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Fear mongerers!!!!! Nothing more than Fear mongerers.

Fear mongerers!!!!! Nothing more than Fear mongerers.

A note from Radarsite: This is the epithet with which yours truly was labeled for posting my Understanding the New Left at another venue. I won't mention the site or the commenter's non de plume; but I will repeat their comment. I will repeat it because I think it's important. In fact, I think it's so important that I'm responding to this nasty little comment with one of the longest articles I've ever posted.

They've accused me of selling hate, like a fishmonger sells fish. An odd analogy certainly; but nevertheless, am I guilty? Yes, I confess, I am most definitely guilty. But guilty of much more than what they accuse me of. I have been ambitiously mongering my hate for quite some time now, but it seems that I'm not a very good mongerer. I must not be doing a very good job, because so few people are buying what I've got to sell. And of course I've got a lot of fellow mongerers out there mongering their hate, too; but we've all got the same complaint. No matter how hard we try, we just don't have enough customers these days.

We're not just selling hate though, are we? We're also selling truth. But unfortunately we've had only limited success with this product. Some people, like our original commenter, just don't want it. They don't want it anywhere near them. It's an unwelcome guest in their house. Their houses are built on a foundation of illusions and lies. And they get mightily pissed off and intolerant if we start messing around with their foundations and disturbing their cozy little houses. They want to be left in peace to contemplate their lovely vision of this world, and we, the hate mongerers, the truth mongerers, are disrupting their lives. And they get quite resentful, don't they? They call us names and slam their doors shut in our faces.

Well, so be it, we'll just keep on selling. And the truth we're selling today is simply this:

We are in a war, folks. A desperate war for our very survival. We are fighting against an enemy who hates us clearly, openly and without qualifications. They are driven by the passion of their crystal clear hatred. This dark entity of which we speak is Islam. Pure and simple. Islam. Islam is, was, and always will be the sworn enemy of freedom and tolerance; and therefore always has been and always will be the enemy of the Judeo/Christian West. There has never been a wavering from this eternal jihad, only temporary lapses and strategic withdrawals. Islam is founded on the principles of conquest. Not just any old conquests, but conquest of the infidel. And that, my friends, means you and me.

No amount of obfuscations or euphemistic denials on the part of collaborators and fools can alter this basic fact. All that these blind or cowardly manouvers achieve is a kind of procrastination, a slight delaying of the inevitable confrontation. A confrontation which they have so far refused to acknowledge. But, unfortunately, that refusal doesn't make our enemy go away. It just makes their job a little easier.

Here then are some of the truths we're selling today. At least look them over before you refuse to buy them. If you look at them carefully, you may hopefully learn to hate our enemies. And, yes, that is precisely what we need. Hate. Because without meeting their hatred with our own hatred, just as strong or even stronger, we will never win this war. No war was ever won without learning how to hate the enemy. And this one is certainly no exception. -rg

Recent History Of Islam

Cross posted from Faith

(Note: The West changed greatly in the 1960s. And in response, so did the world, and so did Islam. In particular, and politically, the West underwent a powerful Second Socialist Wave [after the First one with the "New Deal" 1930s]. This new "Great Society," "Civil Rights Era," "New Left," "hippie generation," etc. saw a profound upswing in cultural anti-Westernism and anti-Americanism. Even, and especially, in the West and America. Islam noted all this and changed dramatically -- and almost completely for the worse. Then, in 1967, tiny Israel defeated six massive Islamic armies simultaneously. And Islam changed even more dramatically -- and even more for the worse. Hence, today's Islam.)


March 1968: Al Fatah uses a land mine to destroy a school bus in Israel's Negev desert; the Palestinians murder two adults and injure 28 children.

June 1968: Jordanian Sirhan Sirhan assassinates American presidential candidate Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles; the killer's arrest generates further attacks as Arabs demand his release.

July 1968: The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine daringly carries out its first ever aircraft hijacking, seizing an El Al 707 in Rome; they take it to Algeria and hold 32 Jewish passengers hostage for five weeks.

September 1968: Three bombs explode in central Tel Aviv, killing one Israeli and wounding 71 civilians.

November 1968: Yasir Arafat's Al Fatah bombs the Mahaneh Yehuda market in Israel; the Palestinians murder 12 civilians and injure 52 more.

December 1968: The PLO machine guns an El Al aircraft at the Athens airport, murdering an Israeli; two of the killers are captured, but a Greek plane is soon hijacked and taked to Beruit, so the Greek government releases both.

February 1969: Palestinians attack an El Al 707 on the runway at Zurich airport; they rake the fuselage with gunfire, killing the pilot and three passengers.

February 1969: Palestinians explode a bomb in a crowded supermarket in Jerusalem, killing two and injuring 20.

August 1969: The PLO hijacks a TWA airliner from Rome and forces it to fly to Damascus, Syria where the Arabs explode a bomb in the cockpit of the plane.

October 1969: Palestinians bomb two apartments in Haifa, murdering four Israeli civilians and injuring 20 others.


February 1970: Three Arabs attempt to hijack an El Al flight in Munich, Germany; one Israeli is killed and 11 others wounded.

February 1970: The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine blows up a Swiss airliner just after take-off from Zurich, Switzerland; all 47 people on board are killed.

May 1970: Turkish militants assassinate the Israeli consul general in Istanbul in a joint operation with their Palestinian allies.

September 1970: "Skyjack Sunday" at Dawson Field, Jordan; planes from TWA, Swissair, and BOAC -- plus more than 400 hostages -- are hijacked by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine; another team tries to hijack an El Al plane over London but fails, as one of the members, Leila Khalid, is captured; three planes divert to Jordan where the German, Swiss and British governments agree to the PFLP's demands and release a number of previously-captured murderers, including Khalid.

November 1970: The Jordanian Prime Minister Wasfi Tal is killed by Palestinian Black Septemberists at the Sheraton Hotel in Cairo, Egypt

December 1970: The Jordanian Ambassador to England, is shot and wounded in London by a Black September hit squad.

May 1971: Palestinian Black Septemberists hijack a Belgian Sabena airliner at Ben Gurion Airport, Israel; Israeli commandos eventually storm the plane and free the hostages, but one passenger and five Israeli soldiers are killed.

May 1972: In a joint operation, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Japanese Red Army open fire with machine guns and grenades at a passenger terminal at Lod Airport, Israel; 26 civilians are killed and 78 wounded.

September 1972: Eight heavily-armed Palestinian Black September members invade the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany and seize 11 Israeli athletes; despite a massive worldwide t'v' audience, all are murdered.

September 1972: A Palestinian letter bomb kills a member of the Israeli embassy staff in London, England.

March 1973: Palestinian Black Septemberists murder an Israeli businessman in Cyprus.

August 1973: A Black September suicide squad attacks passenger terminals at Athens airport, Greece, killing three civilians and injuring 55.

December 1973:
Palestinians bomb the Pan Am offices at Fiumicino Airport in Rome; 32 are murdered and 50 injured; they then take seven Italian policemen hostage and hijack a plane to Athens, Greece; they then fly to Kuwait and kill one of the hostages on the way before finally surrendering.

March 1974: Black Septemberist Palestinians seize the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan, and take hostages, including diplomats from Western and Arabic countries; they murder two American and one Belgian diplomats.

April 1974: the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine seize part of the Qirayt Shemona settlement in northern Israel; they detonate explosives and 18 Israelis are slaughtered.

May 1974: The PLO attacks the Ma'alot School in Israel and murders 28, all but six children.

June 1974: The Shamir Kibbutz in Israel is raided by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and three civilians are murdered.

June 1974: Al Fatah Palestinians land by boat near Nahariya, Israel, and attempt to take civilians hostage, with three Israelis killed.

November 1974: A British airliner is hijacked at Dubai, United Arab Emirates, by Palestinians; it's flown to Tunisia where a German passenger is murdered.

January 1975: Arab militants attack Orly Airport in Paris, and seize ten hostages from a terminal bathroom; the French government gives the Arabs a plane, and flies them to safety in Baghdad, Iraq.

January 1975: Leading politician Peter Lorenz is kidnapped in West Berlin, Germany by the June the Second Movement group; four days later the German government gives in to the Movementists' demands; they are released and five other jailed terrorists are flown to freedom in South Yemen.

December 1975: Celebrity international terrorist, Carlos "The Jackal" holds 11 oil ministers and 59 civilians hostage during an OPEC meeting in Vienna, Austria; he flies to Algeria and receives several hundred million dollars in ransom money; "The Jackal" and his Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine allies escape.

June 1976: An Air France airliner is hijacked by a joint operation of the German Baader-Meinhof gang and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine; the plane crew is forced to fly to Entebbe Airport, Uganda with 258 passengers and crew held hostage; all non-Israelis are eventually released, but with heavy threats made to the remaining passengers; miraculously, Israeli commandos fly to Uganda and, in a spectacular surprise raid, rescue the remaining hostages, with only three passengers and one commando killed.

August 1976: A joint operation of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Japanese Red Army attack a passenger terminal at Istanbul Airport, Turkey; they murder four civilians and injure 20.

October 1977: Four Palestinians hijack a German Lufthansa airliner, and fly it around to a number of Middle East destinations for four days; the pilot is murdered, but eventually special German and British forces storm the aircraft at Mogadishu, Somalia and rescue all 90 hostages.

February 1978: An airplane is hijacked at Larnica, Cyprus by an Arab who has just murdered a leading Egyptian publisher; the plane is refused permission to land at a number of Arab capitals and returns to Larnica; Egyptian commandos eventually land there and try to recapture the plane, but end up in a gun battle with Cypriot troops; 15 Egyptian troops, seven Cypriot soldiers, and a German cameraman are killed.

March 1978: Nine Al Fatah Palestinians stage a raid by sea; the Arabs land in Israel and hijack a passenger bus, killing 26 civilians and wounding 70.

August 1978: The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine murders an El Al stewardess outside the Europa Hotel in London, England.

November 1979: Iranian "students" seize the US Embassy in Tehran, taking 66 American diplomats hostage; 13 prisoners, the blacks and women, are released after a while, but the rest are held for 444 days; a US rescue effort in April 1980 fails when a helicopter crashes, killing eight American servicemen and injuring five.

November 1979: 200 fundamentalists seize the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, taking hundreds of pilgrims hostage; Saudi and French security forces retake the ultra-holy shrine after a intense battle; about 250 are killed and 600 wounded.


April 1980: Six Iraqi-backed Iranians storm the Iranian Embassy in London, taking 20 hostages; after six days the embassy is finally recaptured by elite British troops, but two hostages are murdered and two more wounded.

July 1980: Iranians attempt to assassinate the Shah's last prime minister, Shahpour Bakhtiar, in Paris. Two Iranians are killed and five captured by police.

July 1980: Palestinians attack Israel from Lebanon in a hot air balloon.

October 1980: Four Jews are killed and 12 injured by a Palestinian bomb planted in a Paris synagogue.

October 1980: Four Iranians hijack a Turkish airliner after it landed in eastern Turkey; they take 155 hostages and kill one.

April 1981: Palestinian militants attack Israel from Lebanon in a hot air balloon.

May 1981: Pope John Paul II is seriously wounded in an assassination attempt in Rome, by the Turkish Gray Wolves member Mehmet Ali Agca; he had received training by various Middle Eastern terrorists groups and Soviet intelligence services.

October 1981: Egyptian president Anwar Sadat is shot dead by rebel troops who machine gun his reviewing stand at a military parade in Cairo; seven others are murdered and 28 wounded.

June 1982: The Abu Nidal group shoots and seriously injures Shlomo Argov, the Israeli ambassador in London, England.

September 1982: Lebanese President and worldwide hope Bashir Gemayel is assassinated by a massive car bomb at a Beirut political meeting, by a pro-Syrian Lebanese group; the others in the car were killed and about 50 civilians were injured in the blast.

November 1982: A Israeli military headquarters in Tyre, Lebanon is destroyed by a suicide bomber, killing 75 Israeli soldiers and 15 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners.

April 1983: Islamic Jihad uses a suicide bomber in a truck to attack the US Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon; 65 are murdered and 120 injured. July 23

October 1983: Islamic Jihad attacks an international peace-keeping mission using simultaneous suicide truck bombs on American and French compounds in Beirut, Lebanon; 241 Americans and 58 French servicemen are murdered.

November 1983: Suicide truck bombers attack an Israeli military installation in Tyre, Lebanon; 28 Israeli soldiers are killed along with 30 other Palestinian and Lebanese civilians.

December 1983: The US Embassy in Kuwait is targeted by an Iranian-backed Iraqi suicide truck bomber; the attack is foiled by guards, but the bomb explodes anyway in the Embassy courtyard, killing five.

March 1984: Islamic Jihad kidnaps, tortures and murders William Buckley, the CIA station chief in Beirut, Lebanon.

April 1984: Hesbollah bombs a restaurant near the USAF base in Torrejon, Spain; 18 airmen are killed and 83 others wounded.

April 1984: Libyan diplomats shoot from their London embassy and kill a British policewoman; the British plan to respond, but the Libyans threaten their citizens in Libya, so the government decides to allow the murderers to leave the country without arrest.

September 1984: A Hezbollah suicide bomber attacks the US Embassy in East Beirut; he murders 23 and injures 21, including American and British ambassadors.

December 1984: Iranian-backed Iraqis hijack a Kuwaiti airliner in route to Pakistan from Dubai; they kill two Americans and then land in Tehran; the terrorists surrender to the Iranian authorities but are quickly released.

March 1985: US journalist Terry Anderson is kidnapped in Beirut, Lebanon by Iranian-backed radicals, and held prisoner for almost seven years.

June 1985: Hezbollah hijacks a TWA airliner enroute from Athens to Rome; the plane is diverted to Beruit where 153 civilians are held hostage for 17 days and one American is murdered; the US government caves in to terrorist demands and forces Israel to release 435 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners.

June 1985: US academic Thomas Sutherland, from the American University in Beirut, is kidnapped by terrorists and held for more than six years.

October 1985: Four heavily-armed terrorists from the Tunisia-based (now Iraqi-based) Palestinian Liberation Front invade and hijack the Italian cruiseship 'Achille Lauro,' taking more than 700 hostages; they murder crippled Jewish civilian Leon Klinghoffer, throwing his 69-year-old body and wheelchair overboard.

September 1985: PLO Force 17 commandos murder three Israeli tourists aboard their yacht at the Larnica marina in Cyprus.

September 1985: Hezbollah kidnaps four Soviet diplomats in Beirut, killing one; then the KGB itself kidnaps -- and kills -- one of the relatives of the Hezbollah leaders; the other three hostages are released unharmed; but the West learns no lesson from this.

November 1985: Palestinians hijack and Eqypt Air flight at Luqa, Malta, taking 98 civilians hostages; five are shot and two die; Egyptian commandos try to rescue them, but the terrorists set off explosives and murder 57.

December 1985: Abu Nidal simultaneously attacks passengers at air terminals in Vienna and Rome; they use machine guns and grenades to kill 16 and injure more than 100.

April 1986: Libyans and Palestinians plant a bomb at 'La Belle' Discotheque -- a well-known hangout for American soldiers in West Berlin; they murder a Turkish woman and two US servicemen; they also injure 79 other soldiers and 150 civilians; ten days later, the US bombs Libya in reprisal, hitting targets in Tripoli and Benghazi; but one F-111 is shot down, killing both crew members, and three British hostages in Lebanon are executed in response.

April 1986: British t'v' journalist John McCarthy is seized in Beirut and held hostage for more than five years.

September 1986: Arabs seize an American 747 airliner in Pakistan, killing 17 and wounding 127.

September 1986: US academic Joseph Cicippio, from the Amercian University in Beruit, is kidnapped by Iranian-backed militants and held for over five years.

September 1986: Lebanese and Armenians begin a ten month series of bomb attacks in France; one bomb in Paris kills five and injures 52.

October 1986: American businessman Edward Tracy is kidnapped in Lebanon and held for almost five years.

January 1987: British church envoy Terry Waite is kidnapped in Beirut while on a mission to secure the release of other Western hostages; he's held by Iranian-backed fundamentalists for almost five years.

January 1987: Americans Jesse Turner and Alann Steen are seized in Beirut and held for almost five years.

November 1987: Palestinians hang glide into Israel from Lebanon; they attack an army camp, killing six and wounding eight.

February 1988: US Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel W. Higgens is kidnapped and murdered by Hezbollah while serving with the United Nations Truce Supervisory Organisation in southern Lebanon.

March 1988: To help put down a revolt against dictator Saddam Hussein, 4000 Kurdish civilians are masacred during an Iraqi nerve gas attack against Halabja in northern Iraq.

December 1988: Iran pays the 'Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine' to blow up Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland; 81 foreigners and 189 Americans are murdered.

April 1988: Iranian-backed shi'ites hijack a Kuwaiti 747 and hold 120 people hostage for 15 days before finally being granted asylum in Algeria.

June 1988: the November 17th group kills a US Naval Attache in Athens.

May 1989: An Iranian-backed group kidnaps British World War II vet Jackie Mann in Beruit and holds him for two plus years; same thing for German aid workers Heinrich Struebig and Thomas Kemptner; all told, at least 80 known Westerners are kidnapped in this era around Beruit.

September 1989: Libyans explode a French UTA airliner in mid-air over Niger, murdering 170.


August 1990: Iraq invades Kuwait and holds over 10,000 Western civilians living in Iraq and Kuwait as hostages; these "human shields" are used to prevent Western military action at recapturing Kuwait; after many months and little result, all are released.

March 1992: The Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is devastated by a bomb which kills 20 and injures over 50.

May 1992: Islamic Jihad murders an Israeli tourist at the Red Sea resort of Eilat.

January 1993: Japanese tourists are fired upon in southern Eqypt; the next day, militants try to bomb a bus carrying German tourists in northern Egypt.

February 1993: Fundamentalists set off a huge car bomb in an underground garage and badly damage the World Trade Center in New York; they kill six, injure more than 1000, and do over a billion(!) dollar's worth of damage; but Westerners and Americans learn no lesson from this.

April 1993: The Iraqi intelligence service attempts to assassinate former US President George Bush during a visit to Kuwait.

June 1994: Chechen rebels take over 1000 hostages at Budennovsk, Russia; they murder 150 before the Russian government allows them to go free in exchange for the return of the remaining hostages.

July 1994: Iranian government officials bomb a Jewish social center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, murdering 40.

September 1994: The November 17 group explodes a bomb on a bus in Greece, killing one policeman and injuring 13 others.

July to October 1994: The Algerian 'Armed Islamic Group' unleashes a wave of bombings in Metro trains, outdoor markets, cafes, schools, and popular tourist spots in France; eight people are murdered and more than 180 are wounded.

October 1994: A Hamas suicide bomber kills 22 civilians and injures 47 on a bus in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel.

October 1994: Two Spanish nuns are murdered in Algeria.

December 1994: Algerians seize an Air France plane and force it to fly to Marseilles, France; they hold 170 passengers and crew hostage until rescued; 16 are injured.

May 1995: Five foreign oil workers are murdered in Algeria.

May 1995: The Bosnian Serb army seizes more than 360 United Nations peacekeepers as hostages to serve as "human shields" after NATO air strikes on their capital Pale; the UN personnel are held for several weeks, and publically tied to key military targets for several days.

June 1995: Fundamentalists ambush a motorcade and attempt tp assassinate Egyptian President Honsi Mubarak in Addis Abbaba.

July 1995: Five British, German, Norwegian and American tourists are kidnapped by Pakistani-backed Kashmiri rebels in the north of the disputed province in India; one is found beheaded in October and the rest are shot and killed in May 1996.

July 1995: Algerians explode a bomb in a Paris subway, murdering seven and injuring 84.

October 1995: Eight civilians die when their mosque is bombed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

late 1995: Terrorists plot to assassinate the Pope when he visits the Philippines.

late 1995: Terrorists hatch the so-called 'Project Bjinka' which plans to down 11 large US passenger jets over the Pacific.

November 1995: Seven foreigners, including five US servicemen, are killed in a bomb attack on a National Guard training center in Riyadh.

November 1995: Militants plant a bomb in the Egyptian embassy in Pakistan and murder 17.

December 1995: 15 separate car bombings in Algiers kill 15 civilians and injure hundreds.

January 1996: Chechen rebels seize 3000 civilian hostages in Kizlyar, Dagestan, in protest of continued Russian occupation of Chechnia; Russian troops free them, but other rebels seize a ship in Turkey, taking 118 Russians and 4 Turks hostage before finally surrendering to Turkish authorities.

February 1996: Algerian GIA terrorists explode a car bomb in Algiers killing 17; in March they kill two more with a bomb in Berroughi; then ten are killed in a train ambush in western Algeria.

February 1996: A Hamas suicide bomber kills 26 Israeli civilians on a bus in Hebron; an hour later another Hamas bomber kills one and injures 35 in Ashkelon; a day later a Palestinian rams a bus line in Tel Aviv killing one and wounding 23.

March 1996: A Hamas suicide bomber kills 18 Israeli civilians and wounds ten on a bus in Jerusalem; a day later another Hamas bomber kills 13 and wounds about 40 in a shopping mall on Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv.

April 1996: Egyptian militants open machine-gun fire and throw hand grenades at Western tourists outside a Cairo hotel, murdering 18.

April 1996: Fundamentalists open fire on tourists near the Eqyptian Pyramids and murder 18 Greeks.

June 1996: Militants explode a truck bomb next to the 'Al Khobar' US Air Force barracks in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, killing 19 American servicemen and injuring 385.

August 1996: Iraqi dissidents hijack a Sudan Airways plane en route from Khartoom to Jordan; they divert it to Stanstead, England, and take 193 civilians hostage.

November 1996: Militants hijack an Ethopian Airways airliner enroute from Addis Adaba to Niarobi and divert it to Australia; unbelievably, it runs out of fuel and crashes into the Indian Ocean near Comoros Islands killing 123 of 175 on board.

December 1996: A small child is bombed to death at his Algerian school. The next day, GIA guerillas bomb a cafe in Algiers, killing three and injuring 70. The next week, a car bomb in central Algiers kills 28 and injures 35 more.

January 1997: Rebels opposed to Indian rule explode a car bomb in the Kashmiri capital of Srinigar, killing four and injuring three police.

January 1997: GIAists attack two small Algerian villages killing 34; the nest week, they set off a car bomb in a shopping center in Algiers, killing 13 and wounding about 100; the week after, they slit the throats of 14 villagers and behead them near the city of Bilda, Algeria.

January 1997: Two letter bombs explode: one at the officers of the Arab newspaper, Al-Hayat, in London and the other at the United Nations in New York.

January 1997: A car bomb in Algiers kills 45 and wounds 60, just hours after another 36 innocents were killed by Algerian rebels south of the capital; A further 79 people are killed in attacks on villages the next day; the day after that, a further bombing kills 18 and injures 44; a week later, five more are bombed to death in Blida; the week after, fundamentalists attack a small village with long knives and murder 28 more.

January 1997: Shi'ite gunmen attack the Iranian cultural center in Multan, Pakistan; the center's director is killed as are seven others.

March 1997: Guerillas in northeast Algeria attack with knives and axes killing 22 civilians.

April 1997: More than 90 civilians are killed by guerillas in a series of attacks in Algeria, mostly using knives; but some militants use chain saws and many victims get burnt alive.

April 1997: 93 more innocents are killed with knives, axes and shovels by guerillas near Algiers; the next day, a further 42 people are killed in a similar attack.

May 1997: Two car bombs kill 15 and wound 23 in northwest Algeria.

July 1997: Palestinian suicide bombers murder eight Israel.

September 1997: Palestinian suicide bombers murder 12 in Israel.

September 1997: Fundamentalists fire bomb and machine gun a bus in the heart of Cairo, murdering eight German tourists.

September 1997: Guerillas attack a suburb of Algiers massacrering 200 with axes and knives.

November 1997: Guerillas from Gamat Al-Islamiya attack Western tourists visiting monuments in Luxor in southern Egypt; 58 foreigners and four Egyptians are slaughtered with dozens more seriously injured.

December 1997: A car bomb in central Algiers kills three and wounds 70.

August 1998: Saudi Arabian Osama Bin Laden simultaneously, massively bombs the US Embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar-es-Salem, Tanzania; in the Tanzania attack, 10 innocents are murdered and 74 injured; in the Nairobi attack, 253 people are killed, including 12 Americans, and 4,000 are injured.

August 1998: Muslims Against Global Oppression bomb a Planet Hollywood restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa, killing three and wounding 25.

August 1998: 18 are injured in a bombing in Tel Aviv.

December 1998: Yemini militants kidnap a group of Western tourists, including 12 Britons, 2 Americans, and 2 Australians on the main road to Aden; they murder four the next day.

October 2000: The USS Cole is attacked in Yemen by suicide boat bombers, murdering 17 sailors and virtually destroying the battleship.

September 2001: Al Qaida hijacks four US airliners simultaneously and turns them into the first-ever suicide plane bombs; three crash into the Pentagon and World Trade Center, murdering about 3000 civilians.

March 2002: The PLO, lightly aided by Hamas and Hezbollah, murder 130 Jews in one month in Israel, mostly civilians; this is equivalent to almost three World Trade Center attacks on America.

And on and on and on...

A poll published by Britain's Policy Exchange think tank bore out the poisonous impact this indoctrination has had on young Muslims in the country. Thirty-seven percent of British Muslims between the ages of 16-24 would rather live under Shari'a law than under British Common Law; 36 percent think Muslims should be killed if they convert to another religion; 13 percent admire al-Qaida and similar terror groups; and a whopping 74 percent of young British Muslims believe women should wear veils.

They are the enemy and they are here now...

This is their largest mosque in the USA in Dearborn, Michigan

More people are killed by Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition combined
. (source)

List of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 2 Months


  1. If there was no Israel there would still be Islamic terrorists.

    If there was no Islam, there would be very few terrorists.

    The left starts with name calling when they have no facts to dispute your arguments. The truth is dirty and grimy, but it is the truth. No amount of name calling will change it.

  2. Keep up the great work of telling the truth!!! You've got my RCP today.

  3. Thank you very much Faultline. I will.
    And Findalis --
    "If there was no Israel there would still be Islamic terrorists.
    If there was no Islam, there would be very few terrorists."
    That pretty much sums it up. We in the West are used to confronting things in a rational way. We always look for rational explanations. That is why, despite all the evidence to the contrary, we keep believing that there is some rational explanation for Islam's aggressions. There must be a reason for their hatred of us -- something we've done, or our continuing (if at times somewhat ambiguous) support of Israel. We find it almost incomprehensible that their hatred stems from their faith, from Islam itself, from their Koran. Nothing we can ever do, no concessions we can ever make, will change that unless we totally submit to Islam.

  4. The hate mongerers are the followers of Islam. I knew little of Muslims in 2001, and I gave them the benefit of the doubt, but now I know a lot, and I have no doubt about Islams or their Muslim followers. The truth bites, but at least my eyes are wide open now. It is unfortunate some people refuse to open their minds or eyes to the truth, but even more unfortunate is that these same people will drag us down with them.

  5. Moe was the fear & hate salesman, and he was successful. can be used to search the Qur'an for words and phrases. Fear is a good one to search for. Moe told his listeners to fear Allah, who would condemn them to eternal torment if they did not perform exactly as he directed.

    Moe directed them to make war upon and terrorize us. The commands are contained in Surahs Al-Anfal & Al-Taubah. They are confirmed in Bukhari's Jihad hadith.

    Fight them until Allah has a monopoly; fight them until they pay tribute. I am commanded to fight.... If you doubt this, any of this, then you owe it to yourself and your children to examine the evidence. In "What You Need to Know About Islam", I provided links to the evidence. I also linked to a pdf containing the evidence. When you read those verses and the sayings which confirm them, the reality should quickly set into your consciousness.

    What Roger wrote is true. Why not confirm the evidence for yourself?

  6. Around 1,000,000 Jews fled the Arab world in the 1940s to the 1960s. The majority settled in Israel. But how did Jews fare under Arab rule historically? Was it really a “Golden Age”? While we can argue that there were some situations where Jews could make it to a government post when an Arab leader was fair and kind, Jews were always relegated to a situation of being third-class citizens and obligated to pay special taxes, jizya, for their very survival. This is a crucial point that the world has not taken notice of. Today, Christians and other minorities (gays, certain cultural groups), are being persecuted.

    Here are just a few small examples of Islamic brutality against Jews:

    1790 -- Pogrom in Tetouan (Morocco): All Jews stripped naked, many women raped, most homes ransacked.

    1800's - Jews of Yemen are forbidden to wear new or good clothes, nor could they ride a donkey or a mule. They were compelled to make long journeys on foot when occasion required it. They were prohibited from engaging in monetary transactions.

    1834 -- "Suleika affair": Jewish woman from Tangier refuses to convert and marry a high-ranking official. She is executed in Fez.

    1815 -- Jews of Mogador (Morocco) ordered to pay sudden jizya poll-tax. Those who pay punched on the forehead after turning over coins, those who refuse thrown in dungeon.

    1884-1888 -- 307 Jews murdered over four years by Muslims, yet no Muslims put on trial.

    1903 -- 40 Jews killed by Muslims during riots in Taza. More killed in Settat.

    1907 -- In Casablanca, 30 Jews killed; 200 women, girls and boys abducted, raped.

    1910 -- 12-year-old grandson of Fez's Rabbi Abensur abducted and forcibly converted to Islam.

    1912 -- Franco-Moroccan Treaty signed in Fez makes Morocco a French protectorate. Muslim rioters massacre 60 Jews in Fez, leave 10,000 homeless.

    1918-1948 -- Yemenite Jewish children whose parents had died were taken from relatives and raised as Muslims.

  7. Thank you all. And thanks again Reut. This is why I love our readers so much. They don't just comment for or against a piece, they contribute to the discussion and to all of our understanding. The comments are always at least as interesting as the original articles. Sometimes, I think, more so.

  8. to my mind the west has 4 available responses to the problem of spreading islam...

    1. capitulation
    2. conquest
    3. conflift
    4. co existence

    i guess its up to everyones conscience as to what path they consider preferable...

  9. Anonymous, you have mis-analyzed the situation.

    Islam is permanent war. Allah issued open ended, outcome oriented conquest imperatives which lack geographic and chronological constraints.

    Allah made Jihad the peak of Islam, and issued a curse against Muslims who would abandon it.

    Islam seeks weakness and lack of resolve. When it finds them, it exploits them by attacking.

    Islamic law requires a minimum of one attack against Dar al-Harb in every year. These are relevant, verifiable facts. Full documentation is available. I direct doubters to Crusader's Armory. Download and read Islamic Terror.chm, Jihad.chm, What's Wrong With Islam/Muslims.chm or Islamic Supremacism.chm.

    Our best option is to completely eradicate Islam by inducing the maximum possible mass apostasy and ushering the recalcitrant slaves of Allah into Hell, where they belong.