Saturday, August 30, 2008

"I'm Hopeful Again.": A great email from Miss Beth

This woman has CHANGE written all over her--she's not a bo-tox behemoth with eyes bugging out like Pelosi, she's not old, wrinkled, haggard and, frankly , looking like she's been rode hard and put away wet--she is most definitely NOT politics as usual, she carries a glamour those in hollywood only WISH they could achieve because she doesn't get her muscle from a gym but from real hard work, she IS real, not acting real, her children and husband are not TOKENS to be paraded out to boost votes, she's a straight talker, a straight shooter--in all ways--and you can see in her eyes, she will brook absolutely NO nonsense. There's not a wishy-washy thing about her AT ALL--and yet you can see the love she has for her family, her fierce commitment and love for her country, the vibrant glow of health and exercise in every inch of her and there's not a thing tomboyish, andrygenous (sp?) or at all "fuzzy" about her.

Yeah, I was going to hold my nose and vote McCain to keep Stinky out of the WH, but now, I'll energetically pull that lever FOR HER and the future she potentially signals for the GOP. I don't know much about Beohner, Cantor or Hunter--what I do know, I like. I DO see her, however, continuing to leap forward in her own thinking, though, and am seriously hoping to see a Palin/Jindal ticket. Youth, dynamics, integrity--"ordinary" people taking back control of the usual politicos--I can easily see that and the opposition will continue to reel from the repeated uppercuts.Hell, y'all, you know what I'm trying to say--I'm HOPEFUL again for the GOP--all of a sudden, there's a huge bright light shining on that hill again.

From an email from Miss Beth of Miss Beth's Victory Dance


  1. I think there is good reason to be more confident about McCain because he must have been thinking about his Conservative base when he picked Palin. I give him a thumbs up on that, and I just know Palin will sit in on those meetings and tell McCain that America will not put up with amnesty, any way, any shape or any form. Someone will need to reign him in!

    I like it Miss Beth.


  2. I'm not sure that she will pull in the PUMAs. She does energize the Republican base, but will that be enough and her background be enough to garner Hillary supporters and the swing states.

    I pray to G-d that McCain wins, but from what I'm hearing from PUMA friends, they will be the ones holding their noses in November. But will it be for McCain or Obama?

  3. This PUMA is all for McCain/Palin. I'm ecstatic, you go girl!