Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's War!

It's War - Call it What it is: War on Islam

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

After 9/11 we declared a War on Terror and it sparked a uniting of Americans that was too long coming. We've been able to define "Terror" now for several years and we know the terror to be Islam.WorldNetDaily quotes "a top commander for al-Qaida: "Islam does not distinguish between the American people and the American government, since both are in a state of war with Islam," Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid said in a recent interview.

He is right. This is a War on Islam in response to Islam's War on America, Islam's War on Freedom and Liberty, Islam's War on Infidels, Islam's War on Democracy - and just to be clear, Islam brought it to America years ago.The difference between Islam's thinking and a thinking American is that Americans will be suspicious of, and fight back against, those Muslims supporting the downfall of America.

We won't pin it on our next door neighbor unless he is found to be actively anti-American. We won't pin it on the Muslim children in our community, but we will hold their parents responsible for dispelling the Islamic agenda of hate toward us, we won't pin it on our co-worker unless she demonstrates a disdain for us - sees us as an infidel, but we will always be suspicious of the Mosques in our community - because we have no other choice.I won't use the impotent and futile term "War on Terror" again. From now on it is the War on Islam - a hateful ideology, a hateful oppressive form of government, a seething desire to eliminate all things non-Islamic.

I'm declaring it for my blog.

Maggie Thornton

A note from Radarsite: "War monger much?" This is the very first comment Maggie Thornton received on this terrific article. And this is a perfect example of what we're up against: uninformed, self-righteous denial.

Good for you Maggie Thornton! This is precisely what we need. But few have yet to find the courage -- and yes, it does take courage -- to properly identify and denounce our enemy. It IS Islam itself. Those of us who have read the Qur'an and who have studied this accept this unpopular but undeniable fact.

You will of course receive hate mail. Apparently, you already have. You will be called a racist and a war-monger. But the fools who label you with these ludicrous terms have no idea of the monster they are defending. They are the deluded and the ignorant. And they must be stood up to. As you are so courageously doing right now.

We have been fighting several wars at once, both external and internal. We have been fighting internally, not just against those unyielding antiwar liberals, but against some of our most trusted authorities. Even at times against our own president. No American president has made a more foolish or harmful statement than when, immediately after the horrors of September 11th, 2001, and many times since that awful day, President Bush declared Islam to be "a religion of Peace, hijacked by a few fanatics". With this absurd and disingenuous statement, and many others like it, our own president has succeeded in further muddying the waters and adding to our already deep confusion. Thus he has advanced and sanctioned this prime misconception.

To the average American, who has no real knowledge of Islam or of the historical realities of Muhammad, this deeply flawed parallel conjures images of an honorable and blameless religion being usurped by some small fanatical cult, similar, we can assume -- with dangerous inaccuracy -- to our own experience with Christianity and the KKK. Just a few nutcakes, using a venerable religion to advance their own evil and perverted agenda. And 'perverted' is the key word here. As Maggie Thornton so clearly demonstrates, our ruthless enemies do not speak for an Islam perverted, but rather for an Islam reinvigorated, an Islam reaffirmed.

To continue playing these liberal moral equivalency games, to continue avoiding naming or confronting our enemies for fear of offending them doesn't make them go away; it just makes us more vulnerable. How many times must we say this? Islam makes no distinction between its political goals and its "religious" foundations. We do. This major difference between democracies and Islam is crucial to understand. Islam is an aggressive POLITICAL movement with clear cut political aims, and must be treated with no more deference and respect than any other political movement. It is as dangerous -- or more so -- than either fascism or communism, and must be resisted with the same conviction and tenacity. To our detriment, it has so far successfully managed to immunize itself from criticism and debate by having usurped that special place in our Constitutional society which we have reserved for legitimate religions.

Fools such as those who will attack you for speaking the truth are not only misguided, they are guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy. To them I can only say this: Put your precious borrowed and disastrously inappropriate liberal opinions aside for a moment and do some homework. Read the Qur'an and the supporting texts. Read what our enemy is saying. Read in their own words what it is that they want. Don't settle for second-hand, biased interpretations of their message. Get it directly from their own lips.

But most of you won't do this, will you? It requires too much effort and hard work. It's so much easier to wallow in your complacent ignorance. It's so much easier to call us names. It's so much easier to rely on others to form your shallow opinions, isn't it? It's so much easier to attack writers like Maggie who have done the hard work and have arrived at the hard conclusions and have the courage to declare them.

If after all this time you still do not recognize our true enemies, if despite all of the evidence you continue to obstruct our efforts to defend ourselves against this existential threat, then you are helping our enemies to defeat us. And that makes you not only a fool, but a traitor.

It's not a matter of winning a debate; it's a matter of our nation's survival. The enemy is relying on your complacency. Don't give them this victory. Put aside your precious egos and learn.

Please -- listen and learn before it's too late, too late for us all. - rg


  1. Thank you Roger for pounding the issue.

    Maggie's Notebook

  2. BTW, on that last comment, I intended to say "thanks," also for your strong comment at Maggie's Notebook.

    Maggie's Notebook

  3. Thank you Maggie.
    This is why your powerful article is so important to me -- and to our cause:
    If kind-hearted and reasonable people like yourself are now finding it necessary to declare Islam itself to be the enemy, then it seems to me we stand a good chance of finally being able to appropriately confront and defeat this formidable foe. You have opened that door.

  4. Nice to see you back up Roger.

    We have been fighting this "War on Islam" for 1400 years. It feels like we are losing it, but I have faith in G-d that we will prevail in the end.

    Islamists don't understand that when you attack the US you attack the most powerful nation on the planet. Given that the left is always screaming about civilians, we hold back our gauntleted hand. But given the right inspiration (try nuking an American city or any American naval taskforce) and you will see that hand come down upon them like a hammer coming down upon and anvil.

  5. I'm just waiting for people to realize that the followers of Islam, whomever or wherever they may be found, have an allegiance to Islam first and foremost always. People should not live under the illusion that the followers of Islam we help will love us because they will only hate us.

  6. Thank you Susan and Maggie.
    And Findalis and Joanne -- Well said. Damn well said.

  7. No diss meant, yet this is not very convincing. A war on Mohammedism should very easily be rebranded into a war on despotism, tribalism and autocracy.

    Those are the real hold ups to modernity, tolerance and free choice. In fact - societies that are mohammedist or have more mohammedists than the entire ME combined (like Malaysia and India) also have free, uncensored media, semi egalitarianism and a robust democracy.

    This is the real answer to tribalism, superstition and pitiful literacy rates.

    Marginalizing totalitarianism is quite simple. Declaring war on Mohammedism could actually drive a wedge between hot democrazies and those we need to recruit for modernity, freedom of choice and prepping for THIS life instead of racing to the next.

    Just saying...

  8. To GSG -- Respectfully, you've got it exactly backwards --

    Bin Laden: "The Whole World Is Watching This War And The Two Adversaries; The Islamic Nation, On The One Hand, And The United States And Its Allies On The Other. It Is Either Victory And Glory Or Misery And Humiliation." (Text Of Bin Laden's Audio Message To Muslims In Iraq, Posted On Jihadist Websites, 12/28/04)

    Islam declared war on us. Quite clearly and unequivocally. If we refuse to acknowledge this truth we cannot effectively counter it. But declaring Islam to be "a religion of peace' Bush. et al has only validated it as a legitimate religion, as opposed to being what it truly is, a ruthless Political movement with clearcut Political ambitions. Thus saving it from the scrutiny we would ordinarily give to any other Political movement.

    I will not be drawn into a discussion of the purported success stories of Islam in other parts of the world, because for the moment our chief threat is coming from the ME and this is where our attention should be focused.

    Obviously, if out of the goodness of your heart you want to cling to the notion that Islam is essentially benign and has its good features, that is your prerogative.

    For me however the issue has been resolved for some time now. Islam is a deadly plague on humanity. It is our sworn enemy. It is determined to destroy our western culture, and it has made significant advances in this direction right here in America.
    Unless and until we declare Islam itself to be un-American we will not be able to successfully defend our threatened democracy. We will go on being duped by the falsehood that Islam is merely a religion like any other religion and therefore deserves to be kept in some inviolate and sacrosanct place in our society.

    This is the strategy they have been using till now so effectively, and it must be ended or we will suffer a terrible loss.

    Islam is the enemy. Good Muslims are as irrelevant to me as were good Nazis.

  9. What I am about to say is very unfortunate but necessary to be done for the moment. First, I would like to congratulate Maggie and others for speaking out and telling the truths about islam.

    When the president makes these comments, he does it knowing very well that the war is truly against islam. But, the president and other politicians for the time being have got to be political in the language the use when addressing the public, which is subsequently being broadcasted to the rest of the world.

    I don't agree with the tactics the administration is using. But, they have their reason which has a valid point. I can assure the readers of this blog or anyone concerned of the proliferation of islam in america. That it is being dealt with and watched with extreme prejudice. It just not making the news because the main stream media (msm) is way too liberal.

    Now some of you might ask how am I privy to this. Well, I been working for the federal government in law enforcement for almost 19 years now. And since 9/11 most of our resources on all levels have been re-issued towards terrorism. And we're not as stupid as some might think. We just like to work with some annomonity. Actually I was recently promoted to a SAC which is a upper level position. And will be re-locating to run a division before then years end.

    I take great pride and honor is servering my country. I love what I do and helping people. So, please don't get dis-contented with us. Because the day is coming soon in which we will need people like you to rise up with us. And we do appreciate what people like LH and RG et al. are doing presently. Many in my agency are well aware of what we're up against. And know what we must do to ensure the safety of our freedoms and liberties, that I took an oath to uphold. So be patient and don't become complacent. If anyone has questions I will be happy to contribute if I can. But, only seruous inquiries please. If people are willing to work with us. There is a way to contact people (like me) who will work with you and not against you.

    Remember that FISA and the Patriot Act is not a bad thing at all. In fact if you're a law abiding citizen then you have nothing to worry about.

  10. Hellsbellz -- Thank you for your fascinating comments. Could you please email me from my bio page? Thanks,

  11. To Hellzbellz -- I'm still waiting for that email.
    Till then, I must say that due to your rather awkward syntax, and your many misspellings, and some rather strange and questionable statements I am having a little difficulty accepting your unsubstantiated credentials.

    In short, I don't believe you.

    However, I've certainly been wrong before and I'll probably be wrong again. All you have to do to clarify this situation is respond with an email. Till then, I'm going to advise my readers to take your advice with a big grain of salt.