Friday, November 6, 2009

CAIR Defends Islam: Fort Hood Shooter Murders in name of Allah?

by Maggie at Maggie's Notebook

CAIR came out with their excuse for Muslim shooter, Nadal Malik Hasan: he is heinous, and Islam condemns his actions. No comment from CAIR spokesman Nihad Awad that the murders may have been committed in the name of Allah. Awad didn't mention that there is a name for murders committed in the name of Allah - and that name is jihad. CAIR, by the way, is an un-indicted co-conspirator in the war on terror.

This article, written by Cynthia Tucker, supports CAIR's position. The CAIR press release is here.

While most Americans will no longer buy this, our courts will. While most Americans know that Islam is an ideology with a Koranic mission to eliminate infidels entirely, the government will not even begin to explore that truth. It is a fact that many Muslims who live their lives peacefully, know that others inside the "faith" are committing jihad, and they do nothing to stop it. It is also a fact, that to abolish jihad from the "faith" is to abandon Islam.

Cynthia Tucker says is probably not a "teachable moment from this horror," and she cautions that the Army must focus more on stress-plagued soldiers.

There were about 7 hours of teachable moments yesterday - for some, those hours will never end - those hours will be the defining moments in their lives. The Army was already investigating Hasan. Tell me what they could have done with him, without cries of discrimination? There is nothing they could do except:

(1) let him out of the Army after paying thousands for his education, and send the message that if you don't want to go to a war zone, just let us know and we'll fix it for you, or

(2) deny all promotions and try to keep him quiet in an environment where men and women know they will on a battlefield fighting the same ideology that Major Hasan believed so intensely in.

How many centuries has this been going on and we still reject that Islam is anything but peaceful? 

There has never been a time, anywhere in the world, that Islam was not the aggressor. No, not every Muslim is radical, but can anyone show me one instance, even within the Military, where Muslims personally want to put an end to Islam's threat to infidels?

We do not know the details of each and every Muslim serving alongside our Military. That's the problem. What are we asking Muslims to do when deployed to a war zone fighting the war on terror. We are asking Muslims to kill Muslims, knowing that their "faith" teachs that only Muslims can, and should, survive. I know many Muslims are serving this country, but, really, I ask again, will they tell you they want to put an end to Islam's threat to infidels? Will they?

My predictions:

(1) If Hasan lives, he will go to prison. I'm hearing this afternoon that he is paralyzed, so if he lives he will not go to prison - and no, being paralyzed is not punishment enough.

(2) The soldiers at Ft. Hood will be blamed for harassing Hasan for his religious beliefs. "Stress" will be used to excuse Major Hasan's actions.

(3) No one can answer how a solider is supposed to react to a man among them, saying that America is the aggressor in Iraq. There is no answer, because every right answer is discrimination.

(4) Most Americas will no longer support the Muslim cries of "discrimination," but our leaders will. Our troops will continue to serve side-by-side with Muslim soldiers who do not believe in the war on terror and are not fully committed to eradicating jihad.

(5) Fort Hood will happen again, somewhere, in some way.

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