Thursday, August 28, 2008

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Der Sieg

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Der Sieg
As the the DNC climaxes with the acceptance speech and rock star acknowledgement of the Donkeys' dude much has been made about the grandeur of the event, the cat himself and the cool ancient Greek looking stage/podium elevator arrival of the man of the hour. The man of change hope, the future and a hopeful future filled with change.All new - nothing like it ever!Totally incorrect.It has been done before - and it is more like a ghost story to freak out the kids than anything else.That Greek temple looking spot - and the elevator harken something a bit sinister.And it should. For it is the model of Ceaser Augustus' deified shrine at Pergamon. An ancient Greek temple to Zeus in ancient Greek colonies in Asia Minor or modern Turkey.Hauled to Berlin by Deutsch archeologist Karl Humann, the exhibit and the alter served as the inspiration for Albert Speer's demonic shrine to der fuhrer at Zeppelinfeld in Nazi time Germany - where der Fuhrer held the massive 'Nürnburg Rallies.The main spot - where der fuhrer furiously fomented devilish designs had an elevator that rose up and the waiting room antechamber was an artistically created copy of the Temple.Nazi fanboy Albert Speer later lamented that most of his designs were 'fascist' in that they tended to make one feel small.Zeppelinfeld in the old Imperial City of Nürnburg was all about being larger than life - and a bit more too -
"With their gigantic dimensions, the grounds and the architecture weremeant to suggest to the individual visitor to the Party Rallies that he was participating in something major and significant, while at the same time conveying the impression of his own insignificance.
All the buildings moreover glorified the two central myths of the ThirdReich: the Führer myth, who was seen to be sent by Providence as a national saviour, and the myth of a national community founded upon collective uplifting experiences and feelings."One of the catchy chants was that the Fuhrer's name was the victory. Tune in and see if a chill manifests itself as something semi weird, uncool and a mite scary.

Event wise - Obama = der fuhrer?NO!
Event wise Hitlerian?Maybe.

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  1. There is another leader the reminds me of Obama: Adolph Hitler.

    Both were great orators.
    Both had no experience in government.
    Both screamed about change.
    Both were anti-Semites.

    Is there a difference between the 2?

  2. Once again, our good friend GSG nails it. Perfectly. And, as usual, with style.
    We have all been down this road before, haven't we? And I don't think we want to go down it again, do we?
    The same old nasty ideologies keep coming back, perhaps in new clothes, but singing the same old songs. Those same old evil songs that we fought so hard against before.

    We just can't let these people win.

    Thank you GSG.