Wednesday, October 1, 2008

From Lionheart: The New Battle of Britain

Al Quds demo: London September 2008

The Nation of Israel and all Jews around the World should see who your friends are in this part of the World because you have many relatives living amongst us who are now facing this hatred aimed at them and at your Nation upon OUR streets.
You know as many of us know that they want another Holocaust

These Moslems on our British streets are both our enemies.

The resistance to this hatred has begun: Counter demo

The Rabbis present are traitors to their people and Nation, 'The Neutri Karta'.

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  1. So many able young men and woman. So why don't they exert their efforts where they're needed. I feel so humble when I see the strength of Lionheart.
    (The original Lionheart, too, had to deal with arcane conspiracies by those who certainly owed allegience.)