Friday, August 29, 2008

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Cross posted from Deb Hamilton's Right Truth
August 29, 2008

Compare the setting and audience in attendance when John McCain announced Sarah Palin as his VP choice. People were chanting "USA USA USA USA." They were waving flags, ... American flags, and homemade signs. They were excited. They love America, they love the military and went crazy when they learned Palin's son is in the Army.
I ask you, did you hear ANY chanting of "USA USA USA" at the Democrats convention? The answer my friends is a big NO. All you heard from the Democrats is how bad America is, how she needs changing, how her reputation is ruined, how her people are downtrodden, how the economy is in the tank... negativity is their theme. Not the Republicans. We cherish this country, we think she is the best nation in the world.
McCain's event today was a preview for the Republican convention next week. Compare the Greek temple backdrop Obama had to the simple, one screen, American flag backdrop the Republicans have constructed. Be prepared to see patriotism on display at the Republican convention.
Did you notice the pins on Sarah Palin's lapel? A big glorious American flagpin.
Did Palin need a make-over? Nope. Did she have a fancy new pantsuit or a new hairdo? Nope. She swooped up her hair with a clip like she always does, put on a skirt and jacket (no pantsuit), clipped on her flagpin and away she went. Nothing fake or artificial about this woman.
Even on Fox News channel Mort Kondracke and Juan Williams gave the (silly) arguments that Palin had never served in congress, she had never given a speech, she had never made the rounds of news shows. God help those idiots.
Kondracke: "Obama has more experience "because he's been running for president longer."' Running for president is experience to lead a nation?
No Sarah Palin has not served in Congress, but you can't really say Obama has served in Congress either, unless you count 140 something DAYS, most of which was spent on the road campaigning and avoiding placing any votes that could be used against him.
John McCain's pick for vice president has thrown the Democratic Party into a disoriented spin mode the morning after Obama's underwhelming speech at the Temple of Obamis ... (continue reading)
People in Alaska LOVE this woman. She has an 80% approval rate. This blog has a great post title: Does Biden Pal-in Comparison? and asks "is that too corny?" No, I love it.
Contributions to the McCain- Palin campaign should be huge. People who have not been sending checks to John McCain are now energized enough to open checkbooks and start writing.
There are those who think McCain fell into the Clinton 'trap' by selecting a woman, Sarah Palin. I think it was genius, and if it fits Hillary's agenda, so be it. Hillary doesn't want Obama to win in November and neither do we.
McCain's choice was Absolutely Brilliant:
... This selection shows McCain is serious about change. This selection also shows McCain has the skills and knowledge necessary to lead our country. (continue reading)
This is very interesting: Clinton Bloggers " You will regret not choosing Hillary now!",( Yid With Lid)
I think that the Democrats are kicking themselves in the butt over and over for not picking Hillary Clinton as Obama's VP. They are crying over spilled milk.
Obama's camp said Palin had no experience. John McCain shot back: "Sarah Palin first ran for political office in 1992. I don't know what Obama was doing 16 years ago." Touche'. No one knows what Obama was doing 16 years ago.
I love it.


  1. lol! I just posted a quote from Deb over at Crusader Rabbit.
    great minds etc....

  2. You're the nicest thief I know Roger.

    The comparison with the Dems convention and the Republican convention next week will be like night and day.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  3. McCain is quick as a fox and just as clever. Giving comeback lines right after a comment takes great timing and quick wit.

  4. There have been many governors who became President that didn't serve in Congress. Here are just some from just the last century till now:

    Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush.

    Being a governor is not a hindrance to the Presidency. It can be a help.