proselytizing].”  He has since been banned from entering the U.S.

But dawah and taqiyah seem to work only among the uninformed. Sooner or later, however, the converts to Islam will read the actual sacred texts of Islam and realize that the sweet words and deceptive answers to questions about Islam are not true.  It is reported that 75% of the converts to Islam leave the faith within a few years. (See: )   Muslims themselves acknowledge that over 6 million Muslims leave Islam every year.  Truth has a way of catching up with falsehood.

In view of the prevalent deception during Open Mosque Day, it is important to pay close attention to the answers given to the ideological issues that are of most concern to non-Muslims.  The following is a compilation of the issues discussed at various mosques along with the truth found in the recognized sacred Islamic texts.

1. Ritual demeaning of Jews and Christians by Muslims --  It is well-known that Muslims pray five times a day, but fewer people realize that within those prayers Muslim are required to recite Surah 1 of the Quran (Al-Fatihah) at least seventeen times a day.  (See Reliance of the Traveler, sections f8.17 and f10.2 and .)  Surah 1 contains the passage asking Allah to guide Muslims to the straight path, “not of those who have incurred Your wrath nor of those who have gone astray.”   Muhammad himself confirmed that the people referred to in the passage are the Jews and the Christians (See Bukhari, Vol. 1, Book 12, Number 749)  Further confirmation of the demeaning of Jews and Christians in Al-Fatihah is provided in Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Vol. 1, page 87, and in Tafsir Al-Jalalayn, page 2.
When asked about this verse, the imam of the Islamic Society of Orange County, Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, responded that you cannot take one verse alone to make a point about Islam because that verse may take things out of context. He added that the demeaning of Jews and Christians occurred only during a certain period of time when Muslims were fighting Jews and Christians   (If that is so, why do Muslims continue to pray their anti-Jewish and anti-Christian prayer seventeen times a day some 1400 years later?)  The Imam of the Lomita mosque acknowledged that the interpretation was true, but he said he was “not comfortable” with that interpretation.  (Sure, when Jews and Christians are asking, it would be difficult to be comfortable about a sacred text in the Quran demeaning them!)

Another verse in the Quran that demeans Jews and Christians is Surah 5:51: “Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends.”  The same prohibition is reflected in Surahs 3:28, 3:118, and 9:23. Responding to this command, the imam of the Lomita mosque said that a lot of his friends were Jews and Christians and that Muslims respect all religions.  To prove  his point he called up some middle school students who parroted the same mantra.

Another offensive text in the Quran is found in Surahs 5:59 and 5:60 that says most Jews (People of the Book) are evil-doers and that Allah transformed them in to apes and swine and those that serve the devil.  The only response to this that could blurted out was that the quotation was “taken out of context.”  That phrase was repeated quite often during Open Mosque Day.

2. Worldwide violence against Christians -- The Quran instructs Muslims in Surah 8:60, “Muster against [the unbelievers] all the men and cavalry at your command, so that you may strike terror into the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others besides them who are unknown to you but known to Allah.”  The first part of this verse is also the motto of the Muslim Brotherhood, written in Arabic on their logo. During September and October of this year alone, there were over 800 Christian casualties at the hands of Muslims,  including Kenya (249, mostly Christian), Nigeria (240), Pakistan (196), Syria (82), and Iraq (23).  The Islamic terrorists in the Kenya shopping center attack in September quizzed their captives on the Shahada and other Islamic trivia questions to determine who they would spare and who they would murder.

When asked about this lethal persecution of Christians, Dr. Siddiqi of the Islamic Society of Orange County blamed the violence on old tribal customs in geographically isolated countries, not Islam.  The  Imam of the Lomita mosque said that Americans are not getting the real news. The Imam of the Anaheim mosque blamed Latinos for 42% of the terrorism in the U.S., and he said Muslims account for only 6%, but he didn’t cite his source.    Obviously, if the data sample goes back far enough in time, one could probably produce data that shows that most of the terror attacks in the U.S. were perpetrated by Native Americans (aka Indians).  Here is an article showing the ominous present-day trend of Islamic terror attacks around the world:

When asked about 9/11 the Imam of the Lomita mosque said that “we Muslims suffered the most. We were scared to go to work or school.”   (That “suffering” is compared with the violent deaths of three thousand innocent victims!)  The same Imam also asserted that many of the terrorists don’t even go to mosques and don’t have a connection with Islam.  He acknowledged that those doing the work of Allah would go to heaven, but “we may not agree with their methods.”  (Perhaps he should read the Quran-laced final instructions of Muhammad Atta to his fellow 9/11 hijackers. Atta was more versed in the Quran than most Muslims.  (See: )

3. Perverted definitions of good and evil -- Islamic Sharia Law is based on a concept that good and evil cannot be determined by the use of reason.  Instead, it is based solely on what Muhammad (and Allah) determined was good or evil.  (Reliance of the Traveler, Section a1.4)  The Quran states in Surah 33:21 that Muhammad is the “good example” for Muslims to follow, even though many of his acts would be criminal offenses in most civilized countries today.  This is why Muslim countries rejected the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and adopted their own Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam in 1990. It states in Article 24, “All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Sharia.”

So when the Open Mosque Day hosts at the King Fahd Mosque in Culver City were confronted with some clearly evil acts perpetrated by Muslims, they could not respond with appropriate outrage.  Here are just a few of the situations they dodged:

· Muslim destruction of churches and temples – Host: That is taken out of context. The Prophet made sure churches and temples were not destroyed.  (Actually, Muhammad expelled all three Jewish tribes from Medina, finally beheading 600-900 Jews in the market square of Medina.  See Ibn Ishaq, The Life of Muhammad, para. 690.)

· Muslim targeting Christians in Syria – Host: Bad things happen on both sides in time of war.

· Wife beating per Surah 4:34 – Host: That is taken out of context. The Prophet never beat any of his wives. (Ayisha claimed that Muhammad struck her and caused her pain in the reliable Sahih Muslim hadith, Book 004, Number 2127.)

· The Muslims’ silence about acts of jihad – Host: Most Muslims are busy working and raising families and don’t get involved with speaking out.  (Actually, Sharia Law says it is unlawful for a Muslim to criticize the acts of other Muslim. See R of T, Section r2.8 and r20.2.)

· The fact that the Muslim Student Association recites the Muslim Brotherhood creed that says “Jihad is our Way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” – Host:  I’ll put you in touch with the president of the MSA West.

What is more tragic is that the King Fahd mosque is shielding its own congregation from the unsavory truths about Muhammad despite the Quran’s endorsement of Muhammad as the “good example.” Here is one visitor’s story in her own words:

After the men went away, a very friendly young girl with a hijab came to me and I was talking with her.  She was from Saudi Arabia and her parents dropped her off at the mosque for Quran study.  She was 9 years old. . . I then said to her did you learn about your prophet? She said she was learning some.  Then I told her did you know that he married a 9 year old girl, just like you? Her jaw dropped and she was astounded.  I told her that he was “engaged” to her when she was 6 and then he married her and was over 50.  I also told her it was his favorite wife, Ayisha.  She was stunned.  (See the reliable Bukhari hadith Volume 5, Book 58, Number 234)

4. Inequality of women --  Women are definitely in an inferior position based on the Quran and reliable hadith.  Surah 4:34 says that Allah has made men superior to women.  The testimony of two women is equivalent to one man (Surah 2:282).  Women inherit one-half of their male counterparts. (Surah 4:11) A reliable hadith has Muhammad asserting that women are deficient in intelligence and religion (See Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 6, Number 301.)

So it was almost laughable when a Muslim woman at the Anaheim Mosque claimed that it wasn’t until Muhammad appeared on the scene that women actually became respected on earth.  When the imam was questioned about the requirement of four male witnesses to lead to a rape conviction (per perversions of Surahs 4:15 and 24:14), the imam suddenly said he had to leave.

5. Hijab as rejection of Western customs -- Many of the visitors to Southern California mosques noted that the Muslim women all wore hijabs.  While “liberated” Muslims insist that there is no Islamic requirement to wear hijabs or niqabs, there is increased pressure on women by their mosque leaders to wear them to signal their rejection of Western customs.  Sharia Law (Reliance of the Traveler, Section w23.1) says a woman is naked (‘awra) if any part of her body is exposed in public, except perhaps her hands and face.  However, the Quran (Surah 24:31) only requires women to be modest in their appearance.

When a woman who was selling hijabs one of the mosques was asked why she wore a hijab, she replied that the Quran says women must wear it.  Calling her bluff, a visitor handed her a Quran and asked her to show him the specific verse.  She could not.

6. Corruption of United States history – The first war entered into by the United States was against the Barbary Pirates in North Africa. After winning independence from the British, the U.S. was no longer protected by the treaties (and tribute) negotiated by Great Britain.  The Barbary Pirates began attacking American ships and enslaving the crew and passengers. When the American ambassador to Europe at the time,  Thomas Jefferson, protested to the Dey of Algers, he was told, “…that it was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman (Muslim) who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise.”  At one time the United States was spending 20 percent of its national budget paying tribute (extortion) to the Barbary Pirates.

So it was a bit disturbing that the State College Mosque of Omar Al-Farouk in Anaheim featured a display titled “The Quran’s Place in American History” which asserted that 1) there was no hostility between Muslims and Americans in the early American history, and 2) that both Presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson read the Quran.  (The truth is that both Adams and Jefferson had copies of George Sale’s 1734 English translation of the Quran which included the following assertions: 1) the Quran is a manifest forgery; 2) Muhammad owed his progress and establishment almost entirely to the sword; 3) Muhammad was really the author and chief contriver of the Quran; 4) Muhammad told a woman that no old woman would enter paradise, and 5) the pilgrimage to Mecca was so filled with silly and insignificant things that Muhammad found he could abolish idolatry much more easily that he could eradicate the superstitious bigotry to which Muslims were addicted at that temple. Congressman Keith Ellison should be ashamed that he swore his oath of office on Jefferson’s Quran.)

7. Mosque-planting for worship or for establishing enclaves?  -- It is apparent from the mosques that were visited that the local Muslims had little to do with the financing of the mosques or even deciding on their location.  Generally, many of the new mosques in the U.S. are not in areas where there are large numbers of Muslims.  Examples include Culver City (CA), Lomita (CA), Murfreesboro (TN), and Sheepshead Bay (NY).  Erick Stakelbeck, in “The Brotherhood,” suggests that there is a sinister strategy at play:  By locating a mosque away from where the Muslims actually live, it makes the mosque a commuter destination, and the resulting traffic and congestion drives out the non-Muslims from the community.  Then the Muslims can buy housing at depressed prices and create a Muslim enclave near the mosque.
Related to this political strategy is a telling statement by the Muslim Brotherhood in their 1991 Explanatory Memorandum outlining their long-range strategic plans for the United States:

 Understanding the role and the nature of work of the “The Islamic Center” in every city with what achieves the goal of the process of settlement:

. . . Thus, the Islamic center would turn into a place for study, family, battalion [for launching jihad?], course, seminar, visit, sport, school, social club, women gathering, kindergarten, office of the domestic political resolution [i.e., enforcing Sharia law], and the center for distributing our newspapers, magazines, books and our audio and visual tapes.

Note that nowhere in that statement is the idea of worship even mentioned. Several mosque observers at this year’s Open Mosque Day noted that the prayer demonstrations seemed to be perfunctory; “rushed and dull,” as one observer put it.

7.  Literature advocating violence in mosque libraries and bookstores --   Some of the books found at the mosques included works by Syed Qutb, Sayyid Mawdudi, and Bilal Phillips.  Examples of their teaching:
Qutb: “The true basis of the Islamic approach . . . moves forward to liberate mankind from servitude to other human beings, so that they can worship Allah alone. Its aim is to destroy tyrannical forces and regimes which force people to submit to a rule different from that of Allah, and apply a law other than His own. . . From the Islamic point of view, jihad has its own justification, derived from its own system.”  (In the Shade of the Quran, Vol. VII, page 25-28)

Mawdudi: “Anyone who wants to uproot mischief and disorder from this world and wants to reform
mankind should realize that he cannot do so by mere sermonizing and counseling. It is useless. He should rise against the government of false principles; he should seize power, remove the wrongdoers from the seat of authority and set up a government based on sound principles and just administration [i.e., Sharia law].” (The Essence of Jihad, Page 10-11)

The Saudi-paid imam of the King Fahd Mosque in Culver City, Fahad al Thumairy, was expelled from the United States in 2003 for his support of terrorists in the 2001 attack on New York City and Washington, D.C.  At the Open Mosque event, the hosts at the King Fahd mosque announced that they are now expecting a new Imam from Saudi Arabia in February. (Good luck with that!)  Earlier in October of this year, a new convert to Islam from Southern California, Hasan Abu Omar Ghannoum (aka Sinh Vinh Ngo Nguyen), was arrested as he boarded a bus bound for a likely jihad engagement overseas.  No local mosque is willing to claim credit for his conversion or his radicalization.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Whatever Happened to, "If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep It"?

Gary Fouse

No matter how we reform healthcare, we will keep this promise to the American people: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your healthcare plan, you'll be able to keep your healthcare plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what."
-President Obama, June 2009

That was the promise President Obama unequivocally made to all of us. It appears it was a lie. Now, as people are losing their health insurance, White House spokesman Jay Carney is, as usual, struggling for an explanation.

"So it's true there are existing healthcare plans on the individual market that do not meet those minimum standards and therefore do not qualify for the Affordable Care Act,"

-Jay Carney

Well, at least Jay didn't say that Obama's previous statement was "inoperative" (old Watergate joke).

Here is the lie: The IRS was saying as early as 2010 that millions of people would lose their current health care insurance.

Yet, on June 28, 2012, Obama spoke on television from the White House and repeated his promise that those who liked their insurance would keep it. Here is a quasi-sympathetic article from Politifact (Tampa Bay Times) at the time. The important point is what Obama said after the Supreme Court ruling.

To those of you who voted for Obama in spite of all the red flags and those of you who have defended Obamacare in spite of all the warnings, I have to say: If you have been hurt by Obamacare, I find it hard to have any sympathy. We warned you this would happen.

But there is hope for you yet. I am predicting that this whole mess will collapse under its own weight. Even some Democrats in Congress-those who are not driven ideologues- are beginning to understand what a disaster this is.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Oliver Stone at UCI Irvine

Gary Fouse

On October 26, motion picture producer Oliver Stone appeared at UC Irvine along with Professor Peter Kuznick of American University to promote their movie and book entitled, "The Untold History of the United States". The event was sponsored by the UCI Dept of Film and Media Studies and the UCI Humanities Collective.

After a couple of introductory remarks by UCI officials, Mr Kuznick introduced the film. (Stone had not arrived yet.) The film, narrated by Stone, lasted about an hour and basically was devoted to attacking the foreign policy of the United States. I say basically because it was a rambling film beginning with sinister images of George W Bush and Dick Cheney in the aftermath of 9-11. The idea was that Bush and Cheney used 9-11 to promote their vision of attacking several Middle Eastern countries. The film ridiculed the idea that the administration had chosen hundreds of US locales and events as possible terrorist targets like the Indianapolis 500, petting zoos, amusement parks etc. Some in the audience laughed derisively.

(No mention was made of the Boston Marathon. Apparently, Bush and Cheney overlooked that one.)

The film moved on to cover all the controversial aspects of the resultant war on terror; the Patriot Act, the invasion of Afghanistan ("even though no Afghans were among the 9-11 hijackers", completely ignoring the fact that Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda were based in that country), the Iraq war, Abu Ghraib, water-boarding, and on and on. References were made back to Vietnam to drive home the point that America is an imperialistic country- a description that was made several times during the Q and A. There were scenes of Americans torturing foreign prisoners, but the scenes came from previous motion pictures involving actors. There were also actual Abu Ghraib photographs, more graphic than previously seen by the public in that they showed full frontal nudity of the prisoners.

I also noted that Stone's skill in film making also includes the appropriate use of low volume background music. Whenever Bush and Cheney were pictured, the music was sinister in nature, but when the election of Obama was portrayed, the first images of Obama were accompanied by uplifting 4th of July-type music.

Not to say that Obama didn't come in for criticism, but  the main theme seemed that Obama continued the Bush policies so as not to be perceived as weak on defense. His campaign funding was also criticized. During the Q and A, Stone described Obama as a reasonable man, but he was concerned about how a hard-line successor like Bush or Cheney might abuse his powers (paraphrasing).

There was also much use of the National Anthem being played in the background (very low in volume) in slow motion, sad tones so as to reinforce the impression that America has lost her way and is betraying her ideals..

There were also at least three references to "neo-cons" in the movie. There was the requisite condemnation of Wall Street, the banks and the bank bailouts, as well as a reference (with sinister music) to the "infamous" Koch Bothers. (No mention of George Soros) and the Tea Party (no mention of Occupy)

I reiterate here that the movie was rambling in case you think this posting is rambling. In discussing Southeast Asia, there was a reference made to a statement by Alfred W. McCoy, who was the author of ,"The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia", a book written in 1972 that charged the CIA as being complicit in heroin trafficking in the Golden Triangle area of Burma, Thailand and Laos, as well as Vietnam through their support of corrupt anti-Communist officials and armies, who in turn had their hands in the drug traffic. There was a shot of the book cover, with a sub-title that said something like, "How the CIA was involved in the Drug Trade". I am paraphrasing. One or two words may be off, but that was the message conveyed.  Being an old DEA agent who served in Thailand a few years after the book came out, I have read the book and still have a copy on my book shelf. There is no such sub-title on the cover. True, there is much criticism in the book of the US -and the CIA-supporting corrupt people in the aforementioned countries because they were anti-Communist.

The most ridiculous shot of the movie was a shot of ex- playboy LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa giving a speech and decrying the money spent on the military as opposed to education or some other social program.

I mean, quoting Antonio Villaraigosa??!!

The most offensive line was a statement by Stone in the narration that described "Navy Seals executing Osama bin Laden vigilante style and dumping his body into the sea".  There was also a reference to "the terror threat grown wildly out of proportion."

The film ended with Stone pleading for an America with more understanding of the positions of our enemies, surrendering the idea of American exceptualism, peace, love, etc.

Upon the completion of the film, Stone entered the hall and he and Kuznick sat at the stage to take questions. I got the first, and it went something like this: "I am a part-time teacher here at the UCI Ext and I would like to address this to Mr Stone because like you, I am a military veteran during the same time period. Unlike you, I was not sent to Vietnam, rather Germany, so I have great respect for your military service to our country. I do feel, however, that your experience has turned you against your country, and I would like to know if you ever considered that were it not for the US and particularly our military, I don't think any country in the world would be living in freedom today. If I have any message for the young people in this room it is that in spite of this one-sided presentation, all our mistakes and dark chapters in our history-and we are still making mistakes today, this is a great country and does deserve your support and loyalty." (Mild applause).

Stone's first sentence back to me was, "Obviously, Sir, we disagree." He then went on a long answer outlining his points beginning with his original belief that the Vietnam war was just when he was sent there, but how he changed his opinions after he returned. He then went on to a litany of other issues before the moderator moved on to the next question. At some point during the Q and A, he made references to former presidents who had led the country into war and who had run against war vets. The prime example he used was George McGovern, who had been a fighter pilot in World War II vs Richard Nixon, who was a "rear echelon officer making his money in the Navy playing cards". (Again I am paraphrasing.) He also mentioned George W Bush, of course, but said nothing about draft dodger Bill Clinton, who defeated George HW Bush and Bob Dole, also decorated WW II vets.

I did not videotape this event because at the start, they requested no taping. I could have made a scene and insisted on the right to tape since it was a public event at a public university, but since they announced that the school would be posting it on their website, I decided not to.

There were three or four other questions. One older vet became emotional in asking for the Veterans Administration to take more action to help homeless vets. Neither Stone nor Kuznick had much to add to that. A couple of other questions were, frankly, difficult to understand.

During the Q and A, I heard the speakers make several references to America as an imperial power. of course, they did not list any of America's colonies.

To sum up, this movie, while well-produced, is a one-sided presentation of many complex issues in our history including today's issues. While there were several criticisms of intelligence gathering that has intruded on the privacy of the American public, issues like Benghazi, Operation Fast and Furious, and the IRS scandal  were not delved into. Perhaps, that has something to do with when production on the film closed. I don't know. I attended this event because I anticipated (correctly) that it would be an exercise in America-bashing. I hoped that I would get an opportunity during the Q and A to say something positive about our country for the benefit of the students in the audience. It was about the only positive thing said about our country all evening.

But what do you expect on the campus of an American university?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

American Muslims Attacked at Hajj

Gary Fouse

Last week, Orange County Register writer Mona Shadia wrote the below article about the Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

The Washington Times also has an article on he Hajj and what happened to (mostly) Shia Muslims from the US on their pilgrimage

Mona might want to read this article before she goes to the Hajj.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

70,000 More Refugees Coming to US Courtesy of Obama

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Creeping Sharia, Center for Immigration Studies  and Refugee Resettlement Watch

President Obama has just authorized another 70,000 refugees to come to the US.

Two things to note:

1  The geographical designations seem to skirt around the term, "Middle East". Make no mistake, however. The Middle East will be well represented. (Hat tip Center for Immigration Studies)

On the surface, the taking in of refugees has been a great humanitarian gesture on the part of the US and other nations. However, in the current era, it has resulted in tremendous problems, not the least of which is Islamic-inspired terrorist acts against the host country. Need I mention the Boston Marathon attack by Chechen "refugees"? Or the hundreds of Somalis who have gone back to Somalia, or to Kenya and other places to join al Shabaab? Or the numerous arrests by the FBI of Muslim immigrants plotting to set off bombs in US cities?  It is pretty clear from the above CIS report that our own government agencies, principally DHS and the State Department, have not done their duty in screening people they allow into this country. We are paying for it in terms of social and welfare costs, crime in the streets, and the danger of terrorism. And in Europe, the problem is much worse as the social fabric of countries such as France, Norway, Sweden, Holland and others is being torn apart. Having "no-go zones" in and around major cities is too great a price to pay for being "humanitarian".

What will interesting to see and follow up on is how many Christian refugees Obama will bring in from Syria, Iraq and Egypt. I am betting precious few. The administration has done much crying about the Assad regime and the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt, but has said virtually nothing about the on-going persecution of Christians in those countries as well as other places like Iraq and Pakistan.

Incompetence and stupidity are too simplistic explanations of the policies that drive this administration. Say what you will about Obama, he may be in over his head in certain areas, but he is not a stupid man. It really calls into question what his true agenda is for this nation.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Garden Grove Man Arrested for Aiding al Qaeda

Gary Fouse

Sinh Vinh Ngo Nguyen, 24, was arrested yesterday by the FBI in Santa Ana as he was about to board a bus to Mexico. He is charged with attempting to aid and abet al Qaeda. (Isn't that what our government is doing in Syria?)

In response, the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California has issued the below statement.

What raises a question here is that Nguyen is from Garden Grove, California in Orange County.  I am wondering if he was attending the Islamic Center of Orange County mosque in Garden Grove, which is under Imam Muzammil Siddiqi, past president of the Islamic Society of North America and head of the above Islamic Shura Council of Southern California. If so, Nguyen would not be the first person from that mosque to be charged with al Qaeda connections. Adam Gadahn, who is still a fugitive, also came out of that mosque.

Siddiqi and Islamic Center of Orange County

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Muslim Brotherhood Reveals its Position on the Israel-Palestinian Question

Gary Fouse

As the military government of Egypt cracks down on the Muslim Brotherhood, Ikhwan Web, the English-language website of the Brotherhood, reveals its position on the Israel-Palestine question.

"It also is an indication that the coup is one of the tools of the Zionist-American project to destroy the Arab and Muslim nation."

"The coalition stresses that Palestine is a State occupied by the Zionist enemy, that Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Palestine, and that the Palestinians are our brothers and sisters, while Zionists are our enemies. Transgressors will inevitably be vanquished."

This seems to make it pretty clear that the Muslim Brotherhood is not interested in a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians. Israel is the enemy and Jerusalem (all of it)  should be the capital of the Palestinian state. Period-end of discussion.

Which begs the question: Why is the Obama administration supporting the Muslim Brotherhood? 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Pro-Palestinian Lawyers Coming to a Campus Near You

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to Dusty

The next time your campus hosts one of those pro-Palestinian events that bash Israel, you may see some guys in suits carrying briefcases in the crowd. (Actually, they will probably be middle aged hippies with shoulder length grey hair, blue jeans and sandals.) That's because the National Lawyers Guild is teaming up with something called the Center for Constitutional Rights to make sure wise guys like me are not "repressing" the rights of anti-Israel groups to bring in radical, anti-Semitic speakers like Amir Abdel Malik Ali or trying to videotape their events.

And who is the National Lawyers Guild? Well the above web site has a link that tells you who they are.

"The National Lawyers Guild was formed in 1937 as the nation’s first racially integrated bar association to advocate for the protection of constitutional, human and civil rights. For decades, the NLG has sent delegations to the West Bank and Gaza to investigate international law violations by the Israeli government against Palestine. The Guild also works to defend the free speech rights of students and community activists who are in solidarity with the Palestinian people."

Well, that's not quite accurate. The National Lawyers Guild was formed in 1937 as a legal arm of the Communist Party USA, which they conveniently neglected to put in there. Their LA Chapter president, James Lafferty, has spoken at UCI on behalf of the Muslim Student Union and is a leader of Occupy LA.

The Center for Constitutional Rights is a left-wing group co-founded by none other than William Kunstler.

And we note that this bunch has jumped into the Cal State Northridge controversy over math professor David Klein using the CSUN web server to spread his personal views on Israel.

So now the thuggery and intimidation is being stepped up a notch. Now these legal goons will be showing up on campus to try and intimidate those who come to express an opposing point of view from those attacking Israel, the US and Jews in general.

Bring it on.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Help Stop Parole of a Killer

Gary Fouse

I am posting a message here which I received from my DEA retired agents website regarding the possible parole of Augustin Alvarez, the killer of ATF agent Ariel Rios. In the link where you can send a letter in opposition, the details of this murder are described. I have deleted the names of former agents who have commented in the text.

Posted: 05 Oct 2013 04:36 PM PDT
(Name deleted) wrote: "I just attempted to send my comments regarding this matter to Ms. Pyron via email since time is so short. It appears that their email server has been shutdown by President Obama and I was unable to do so. However, when I tried sending it to Steve Husk at,  it did not immediately bounce like the first one. I am taking that as a good sign."

In view of of the above it is recommended that the messages be sent to Steve Husk at Remember to put Augustin Alvarez Case#11090-004 in the subject line. Additionally, I know the website indicated October 6 as the cutoff date, but I would send them in after that date since it isn't likely that they will get to it by then what with the government layoffs of which Ms. Pyron is one.

Posted: 05 Oct 2013 12:15 PM PDT

(Name deleted) wrote "I can remember the scene as if it was yesterday. Horrible. I was on an extended TDY in Miami, Fla in 1982. At that time, Florida truly was the Wild West. Boats were coming down the Miami River with bales of marijuana or kilos of cocaine stacked right in the open on the hull of the boats, there were shootouts in broad daylight and the Miami River Cops were blatant in their dealings of criminality. Although I was not particularly on duty the night that Ariel was shot, I did, like every other agent in the Task Force, report to the scene. It was devastating to see grown men weeping at the sight of their fallen partner. I am glad that I made it through my career without experiencing something like that a second time.

With the recent arrests of the ex military sharpshooters last week who were also planning on murdering one of our own, it speaks volumes as to the dangers inherent in our job thirty years after this sad incident.

I just wanted to pass this on to you guys to read and hopefully take the time to pass this on to others and to drop an email. To make your concerns known, you can email Steve Husk at Your email will be made a part of the file. Subject line should be: Augustin Alvarez Case#11090-004. You can also email Ms. Pyron Bear in mind this office is operating with minimal personnel.

You can also click here to generate a letter  which you can use, make any personal touches you wanted to it and attach it to your email message to the AUSA or incorporate into the text of your email to the AUSA. Do not send it via snail mail as it may not get there in time.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Only An Animal Can Do This!

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

What kind of an animal is capable of aligning his gun sight with the face of a friggin 9 year old girl and pulling the trigger?  Asks a reader of the Jerusalem Post.  I have no answer for this man.  Not when one realizes that the shooter was an Muslim.

A 9-year-old Israeli girl has been shot and seriously injured in Psagot, near Ramallah on Saturday night.

The IDF's Binyamin Division has entered the area with large forces to search for the gunman.

"We're attempting to establish whether this was a sniper or a terrorist who entered Psagot," a senior army source said.

The girl was evacuated from the scene in serious condition but conscious, to Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem.

West Bank police said the girl had been playing in the yard of her house when she was hit by a shot to the upper body.

The spokesman for Psagot, David Tzviel, said that they know for a fact that the shooter infiltrated the settlement, and that the girl was not shot by a sniper. He said he based this on the testimony of the girl, who told rescue personnel that she saw the man who shot her enter her yard, come up onto the balcony and shoot her.

He added that the settlement is still on lock-down, and that residents have not been told they can leave their houses yet.

Tzviel said that an emergency siren was sounded in the settlement to alert residents of the danger, and that at the moment IDF troops and the settlement emergency response team are still searching for the shooter.

Only an animal shoots at children.  The reason the Arabs don't shoot at soldiers is that the soldiers shoot back, but children don't.

My prayers go out to this precious child (name is being withheld) and her family.  May she recover fully!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Is This Muslim Bashing?

Gary Fouse

I periodically do a check on myself to ask whether I am engaging in Muslim-bashing. It's a fair question because I know I am increasingly devoting more space here to Islam and what is going on around the world and here at home on this issue. I have often taken pains to say that I have nothing against Muslims as people. I have met too many of them whom I like and whom I know are good people to believe the worst of them as a group.

Yet, terrible things are going on around the world every day in the name of Islam, and they cannot be ignored. Too many non-Muslims are being persecuted and too many people are dying to ignore. In addition, we cannot ignore the mindless massacres that are occurring between Muslim sects, like Sunni and Shia-all over a disagreement over who should have been the lawful successor to the prophet Mohammad 1400 years ago.

Terrorism is the scourge of the world and it is being carried out almost exclusively by Muslims. The occasional demented acts by non-Muslims carried out for some obscure reason that has nothing to do with religion cannot change that fact.

In addition, we cannot ignore the efforts to incorporate sharia law into the West. Sorry, but the plain and simple fact is that sharia is not compatible with our laws in the West and the US Constitution. Once you get past the separate definitions of rights for women and non-Muslims vs men and Muslims respectfully, it gets worse. Under hudud sharia, which deals with "crimes against God', we find the death penalty mandated for blasphemy, apostasy, adultery, and homosexual acts, which are not even crimes in our society.

To speak out against what is happening in the world under the banner of Islam is to defend human rights. Are we to remain silent when Christians are killed and their churches burned in Muslim nations? Are we to remain silent as Baha'i are persecuted in Iran? Are we to remain silent when gays in Iran are hanged? Are we to remain silent in the face of what happens to many Muslim women? Are we to remain silent when imams scream their hatred of Jews and call for their extermination? If we do, then we are complicit.

In no way do I want to see our own Muslim citizens subjected to retribution and similar treatment in this country, and I have said that over and over again. Most Muslims do not engage in these acts and they should be allowed to live in peace. Am I disappointed in the silence and excuse-making that many of them engage in? Yes, but I also realize that for them to speak out and acknowledge that something is terribly wrong takes extreme courage, for they put their lives on the line, which in of itself is a cause for comment. Indeed, some like Zuhdi Jasser and Irshad Manji (a lesbian, no less) have taken that step while remaining within the religion. Others, like Nonie Darwish, Wafa Sultan, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, have left the faith and spoken out. They all live under death threats. What does that tell you?

I am going to continue to speak out as long as these horrors continue. I will also speak out against these false moderates and subversive organizations like CAIR, MPAC, ICNA, ISNA, and others as they spread their lies to gullible Americans and try to further the eventual goal of making Islam dominant in the US and the rest of the Western world. I will also speak out against the troublesome aspects of Islamic doctrine-especially the political doctrine because it affects the rest of us who are not Muslims.

The question is whether we are going to bend to intimidation both at home and around the world. Many of our leaders, both political and religious, are already bending to this intimidation. In Europe, those who speak out not only risk death at the hands of extremists (Theo Van Gogh, as one example), but civil or criminal prosecution at the hands of their own governments-in their own countries (Geert Wilders, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff). We say that can't happen here with our First Amendment. We also have a Second Amendment, which many, including our own administration, want to restrict. In addition, this administration (represented by the State Department) has met with and placated the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, that 57-member bloc within the UN that wants to criminalize criticism of Islam. The statements of President Obama in this regard are troublesome. Keep in mind that the man who made that video about the Prophet Mohammad is in jail as we speak. Nonie Darwish has called him, "America's first real political prisoner".

So we need to keep speaking out and informing the public about the threat. That means reporting every act of terror, every church burning, every act of persecution, every lie, and every attempt to take away our freedoms. It should never be about hate. That is what we are fighting. It is for Muslims to confront their own hatreds. This is about human rights.