Monday, October 20, 2008

Defending America, One Idiot at a Time

A note from Radarsite: On 18 October Radarsite cross posted an article titled "What the World Thinks of America: One American's Response" to Susan Duclos' excellent website Wake Up America. The article below is a transposition of the comments received there. I know that it's wrong to characterize those who disagree with you as 'idiots', and for this I suppose I should apologize. But I just can't bring myself to do it. I would be apologizing for sticking up for America. And that I will not do.

The most disturbing comments to me are not the outlandish ones from those who truly do hate America, but rather those seemingly sensible and rational comments from people who describe themselves as true patriots, and then proceed to rip America apart in order to save her. These are the people who disturb me the most -- and, yes, I do get disturbed, and I do get angry, and I do call people 'idiots'. I cannot pretend to be calm and rational about the subject of anti-Americanism, no matter what form it takes. Especially today, especially considering the enormous threats that we face both internally and externally.

This is not just another election. This is a matter of the life or death of America as we know it. This is not just another awkward attempt to deal with our latest immigrant arrivals. This is a case of dealing with enemies who have vowed to extinguish our civilization, whom we have allowed into our midst. This is not just another instance of American racism or xenophobia. Our enemies have defined themselves by their words and by their actions. They are not Irishmen or Buddhist monks. They are Muslims and their religion is Islam.

The existential threats posed to this nation by leftist, atheistic Socialists are, unfortunately, all too real. To dismiss them as trivial is delusional and self-destructive.

But I am digressing. The subject at hand is America and anti-Americanism in all its forms, overt and benign. Many of these attitudes are expressed here in the collection of comments below. As you will see, most of the commenters are purportedly Europeans. Read them and decide for yourself. Decide where you stand and where you draw the line. - rg


"they hate us because we are one of the last bastions of hope for freedom and democracy in the world"Is there a source you can reference to back up this claim? Such a source would be quite relevant to your post.
Peace...JD Homepage 10.18.08 - 7:05 pm #

Thank you for the story. I am so sick of hearing what the world thinks about our elections and our country. They sure love us when they need us to save their butts. We would not be able to do that if we became like the rest of them. I think it is worth pointing out the the muslims supported Hitler. There was even a completely muslim section to the Nazi military. People need to ask themselves why the muslim world is supporting Obama. This is seriously disturbing to me. Nicole 10.18.08 - 8:08 pm #

Why even conduct this poll? Why spend money asking people in other countries if they like us and who they would vote for in OUR presidential elections? Maybe the money would have been better spent on something really important like feeding hungry children, providing mesquito nets, paying for medication for Aids patients, helping the homeless, removing disabling landmines, helping disaster victims.....but no they waste money to find out what people think about us. For this information to be important you would have to care what people in these other countries think of us! America is unquestionably the most generous country in the world; defenders against evil and those that would like to destroy democracy and freedom of choice. Where are other countries when it is time to stand up and be counted? Cowering behind indignation! This is the "land of the free and the home of the brave"! So the message to Canada, France, Switzerland, Poland, Japan, Mexico, Belgium and UK....ARGO you are FUBAR!
Peachgal 10.19.08 - 12:23 am #

LOL Peach....Tango and Cash!
Nicole 10.19.08 - 2:15 am #

To JD. I am the source of that claim. And I have a lot of backing for it.I've just been to your site and I can easily see why this article is so upsetting to you.Roger W. Gardner Homepage 10.19.08 - 5:20 am #

I'm French and found your site from links from CNN. What I read about the international poll ("One American's Response") is complete crap. I don't see how one can mix nazis, the Vichy r�gime, muslims and Obama in the same text. I don't even understand the relation one can make with the public image of the USA and WWII described this way. This could not have been a better demonstration of why the USA has a big problem with foreign countries: pre formated view of everything not american. Most of your congressman do not even have a passport while at the same time they decide about US foreign policy with heavy use of the military. I'm pretty sure that I won't loose much if I bet that those that wrote this propaganda never went abroad (but maybe to some holiday resort in Cancun at best). Sure you have to wake up americans: beside death and financial chaos the USA does not actually export much of anything else these last years. If you are in need of historical references, better think about the ancient Rome.
Bernard 10.19.08 - 5:46 am #

god am i sick of the "they hate us for our freedom" line of BS from so-called "patriots". thank god an ever-shrinking percentage of americans actually follow this phony excuse to invade and occupy soverign countries with no connection to about examining your foreign policy, america? how about removing your military bases from saudi arabia? how 'bout not selling arms to dictators? how 'bout conserving energy, leading the charge for alternative fuels? defenders of evil, my ass! you can't police the world while simultaneously trying to be isolationist. you can't lie to the UN, attack the wrong country then expect the world to respect you as "liberators". IMHOthe only thing bush and company wanted to liberate was the oil fields. enough is enough. this is the first time i've voted absentee, and i sincerely hopes it helps tilt the scales state-side.
ex-pat enjoying civilised life 10.19.08 - 5:59 am #

Boy! They really came out of the woodwork for this one. lol
Roger W. Gardner Homepage 10.19.08 - 7:00 am #

It is a strange time now when the world facing obama as a president. No one talks about the election here. I think it is sinking in to our minds that if US get socialistic then all those that thinking of running to US cant do that because it would be as running home, again. I wish I knew what the liberals here are thinking now, do they understand that with a weak US the world is open to any terrorist? They have nothing to fear. Some years ago I saw this video about: Go West... I think we can forget about that now.
Mos 10.19.08 - 7:17 am #

Im from Germany and I also think the US needs a change. Its ridiculous what Sarah Palin says about russia...I mean, she is talking about russia as if it were an enemy...we see russia as a friend...the prime minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi even wants Russia to join the EU. course, those thinks need time and it wont happen today or tomorrow but it will happen some day. In every company people focus on team work, the worl should also focus on team work cuz we have better things to do than fight each other...
Christoph 10.19.08 - 8:33 am #

To Christoph -- Nothing could more clearly exemplify your amorality and weakness than your incredible statement in this comment thread.You see Communist Russia as a friend the same way as you chose to see Nazi Germany as a friend to Vichy France.You are weak and cowardly once again. You are the same people who, to appease your Nazi occupiers, attacked and killed our brave American troops as they landed in Morocco to liberate North Africa as allies of the French.Once again you are exhibiting that same spineless cowardice and I have nothing but contempt for you and your effete nation and your worthless opinions of America.And the same goes for your Euro friends above.
Roger W. Gardner Homepage 10.19.08 - 10:19 am #

Well, of course Euros (what's with the use of 'america' (sic) is so many comments? I thought all you Euros were so smart and correct in just EVERYTHING) don't want to credit America (the US actually - check with the Canadians about THAT, wankers). Modern history has shown most would rather appease than fight. Or as Charles De Gaulle said, "We'll fight shoulder to shoulder with America anytime we're attacked."Tell me, Frenchies, is it true the Champs Elyse is lined with trees so invading armies can march through your city in the shade?I give a rip what you socialist Euros think of our politics. All you can do is wring your limp wrists, and throw your hissy fits that we don't follow you into slavery caused by socialized government control of everything.
Liberty Card
Mike Thayer 10.19.08 - 11:04 am #

Hey Roger, what a rant...*sigh*..I had to lookup so many bad words I didnt know so far. Let me sum up what you wrote. First of all you still see Russia as a communist nation. I really think thats a big mistake not only from you but also from your leadership. Why do you feel so angry about them? Why do you shut the door when Russia wants to build up a new solid relationship with you...for example when they invited you to build up an common rocket base instead of a US rocket base close to the russian border.Ok, what else was in your posting. I am weak...well am I? Im quit fit and healthy. Doing sports every day...I really recommend you to do the same to get your mind free of all that anger..
Christoph 10.19.08 - 11:12 am #

Roger, great job, nothing works as well as having people come to prove your point huh?
Susan Duclos Homepage 10.19.08 - 11:29 am #

I’m from Germany, and its hard to believe that Americans are really THAT stupid as we can see in films like "Stupid white men" ... but, this blog shows, its reality. You have not even a basic historical knowledge; neither have you known anything about ANY Country outside the US... I don’t want to waste my time to discuss with people like you are... but...Pray to "Your" god that YOUR Credit Crisis don’t take anything away you have built up in recent years... btw. in Germany, Europe, and even Russia - the people don’t feel the Crisis such hard... we have Social Systems here that works, we haven’t such hard poverty that you have in your US-ghettos...its ridiculous, your Government claims for them self to be one of the richest in the world... oh yes, and the richest country in the world isn’t able to fed his own people or give them house made of stone like we have here in Europe, which can stand a hurricane? Wake up, America, join the rest of the world, we have entered the year 2008 already, if I read this blog, i feel if its 1970 or so - in the middle of the cold war. Think about it...and face reality. Don’t believe in the lies your government spam all over your country...The only man how is able to rescue your country is Obama, but I believe, in a country like the US, he will be assassinated... its sad, but true, the US isn’t that "dream" many people dreamt to long... it’s a nightmare, today... I know several US-Citizens here in Germany, whose never wants to go back to the US.... why? Why don’t they want to go back to the land "of the free" the great big "rich" USA? I wish you the best and I hope, America wake up, some day...
Leif 10.19.08 - 11:35 am #

Leif, as usual, notice it is people from other countries like yourself that cannot understand Roger's point? Shows the type of mentality you have that you would comment, making sure you prove his point with every word you say.
Susan Duclos Homepage 10.19.08 - 11:37 am #

omg Susan, gimme a break....Rogers Point????!!!Rogers Point is, that Russia is a communist state and he is so aggressive like only an american could be... war war war war....thats america... cheers.
Leif 10.19.08 - 11:43 am #

Susan, what is with my point? Lets discuss about the bankrupt america... a dollar is still a dollar, huh?and rogers point???! mmmh, a man who think russia is still a communist
Leif 10.19.08 - 11:47 am #

Right Susan and Mike. Thanks. Let the French make nice with the new KGB Russian rejuvenated Communist Bear. They make good bedfellows. This is the gratitude we get for saving their sorry asses from both the Nazis and the Soviets. They despise us for that. And I despise them for their cowardice and ingratitude. Now their precious European culture is being swallowed whole by the encroaching Muslim barbarians, and not surprisingly, once again they refuse to join battle with the enemy. But this time we will not save them. They will go the way of Britain and quickly adopt sharia law and quickly alter their national traditions to fit the wishes and desires of their occupiers. Once again they'll probably start hunting down Jews to please their foreign masters.Within one more generation the indignant Euro commenters here will be living in a Muslim dominated Europe, only now its capitol will be in Brussels instead of Vichy.
Roger W. Gardner Homepage 10.19.08 - 11:51 am #

Hi Mike,tell me, where is our government "in control of everything"?Can you make clear points? I really would like to discuss that seriously. If you wanna start a discussion about government control Im definitely up for that.But I would also invite you to visit our beautiful continent so you can have a look about all that government control here. But you should be careful when you drive on a German highway where you can drive without any speed limit just as fast as you want to...and don't miss to visit the netherland where you can smoke the finest dope legally in a coffee shop...yes, government control is really a big problem here in Europe compared to the land of the free...
Christoph 10.19.08 - 11:53 am #

"and don't miss to visit the netherland where you can smoke the finest dope legally in a coffee shop..."THIS is the mentality of our Euro commenter? I think we're wasting our time here. lol
Roger W. Gardner Homepage 10.19.08 - 11:59 am #

Well, Roger, speaking for myself, I don't smoke dope, neither I smoke cigarettes. But we were talking about government control, were we not?
Christoph 10.19.08 - 12:05 pm #

Good bye Christoph.
Roger W. Gardner Homepage 10.19.08 - 12:07 pm #

Roger, you still dont answered my question about the bankrupt America, high poverty, ridiculous Lumber-made Doghouses were people must housing, houses which are blown away year after year by hurricanes... no money to handle this, but money for great defensive shields were nothing is to defend or making wars to search "weapons of mass destruction" in country which have no such weapons…you know the lies, and still believe you government?Please answer to my questions… and to try to hide behind you old paroles….
Leif 10.19.08 - 12:11 pm #

mmh....seems like the wise american guy is out of ammunition, lol. This is normaly the moment, when the typical american starts to call the US Marines to find a solution - no more arguments, than we need an airstrike, (which maybe cost the US-Taxpayers there homes, later, when the Creditmarkt is collapsing in case of to high US-debts, needed for too expensive wars) or not?! lolbye... hope somebody in the US read my words who understand the meaning... and wake up.
Leif 10.19.08 - 1:03 pm #

Geez Roger and Susan! You need to get some raid don't ya? LOL! To bernard, I think it was, about the Nazi,muslim,and Obama in same text... I think my comment was pretty clear on that connection ....... do some research. I am sure that is what all the fuss is all want us to want the muslims' by way of Obama, to take over.....You see how vulnerable we would be with him in office.....and how much weaker our economy would be.
Nicole 10.19.08 - 1:56 pm #

Good bye Christoph, and now hello Leif? Are you sure you're not the same guy? And what happened to Bernard? You certainly all have the same level of idiocy. Do you really think that I am going to continue arguing the merits of America on this thread with idiots? Especially pompous ones who have comical difficulties with the English language?The answer is No. It is a waste of my fingers.I will, however, leave you with this thought. America is your infamous Berlin Wall in reverse. We are facing the very real challenge of having to construct an actual physical wall to keep people from illegally gaining entry into our "bankrupt... high poverty, ridiculous Lumber-made Doghouses".
Thousands of desperate people from all over this world are putting themselves and their families in terrible peril just on the one slim hope of being able to somehow get past our border guards and make it into this terrible country of ours. These people, who are putting their very lives at stake for one small chance to perhaps partake of our great American Dream, are by their actions daily putting the lie to your foolish and venomous leftist propaganda. And you have the nerve to call us ignorant? You have no clue as to what America means to us.
As for those purported American friends of yours living in Germany who will not come back here to States, you are more than welcome to them, I'm sure they will show the same loyalty and gratitude to your country that they have shown to ours.
I refuse to respond to anyone who is lowly enough to use the tragedy of a hurricane to score political points. If I attempted to answer you I would have to succumb to whole host of four-letter words.In short, you are an idiot of the worst kind -- an idiot who thinks they are smart.Roger W. Gardner Homepage 10.19.08 - 2:19 pm #

Europe loves to hate the USA. Until they need us. Old story at a new time in history. Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn what they think of the USA. They do not go to the polls in a US election.Enjoyed the read Roger and I thank you.
Helena ....Helena 10.19.08 - 2:22 pm #

Thank you Helena and Hello.They're easy to argue with. Our truth is so big, and they are so small.
Roger W. Gardner Homepage 10.19.08 - 2:27 pm #

Hi Christoph,You, as so many of you Euros do, assume much. Why would I want to smoke dope, do you really think government enabling you to sink into dope induced euphoria makes you free? BTW can you smoke cigarettes in that bistro?As for hurling down the Autobahn, ever been to Montana? There you can do the same and sip a latte. Can you do that in Germany? Are there no speed limits anywhere in Germany? Can you drive 50 mph in the fast lane on the Autoban?Can you publish cartoons making fun of Muhammad in Holland?Who is this guy and what's his story? you have all these things that you say are superior to the US, why do you care who we elect president? Shouldn't we be free to elect who we want without having to please folks who think smoking dope equals freedom? BTW I hear the Danes are quite keen on letting old men bugger little boys, is that what you mean by freedom?Cheers (a world traveler without a passport),
Liberty Card
Mike Thayer 10.19.08 - 2:34 pm #

Hey Helena, great to see you here!!!!!! (waving madly) heh
Susan Duclos Homepage 10.19.08 - 2:35 pm #

lol, Mr. Gardner, a last word from me:(No, I'm not Christoph, but its ok, we know here in Europe that americans are mostly a little bit paranoid)Be asured, we dont need your "liberation" troops in europe again...the last time they was here, they killed so many people, bombed down whole germany and burned down buildings which stand here long time before the US was founded... you sounds like an US Gerneral at war...aggressive, full of hate, on his search for the next target to destroy.... you dont know how to discuss. And so, Im finish here. Discuss your hate into your country, we discuss our new world order in Russia, Europe and the rest of the world. The US cant stopp the European Union enlargement - the REAl land of the free... with real democratic free polls, not like yours in the US with 2 electors from each state - how ridiculous is that, please? In Europe , the people vote teir goverment - not corrupt electors...Bye, I dont want to waste my time with somebody like you...and @ Helena: Nobody said that we hate the US... every 6th american has german roots, how could we hate you? And more than the half of yours have any other european roots, so, please, to speak in terms of hate is your typical american language - we only have sorrows, that the freedom in the US is gone and Europe, Japan and Russia are the only left real free, democratic countrys now. Thats all. Why you dont take the next airplane to moscow and make holiday there? Its one of the richest cities in the world now, with more billionaires than anywhere else...and you say, thats communism???
Leif 10.19.08 - 2:55 pm #

What a lovely way to put it Helena!LOL! Roger they are like jealous little brothers that want to see the successful older "golden brother" brought down a notch or two. Despite the fact we have always acted like a good brother and were never snobs to them. Well, you get what I mean. Right now all I want to do is save the good ole U.S. of A.!!!! McCain/Palin is the only way!!!!!Nicole 10.19.08 - 4:49 pm #

Leif the moonbat troll? Is that what we have here?
Snooper Homepage 10.19.08 - 4:55 pm #

Hy Snooper! How are you? Yes, we've just been infested. I've been swatting them with my Euro fly swatter. lol
Roger W. Gardner Homepage 10.19.08 - 5:09 pm #

Where did they all go? Looks like they took their licks, declared us unworthy of their sophisticated snobbery and went home....or maybe to dkos, moveon and the d.emocrat u.nderground m.essage b.oard where their American fellow travelrs hang out...
Mike Thayer 10.19.08 - 6:13 pm #

Hey Mike I could write in a bad accent and we could continue the fight! LOL! Obamabots are sooooo predictable! Noticed that most of the news is talking about McCain gaining and Obalahblah loosing....I guess that's what started it.
Nicole 10.19.08 - 6:17 pm #

That could be fun - mispell our words, pretend that Islam isn't sweeping Europe, and claim that smokin' dope, euthanasing old people and marrying children makes one free.Who needs them? We heard this crap and already smacked them hard back in the GOP days, didn't we?Mike Thayer 10.19.08 - 6:23 pm #


  1. Maybe some of these commenters would like the U.S. more if the U.S. withdrew all aid and funding from outside of their country.

    As for Russia and Germany being friends.....seems to me the last time Russia and Germany signed a treaty, they back stabbed each other and went to war.

  2. As an American who has spent 8 years of his life in Europe (Italy-Germany) and goes back on a regular basis because I love both countries, I have found that Europeans have a very superficial image of what America is all about. When I was in Germany this year, everyone was following the elctions and everybody was talking about Obama. They hardly knew who John McCain was.

    I don't think most Europeans are anti-American, but they are defineitely anti-Bush. Why?

    In my view, Bush has forced the Europeans to face some hard questions about the world as it is today. It is true that Europe is pacifistic due to its history. In the past century, they endured tow devastating wars-especially ww2. It seems the lesson they took away is no more war. No more hate. That is commendable, but there is another lesson out there that is staring them in the face. That is the lesson of Munich 1938 when Neville Chamberlain and the French threw Czechoslovavia overboard in the interests of peace. They thought they could deal with Hitler. They thought they could moderate him-if they just gave him what he wanted this time.

    They were so wrong.

    It is the same now. Europeans are afraid to confront Islamic radicalism even as it is festering and growing in their own countries.
    They think they can deal with the so-called "moderate Muslims".

    They are so wrong again.

    Personally, I believe that whether Obama, the Democrats and the Europeans want to fight another war on a world-wide scale, we will all have no choice in the end-unless we are willing to submit and allow Islam to become our state religion someday.

    That is not the kind of freedom our fathers and grandfathers fought to protect.

  3. Europeans forget that twice the last century Americans bled and died for their freedom. They also forget that thousands of Americans and their families spent years defending their nations against the agression (yes agression) of the USSR.

    The German and French commenters praise their Nanny state without realizing the economic costs that go with it. They have their special groups and are losing their freedoms.

    Next time they are on their own. Russia is making noises about a new Russian Empire and let them have it. We won't come to their aid. We've shed enough of our blood for those ungrateful bastards. Let them lose their freedom and see how hard it will be for them to regain it by themselves.