Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama is Winning and All the Stars Keep on 'Dancing'

Don't you see? It's already happening. We're already changing. Obama hasn't even won yet but it's already begun. We can quit blaming our Main Stream Media now; they are merely our mirrors, our alter-egos, our servants and our entertainers, and our all-too-convenient scapegoats. It's not them, it's us. They have looked deep into our eyes and they have perfectly defined us. They know just what we want and just what we don't want. They've recognized the obdurate denial, the easy complacency, the deep shallowness and the all-pervasive attention deficit disorders. They've seen us for what we truly are, not for what we pretend to be; and they are giving us precisely what we've asked for.

"Rocco and Karina are still dancing, They should have gone home, but were granted a reprieve due to Misty's departure".

On March 12, 2008, Fox News Channel announced that they would be replacing John Gibson's The Big Story with a program more directly geared toward following the 2008 U.S. presidential election. The hard-hitting and controversial Gibson joined the Fox News Channel in September 2000. He also wrote the New York Times bestselling books Hating America: The New World Sport and The War on Christmas. Gibson's immediate replacement was the pleasant and attractive blond Heather Nauert, who began by showing up unannounced as Gibson's Big Story co-host. Soon the fearless and combative but always informative John Gibson disappeared from view altogether (John Gibson? What John Gibson?). Next, without fanfare, our pleasant and blond Ms. Nauert similarly disappeared from view, to be magically replaced by the glamorous Ken and Barbie team of Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly, and all is right with the world.

Now, think about this for a minute. Fox News isn't really stupid. What do you suppose they see in us that suggested this radical change in their appearance and venue? It certainly wasn't our increasing appetite for the truth, for in-depth, hard-hitting, informative journalism, was it?

I can barely bring myself to watch these two deliver the news with that imperturbable cheerful upbeat enthusiasm. The hard-boiled truth-talkers are going now, they're being quietly replaced by our glamorous young Kens and Barbies. And I suspect we've gotten just what we've asked for. Smiling, imperturbable enthusiasm. This, my friends, is just the beginning of the Change We Can Believe In. We are all to be upbeat and cheerful now.

This is how it begins. Fox's resident arch-conservative Charles Krauthammer is now acknowledging Barack Obama's obvious intelligence and poise; while our fearless two-fisted Bill O'Reilly is busy assuring us that Senator Obama is a decent man and a true patriot: he's been assured of this fact by his good friend and Fox News contributor and erudite social commentator Al Sharpton.

Oh, I know, there are still a few journalists left, and Megyn Kelly can give a tough interview; but don't you see what's happening? One by one, all of our mainstream media has succumbed to the Pied Piper's tune. One by one, the cable news networks followed in their tracks. Then there was just Fox News, all by its lonesome. And now --

It isn't that dissent has been prohibited; it's just been marginalized, we angry right-wingers haven't been arrested (not yet anyway), we've just been ushered quietly off the stage and put into that special room in the back reserved for smokers and conspiracy-theorists, naysayers, and crotchety old doom-and-gloomers.

America only gets upset now when the subject is money, our money, our interest rates, the price of gasoline, or our increasingly vulnerable portfolios. This is what truly moves us, what gets our undivided attention. All other news, all other threats and impending crises are secondary. The American people have spoken. And once again the foremost issue on their minds is the economy, stupid. Those growing existential threats from militant Islam, our blind march towards an atheistic internationalistic socialism, the loss of our American sovereignty -- these issues are okay to talk about for a little while, but let's not obsess over them. Let's be nice to each other and have a nice day and let the world take care of itself. The main thing is to keep your spirits up, to not let the doom-and-gloomers get you down.

Meanwhile, this just in: Source confirms Hefner, Holly Madison ended romance, sleep in separate beds.

Do I sound cynical? Discouraged? Disillusioned? Maybe. I know I'm getting tired. Aren't you? I'm getting tired of shouting 'Fire!' in the crowded theater. And the people in the theater are getting tired of my shouting. I'm interrupting their movie. And that after all is why they came here -- not to listen to some crazy old guy shouting 'Fire!'

I'm getting tired of arguing, of doing other people's homework, people who are just too damn lazy or indifferent to do their own. I'm getting tired of trying to convince people that we're heading for disaster, that they should be afraid of the future.

Whoopie Goldberg and my fourteen-year old granddaughter want Barack Obama, so who are we to argue.

Then again, maybe I just need some more sleep.


  1. I'm tired too. It defies all reason, so I'm just thinking that we need to trust in God because at least he has a plan and knows what he is doing. As for Americans, too many are walking around in the dark looking for a mere 'man' to lead them. Big mistake.

  2. Whoopie wants Obama because John's going to "return her to slavery." I used to have a lot of respect for her until I heard that nonsense come out of her mouth.

  3. How true and how sad. Why is it we can see the signs of the air and sky that tell us it is going to rain, yet we cannot see the signs of the times (I love this verse of scripture). We get so caught up in the day to day activities and lose sight of the important things. When did Hugh Hefner's love life take top billing over the viability of our nation and what it stands for? Where was I as this was happening? Alas, I must take accountability for getting busy and working hard and thinking others would do what needed to be done. My wake up call came on 9-11 and even after that I found myself getting wrapped up in the daily routine all too often. The situation is now so dire that I find myself praying and working twice as hard to preserve the foundation of this country. I feel like the rope is cutting into my palms as I try to hold on for dear life. I do not know how it ends for America, yet I know what my future holds and the urgency to share with others the key to a glorious future is weighing on me in such a way I cannot even explain it. I believe we are nearing the eleventh hour and depending on what you believe that is not necessarily the end but just the beginning of things greater than we can imagine. This is not to say that there will not be trials and tribulations that we must still endure. Yet, one still cries for this country and all that it has been and stood for and hope is still alive for we know not the day and time that we wait for so patiently. Come what may, the truth is still the truth and that cannot be changed regardless of the mindless drivel that is bombarding our airwaves. I still have great faith in the American people and their ability to properly discern the facts and make the best possible decision regarding the leadership of this nation.

  4. "He who endureth to the end, the same shall be saved."

    "Time, patience and perseverance accomplish all things."

    All is lost when we surrender. Lets not surrender, lets fight to the finish, as George Washington did.

  5. Me too Hon. I've been tired for quite a while. I've been tired for oh so long, it seems.

    I actually began my 'Smilnsigh' blog, because I was burnt out. And it helped me. It gave me a place to ease up on my Blood Pressure. Which at my age, is nothing to sneeze at.

    Yup, it's only about money now. Nothing else on the radar.

    And boy, but must those *other nothings on the radar* just love, all of this! Bleahhhhhhhh...

    Miss Mari-Nanci
    Tired, tired, tired, tired, tired...

  6. I fear that we will have Barack Obama has our next president. And then I fear that our nation will sink into decay and dispair with him.

    It would be poetic justice if he did become President. He can't get us out of this economic mess that Clinton got us into, and his foreign policy will get us into WW 3.

  7. Just remember when you are fourteen years old, twenty sounds old......McCain wouldn't have a chance.