Monday, October 20, 2008

Michelle Obama - African Press Update 10/20/08

African Press International (API) has announced that Pennsylvania attorney, Philip Berg will represent API against expected lawsuits from Barack and Michelle Obama.

API claims that they have a tape recording of a telephone call Michelle Obama made to API. In that alleged phone call, API claims that MO made some astonishing statements. For background and for the specific alleged comments, go here and here.

In addition to apparently representing API against the Obama's, Philip Berg filed a suit in a Philadelphia court against Barack Obama, The Democrat National Committee (DNC) and the Federal Election Commision (FEC) for release of proof of Barack Obama's citizenship. This lawsuit is on-going. For a video update, go here.

API said the following in today's edition:

For us in API we wanted to get the tapes released - aired by a news channel that has a good reputation in the US, one that has listeners interested in the elections.

API is not interested in selling the tapes to any network. Our demand is that the tapes must be aired unedited by the network that we finally select.
API reports that an email is circulating (read it at the above link) saying API is looking for monetary bidders for the tape, which they strongly deny.

Well...Philip Berg is a feisty attorney. We'll see what this brings


  1. Thanks for the update Maggie. It gets more and more fascinating, doesn't it?

  2. Roger, if API is lying their credibility is gone forever. These people are not dancing around whether or not they have tapes. They say they have taped Michelle Obama saying specific things, they say she called them AND give a specific motive for her call and they name names.

    They are bare bones about everything except when they will release.

    It certainly is fascinating.

  3. You are doing just the right thing in my opinion. You are reporting the information as you get it. There's nothing more we can do. We must just wait and hope that they truly are in possession of this tape and that we will soon hear it.
    If it all falls apart and goes away, it's not your fault or mine. We are just doing our jobs. And we are certainly not the only ones waiting to see how this turns out.
    We shall see.

  4. I am really impressed with the restraint by all conservative outlets on this one. It is so tantalizing - dangling these tapes. But if API doesn't have them, anyone jumping this story will lose credibility along with them.

    The updates are great, the story is great, and the sense to wait for verification is really great.

    It could be a huge event. Could be . . .

  5. You guys are sooo gullible to fall for silliness like this. Even National Review Online tried to warn conservatives that this so-called API tape story was bogus, but you are so panicky about the prospect of Senator Obama's likely election that you'll grab at any nonsense anyone throws out on the web.

  6. I have been reporting and following this story as well and I am drooling over the prospects of using the audio clips on my shows.

  7. 1- API has already released the information, most of it, if not all.
    2- API's problem is that they want to make sure that the denial does come from Mrs. Obama herself.
    3- API does not know whom to trust for advice. No wonder considering the comments they're receiving from bloggers, most of them yelling either Put up or shut up or Obamaesque nonsense or threats.
    4- I don't believe it is a smart thing for them to rely on Berg.
    5- This is a repeat of the NAFTA lie, the one involving a reputable Canadian journalist. You might remember: a denial by Obama as to a meeting with Canadian officials, attacks against CTV's Smith, and the publication of the existing minutes of the inexistent meeeting. One should not challenge a journalist on his or her sources.
    6- There is a slight problem which should preferably, but not necessarily, resolved, something unrelated to these tapes.
    7- Ethical considerations and journalists' integrity are not matters one should raise with foreigners, considering the actual state of the American press and blogoshere, to say nothing of the fact that one is dealing with Obama and his thugs, a lot of thugs.
    8- API has the tapes, that much I know. They might release them or not, before or after November 4, 2008, it's their call.
    9- If the birth issue matters so much, people should hire proper lawyers and get it resolved.
    10- Obama's people are fighting this one tooth and nail: one of their guys is watching RCP and complain against any API article, and others too.

    Time to say goodbye, au revoir, auf wiedersehen Best of luck. BA

    October 21, 2008, 18:15

    - 30 -

  8. Well Bob, NRO doesn't know for certain. We'll wait and see.

  9. Ace Tomato, It seems that Conservative outlets, of which there are few, have a lot of restraint about a lot of issues.

    I agree with you that it is impressive, because Liberal outlets would be swearing that it's true. Remember Dan Rather?

  10. Mark, are you and I the radicals here?

  11. I don't see anything released until after the election. Too bad. It is hot and dynamite.

  12. The "radicals" are Michelle's apologists.