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Blips on the Screen: 23 Aug 08

Tomb of the Mahdi. Omdurman. Sudan.

When Mahdi Comes, "Islamic Revival Will Sweep Over Entire World

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Following are excerpts from two main Tehran Friday sermons at the Tehran University campus. In one, delivered today, Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who is Iranian Expediency Council chairman, former president, and the main political rival of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said that the big powers are using the nuclear issue as an excuse to confront Iran.(1)
In another, from August 15, 2008, Iranian Assembly of Experts member Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami said that when the Mahdi arrived, there would be "[real] globalization" and "Islamic revival will sweep over the entire world." He added, "Not a single house will remain on the face of the earth... unpenetrated by Islam." View the video here

Ayatollah Rafsanjani, August 22, 2008: Bullying Powers Using Nuclear Issue to Settle Accounts With Iran

As reported by the official Iranian press, Rafsanjani said in his sermon that "Iran is oppressed in the nuclear case; the bullying powers use the issue as an excuse to settle their accounts with the (Islamic) Revolution (of Iran)..."
"Nuclear energy is absolute right of Iranian people. They (the bullying powers) too believe that Iran can master peaceful nuclear technology. The world big powers' tough approach towards Iran, which has by reliance on its power and technology been able to reach a position to have peaceful nuclear industry under conditions of sanctions, is an injustice to both the country and mankind."
He said that while checking the danger of nuclear weapons' application, there should be efforts to let mankind use God-given nuclear resources. The prerequisite for the resolve, he said, is cooperation among all states and the big powers' stopping bullying, hostility, threatening and making human beings psychologically insecure.
He added that today the world has felt the problem of energy scarcity. "The problem has gone to the extent that today, most states have made recourse to use of coal energy."

Elsewhere in his sermon, Ayatollah Rafsanjani touched on the war in Georgia and said that the Georgia case features a danger of encounter of world's two big nuclear powers, i.e. NATO and Russia. "Despite restoration of calm, it (the case) is not yet over. Under such cases, one should act more rationally and prudently," he added.
Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, August 15, 2008: When Mahdi Appears, "Islamic Revival Will Sweep Over Entire World"

"Globalization will only be realized when the days of the Mahdi come. The world of arrogance will take its dream of globalization to the grave. But in the days of the Mahdi, [real] globalization will definitely come to pass.


"God sent His Messenger in order to spread the just religion, so that His religion [Islam] would overcome all other religions.


"By 'overcome,' I am not referring to the superiority of the logic of Islam, because in this sense, it is already superior.


"[I am referring to] a tangible victory.


"Not a single house will remain on the face of the earth


"unpenetrated by Islam.


"The claim that the time has passed when one religion ruled the world runs counter to the Koran and the [Islamic] tradition. Not only has the time not passed, but the Islamic revival that we are witnessing today is moving in this direction, and Allah willing, this Islamic revival will sweep over the entire world, when the Mahdi appears.


"Is it appropriate for some government officials to say that we are friends of the people of Israel, and that the people in America are the best in mass communications? This wording is absolutely wrong. We do not recognize the Israeli nationality. We recognize only the Palestinian nationality.


"The Israeli people are the ones who ignite the fire of battle of their country. All the Israeli people constitute the militia of the Israeli government, because when a war breaks out, they all have their duty to help their government. How can anybody say that we are friends of the people of Israel? Not at all! Not for a single moment do we recognize the legitimacy of the regime occupying Jerusalem, and we are not afraid of the people in Israel.

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  1. The Mahdi is the reason why MAD doesn't work with Iran. The Mullahs actually believe that he will return. They are counting on his return to save their backsides from destruction.

    This is another example of how Islam keeps people in ignorance. Children act like they do, believe like they do. Adults accept the responsibility of their actions and deeds. They do not expect miracles to help them. They do not expect the calvary to come riding over the hill to save them. They plan for what their actions and words will bring.

  2. Roger, I remember when I was a lad sometime between grades two and four (and maybe on either side of those) when I sensed a distant fear of some unknown threat. It was the teachers in school who would occasionally remind us of Communism or the threat of war from some future agressor and they even mentioned that the end of the world would someday come. Always optimistic, I never dreamed that any of that would come in my life time. Each time I put these things out of mind they were somehow re-inforced by that occasional reminder from Sister Mary Somebody...each grade had a new Sister Mary Somebody...Angelita, Domitilla, Bridgetta, Faber; all Sister Marys warning us of our impending doom. Well many years have come and gone and Sister Mary Somebody has re-emerged only the gender has changed. Shall we say Sister has been replaced by Brother; Brother Roger! Only now I'm not so optimistic. Those days may soon be upon us; in my life time and yours.

    Good post...and keep giving us those occassional reminders.

  3. Findalis and Norm -- Thank you both for your wise interpretations.