Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Billboard Battles: Islam vs. Everyone Else

Members of Windsor's Lebanese community, Ghina Maawie, left, Aida Mrove, Ayat Choukier and H. Dabaja show their support for the message of the billboard, which is on display at Wyandotte Street and Marion Avenue. The sign has led to a political divide between some.
Photograph by : Ian Willms, The Windsor Star

But some people are starting to fight back...

And now this...

'Sharia law is hate'

Billboards announce: 'Sharia law is hate' Group hopes to spark debate over accepting Islamic rules in U.S.
Posted: August 08, 200811:34 pm Eastern
By Drew Zahn© 2008 WorldNetDaily

An organization in Florida plans to educate what it perceives as an increasingly culture-tolerant public about the horrific dictates of Islamic law by purchasing billboard space with a simple, but confrontational message: "Sharia law is hate."
The Central Florida chapter of the United American Committee, a nonprofit group that seeks to educate Americans on the threat of Islamic extremism, is raising money to purchase a six-month contract to display the billboard, which the group hopes will awaken the public to discussing the full extent of Islamic law.
"The UAC's goal in this project is to raise awareness because most people have no idea what Sharia law is," Alan Kornman, director of UAC's Central Florida branch, told WND. "We are confident people will see the billboard and learn on their own what Sharia law is and come to their own conclusions. At the very least, we hope our billboard will spark public debate on this overlooked issue."
The billboards will also include a link to UAC resources where people can learn more about Islam's Sharia law, a set of religious codes – both moral and legal; Sharia law recognizes no separation of church and state – that bind both Muslims and Islamic nations. Read the rest here

Of course, not everyone sees things the same way.
Here's one columnists opinion...

The Chicago Tribune
The Seeker
Manya Brachear
Originally posted: December 13, 2007

Why Islam?
In the past month, I’ve received more than a dozen calls about a billboard erected near O’Hare Airport asking “Why Islam?”

Why drivers have chosen to call me instead of the toll-free number on the sign frankly baffles me.
I decided to let Sabeel Ahmed, a spokesman for the group sponsoring the billboards, address some of the callers’ concerns.

Callers wanted to know why such a billboard was necessary. What did it accomplish? And who was funding such an expensive advertising endeavor? And who calls that number? (I started to wonder myself when my phone kept ringing.)

Most callers to the hotline seek translations of the Quran in English or Spanish or literature about the faith, said Ahmed, a spokesman for the Islamic Circle of North America. A smaller percentage asks specific questions about events in the Middle East. Some are Muslims grateful for the positive publicity. Some have made donations to help fund the campaign.

Some who have dialed 1-877-WHY-ISLAM have converted to the faith, Ahmed said. For them, the Chicago chapter of ICNA has started classes in Chicago and Villa Park.
Then, Ahmd said, there are the angry callers who just want to tell Muslims they’re wrong.

"Usually I listen to what they’re saying because they’re already emotional to begin with,” Ahmed said. “We want them to express their views."
James Gustafson of Chicago was one of those drivers who called me instead of the number. He was indeed angry.

"They’re rubbing it in our face,” he said. “I don’t buy what they’re saying. These people are not standing up like they should against these radical Islamic terrorists.”

Ahmed has heard those sentiments.
"After they slow down, we go about explaining to them in the context. Suicide is forbidden by Islam and killing innocent people is forbidden,” he said. "We recite them words from the Quran that say that. Muslims should not be judged by the actions of a few people, just like Christians and Jews should not be judged by actions of a few.”

A quick glance at comments posted to The Seeker in recent months shows that a number of people harshly judge Islam, and occasionally other faiths.
Instead of asking “Why Islam?” I’d like to ask “Why so much hostility?”

Why so much hostility, The Seeker asks?
Well now, let me see...

There must be some reason for it...


  1. Somehow I have a feeling that if these billboards do go up, CAIR will find a way to take them down. That's the problem.

    The answer to the Why Islam? Is never Islam. Why follow a religion that is anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-freedom, anti-learning and very pro-pedophile. ISLAM is another name for NAMBLA.

  2. A big Thank You to United American Committee. At least someone is trying to do something outside the blogosphere.

    It's obscene that our battle (against the Islam goal) is more difficult than theirs (pushing Islam on America).

    Good post Roger,

  3. "Why drivers have chosen to call me instead of the toll-free number on the sign frankly baffles me."

    What an utterly incomprehensibly stupid remark.
    Frankly, this man should be taken out and have his arse kicked up between his ears.

    This is just typical of liberals and why they are THE "clear and present danger".

    He and so many like him have no earthly idea what it is they are doing.
    They are dhimmi's, apologists, facilitators and traitors to our society.

    Islam is death. Islam doesn't want you for a friend. They don't want to assimilate into our society. They don't want to abide by our laws and standards.
    They want to kill us.

    What these complete idiots don't realize is that Islam will use them to achieve dominance. Do they not know the concept of al-Taqqiya?? Once that is complete they will be the first to die.

    You do NOT feed a crocodile hoping it won't eat you. Islam is a hungry croc....believe it or enjoy being it's next meal!

    Where do we even begin to educate these brainless morons?? And why waste time on them.

    How stupid can people be? This disgusts me beyond words.....

  4. I am in agreement with the UAC effort to make the public aware of sharia. I don't know what supporting material they have ready for seekers of knowledge. I only know what I have ready for you.

    contains a chapter on Sharia. In the table of contents, it is listed as Islamic Law. The heading on its first page is FIQH. It begins with links to a relevant Wikipedia entry and to a search engine and the raw text file of Reliance of the Traveler.

    It concludes with Chapter 9.0 to 11.10 of Book O "Justice".

    The quoted portions define Jihad and its application as well as laying out the detailed rules of who can participate, who they can kill and what spoils they can take.

    In my view, that is the most important part of Sharia and everyone should be aware of it.

    I believe that it contains one error: O9.10 declares killing of monks and old men permissible. I have seen hadith which explicitly prohibit it unless they are engaged in fighting.

    Do you have the ambition & fortitude required to download that ebook and post the entire contents of the chapter on Islamic Law? Can you make any better contribution to widespread understanding of Sharia?

  5. The Quran forbids suicide and murder, eh? I can't say whether that's true (my bet is that they cite one of scriptures that says killing MUSLIMS is bad), but if it IS true, then so what? Millions of Muslims around the world are still killing in its name whether the religion demands it or not, and those who honestly believe it's a religion of peace are letting it happen unopposed.

    Someone with more knowledge than I needs to call that number, record it, corner the people logically, and then post it on YouTube. As for myself, I need to secure a copy of the Quran and get reading...

  6. Thank you everyone.
    To EgregiousAyat.chm --
    You ask if I/we can do any more to get the message out. Please read through the articles here on Radarsite. We have been trying to get this message out now every day. This apples to my hard-working and tireless fellow bloggers also.
    I'm sorry I can't afford to rent a billboard, but I would if I could. For now, the best I can do is continue working 12-13 hours a day every day of the year to get our message out.

  7. from the article:

    Suicide is forbidden by Islam and killing innocent people is forbidden,” he said.

    Well, i think there are about 50,000 Pakistanis and Afghans and Iraqis that were on their way to the market that are now dead due to islamists and I believe they were innocent people. So much for anything "forbidden by Islam."

    Excellent piece here Roger - it really will come down to a counter-jihad against "soft" jihad in Canada and America - I believe the ranks of those willing to do anything to stop the islamic scourge upon North America are many and in the end, will fight til the death.

  8. Ryan said, "As for myself, I need to secure a copy of the Quran and get reading..."

    A great idea Ryan but to gain a better overall education include the Hadiths and the essential Reliance of The Traveller.

    Bens Crusader Armory has many entries that can help you as well; ; ;