Monday, October 13, 2008

Dear Mom and Dad: Me at the Palin Protest

Dear Mom and Dad,
Here's a picture of me and my friends posing at the Philly Palin protest. This picture has gotten a lot of publicity lately, which is great for our cause. We just can't have 8 more years of lying Repubs. Everything else is fine. Could you please send me another 100 bucks, I'm running on empty.
[name witheld by editor]
A note from Radarsite: The above letter is phony, but those pictures aren't. This is my way of satirizing the unfathomable mindset of anyone who would knowingly pose for those obscene pictures. Actually, these are worse than obscene pictures. At least pornography is what it is. It doesn't claim to be high-minded political discourse, or an exercise in free speech; it's just pornography. As a parent, which, I wonder, would upset me more -- to discover that my daughter had posed for pornographic pictures, or that she had gone out into the streets of a major American city with that obscenity blazoned across her chest? An obscenity aimed at a woman, an admirable and accomplished woman, whose only crime is that she has had the temerity to run a campaign against the Holy Obama. That would be a hard call to make.

Is there perhaps another side to this issue? Can there possibly be any other side to this issue? Are there parents out there who actually would be proud of this display of their offspring's political activism? Could we have drifted that far away from the bounds of common decency?

Here's the rest of the story:

WOW Staffers Also Wear Sarah Palin C*nt T-Shirts

Cross posted from Susan Duclos' Wake Up America

Yesterday we asked why the media was reporting a McCain supporter calling Barack Obama an "Arab" and completely ignoring Obama supporters calling Sarah Palin a cunt, even wearing T-shirts with the phrase "Sarah Palin is a cunt" on them.This morning I see a quite a few links to yesterday's post, as well as some news outlets finally reporting it (ABC's Political Punch, LA Times' Top of the Ticket, The Politico and it was mentioned on Fox News at 9 a.m.)In following a couple of the links to the original piece written here at WUA, I find there are more wearing those T-Shirts, named and posing proudly.... members of WOW staff, to be exact.

(Clockwise from left: Steve Sims, Kristy Benjamin, Lindsey Hager, Drew Forni, and Lindsay Woods. (Photos by Fred Dechow)This is the mentality of certain Obama anyone surprised?I bet their parents are just so proud of them.[Update] Another link to that original post led me to

Freedom Eden who shows us that CafePress is even selling "Republicunt" T-shirts with a photo of Sarah Palin on them.Freedom Eden shows others referring to Palin as a "bitch" and "Ho"...go look for yourself.


  1. It constantly amazes me that there is so much hate over on the tolerant, peaceful left. Why do they not see it, is it something in the water, faulty wiring in their heads?

  2. It looks like they have a problem with women. Nothing at all is being criticized on that t-shirt except that... the candidate is a woman. There's nothing to criticize, that's their problem.

  3. Hi MK -- I go for faulty wiring.

    And, well said Anonymous.

  4. Well, at least Sarah Palin gives birth with hers, and those other women use theirs as slaughter mills.

    I mean just look at Sarah Palin's family....a handsome husband, five beautiful children.....the envy these foul people feel is so thick, you couldn't cut it with a machete.