Thursday, August 28, 2008

Latest From Lionheart: 28 Aug 08 al Qaeda's Frontline in Britain

28 August 2008

Posted by Lionheart
28 August 2008
Posted by Lionheart at 3:14 PM

Click link below for Lionheart's new video: Luton and Dunstable: al Qaeda's Frontline


  1. Yeah!!! Glad you got it up RG.


  2. Lionheart finally gets to speak his mind. He is a prophet screaming in the wilderness of the evil that is befalling his land. Those who hear him, mock him. Those who listen with their hearts understand his warning. It is a warning for Great Britain and America both.

  3. Thanks all. I'm glad we finally managed to get that video up. It was well worth the effort, wasn't it?
    This is the real story behind the story of what's happening in England -- and all over Europe, and as Findalis points out, soon enough coming here. Forget the newspaper articles and magazines, forget the TV reports -- this is the story from the mean streets of Luton and Dunstable.
    Do that many Americans even know about Britain's "street jihad"? If they do, it's no thanks to our lame MSM.
    We've got to get real about this threat-- it's already here.

  4. Dynamic! And to think of all the "Statesmen" that the UK claims for itself.
    Lionheart's situation is one that should be amplified in every community afflicted with PC (phiolosophical constipation).
    He's a Knight!

  5. Lionheart is as good on video as he is on "paper." He's dead serious and just puts the information out there. I wish everyone in the English speaking world could hear him, or read him.


  6. I agree with Shawmut: Lionheart is a Knight.


  7. Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement.

    We are at war with a suicidal religious force that believes it has a mandate to destroy our civilisation and way of life that is heading our way.

    England is now in full swing contending with it on the ground in our midst, with America the ultimate goal.

    What does our future hold and how do we turn this suicidal religious force back from its religious mandate upon the Earth to destroy our Western Judeo/Christian Civilisation?

    The greatest Clash of Civilisations in the history of mankind in the age of Nuclear power.

    What will our Nations look like when we percieve the future for those who are coming after us?

    The darkness from the Islamic World is spreading across the globe in the greatest Jihad in history led by the anti-Christ himself "Osama Bin Laden".

    God bless you and thank you.

    United we stand, divided we fall.

    Deus Vult

  8. Lionheart, what do you want people to do? The British need someone or people to lead them. The average joe might not have a clue what to do, and may not even speak about how they feel about Muslims in Britain because they fear retribution from Muslims and the political correct crowd.

    People need to take to the street in great numbers in protest. Muslims only understand fear, and that is why they run in numbers and can call for back-up when they need it. Perhaps the British people should start their own back-up support system for starters, even if they can only muster up small numbers to support them when they need it.

  9. Political correctness isolates people from talking to one other on issues they might think are suppose to be off topic or they might think they will receive negative feedback and be chastized for it and embarrassed. Most people are probably seeing and thinking the same things. They just need to break the silence, no matter what the consequences may be. It is better to stand up for what you believe in and be accountable for the same, rather than do nothing and be nothing.

  10. Thanks Shawmut and Maggie.
    And to Joanne -- You write such good comments, why don't you start a blog?