Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Why Did Facebook Take Down the Counter Jihad Coalition Page?

It is pretty clear now that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is engaging in politically-correct censorship. My friends and colleagues at the Counter Jihad Coalition advise me that Facebook has taken down the CJC page. Jihad Watch has the report.

First of all, CJC is not a hate group. It is, in fact, a human rights group. CJC does not advocate discrimination or hate crimes against Muslims. What CJC advocates is full rights for those mistreated under Islam, women, gays, and religious minorities. To be sure, CJC is against any implementation of sharia law. To be sure, CJC educates the public as to the dangers of Islamic ideology. I myself would not be part of this organization if it were a hate group.

Zuckerberg has the right to run his Facebook enterprise however he wants and according to his beliefs, but the rest of the public has a right to react accordingly. I have already been turned off  by reports that Zuckerberg is collaborating with Angela Merkel to tamp down on negative comments about Islam in Germany. I have a Facebook page, but I am re-evaluating its continued usage.  I have sent my concerns to Facebook for whatever it's worth.

If someone were advocating burning down  mosques or killing Muslims on Facebook, I would support taking that page down. This is not the case, however. Facebook should restore CJC's page without delay.