Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two Americas: The Festival of Obama

Festival of Obama, October 26, 2008

From Looking at the Left.com

Acknowledgement: This posting is in response to an original article at Amy Proctor's Bottom Line Up Front

Nine days before the 2008 Presidential election, the Obama campaign held a rally in Denver, a “blue” city in the important swing state of Colorado. There were tens of thousands of people. Below, courtesy of Looking at the Left.com, are some of their pictures. Look at these pictures and ask yourself if there can be any serious doubt that there are indeed two Americas at war here. Remember, this is not a rock concert or a Woodstock Revival; this is an official Obama Campaign Rally in a major US city. Radarsite will present these photos without commentary.

There are two Americas battling for our soul. This was a look at one of them.

And this is a look at the other.

Which will you choose on 4 November?

Will it be this?

Or this?


A final note from Radarsite: Before anyone writes in to complain that the people pictured above just represent a radical fringe of the Obama party, I would point out that these folks here in Denver merely represent the most colorful and vocal of the Obama supporters. But, make no mistake about it, the agenda they advocate is precisely the same agenda as advocated by the mainstream Obama camp. The choices we face this coming Tuesday as to what kind of an America we want in the future are just as extreme as these two irreconcilable visions of America.
God help us to make the right choice. - rg


  1. Could have sworn I was looking at the misguided ,stoned out types that existed in the 60's. The same ones that greeted me each time I returned from SEA and the same ones who showed up for the Democrat Convention in 68 and 72. I believe then they were followers of McGovern. I wonder if this is some type of generational curse that has been passed among the free breeders?

  2. Welcome Ticker. You can't really tell much difference between them, can you?
    And thank you for your service. And as a vet and an American I deeply apologize for your reception. There actually are a few things America should be apologizing for, and this is certainly one of them.
    And allowing Ayers et al to still be breathing free air would be another.

  3. To Commenter Marion Valentine --
    Rather than have your excellent comments confined to this small comments thread I have given them the space which I feel they justly deserve. I hope this meets with your approval
    It's a pleasure meeting you.
    Roger G.

  4. And they have the nerve to call themselves decent. That is the problem these days. Obsenity is considered proper even for a child to wear. I wonder if that girl's parents allow her to watch porno movies or do they just teach her themselves.

    Never did I allow my children to wear or speak profanity when they were that age.

  5. Thanks Findalis. Of all those pictures, as a parent and a grandparent of young girls, that was the one that got to me the most. And that was precisely the same question I asked myself.
    This is just one of the many reasons why we are on the same team.