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Breaking Story: "Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald Could Indeed Send Barack Obama to Jail"

URGENT: Big story about to break, we are one step closer to Rezko giving Obama up to federal prosecutors

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Oct 10, '08
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The Sun Times today gave a major clue that Barack Obama will indeed go down with Tony Rezko, sooner rather than later. It looks as though Rezko is about to turn on Alexi Giannoulias, the 30-year old State Treasurer of Illinois (who was elected only because Obama backed him).

Here’s where all the clues are…and then we’ll walk you through the local Chicago politics on how today’s hint by the Sun Times has us convinced, for the first time ever, that prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald could indeed send Barack Obama to jail.
We need to repeat that: we never believed, until now, that Obama would go to jail for anything related to Rezko. Today, this breaking news about what Rezko is singing to the Feds about makes us reconsider all of that.
Barack Obama will serve a prison sentence in the next few years — because knowing Fitzgerald, there is no reason he would be going through all of this if that was not the targeted goal in the long term.

(1) Michael Sneed in her Sun Times column 10/10/08 had the following tidbit:
Sneed hears rumbles political fund-raiser/fixer Tony Rezko, who is now singing sweetly to the feds from his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, has been talking about his “dealings” with a Chicago bank, which has political connections.

(2) We just spoke with someone well-connected in Chicago politics who told us that the bank Sneed is talking about has to be Broadway Bank, which is owned by the politically-connected Giannoulias family. We were told that Sneed’s column confirms rumblings people we know heard independently that Tony Rezko is giving up the Giannoulias family to Patrick Fitzgerald — Rezko and the Giannoulias family are as close and tied together as anyone in Chicago could be. If Rezko is turning on them, then Rezko is going to give up Governor Rod Blagojevich and Obama too.
We don’t want to end up in cement shoes for implying anything here, but if you live in Chicago for any length of time, you hear rumors about Broadway Bank, the Giannoulias family, and insert Tony Soprano references here. Kapeech?

(3) So, Rezko is singing about the Giannoulias family and its longtime “business dealings” in Chicago, which would interest someone like Fitzgerald and the Justice Department, who have had a long ambition to crack Soprano-style business dealings in Chicago (the city known for Al Capone hasn’t changed much, really). The next plate to drop in this will be Fitzgerald then leaning on the Giannoulias family to give up someone bigger than them, who Fitzgerald once discussed in terms of hoping “he has the morals to do the right thing”, to paraphrase. We now believe that person Fitz was talking about is Barack Obama.

(4) The Giannoulias family was involved with Obama as far back as his first state senate campaign in 1996. It has been long rumored here in Chicago that Obama obtained a sweetheart deal on his first town home here in Chicago — which he could not have afforded otherwise — and guess who the financing came from for that house? We’ve been told it was Broadway Bank, the Giannoulias bank. Now, this sets up a scenario where the Giannoulias family helps Obama with his campaign finances and gets him deeper in their pocket with his sweetheart mortgage deal (for the first home he owned that he could not afford) – all in exchange for quid pro quo to be determined later.

(5) One favor political Chicago claims Obama did for the Giannoulias family was in 2006 when, out of the blue, 29 year old Alexi Giannoulias, with no experience, and without ever having voted before, decides to run for State Treasurer of Illinois. Also out of the blue, Barack Obama endorses Alexi Giannoulias for State Treasurer. This was a SHOCK to everyone in Chicago — and Giannoulias would have never become State Treasurer without Obama’s help. In political circles here, it has always been believed that this endorsement was bought years ago with that sweetheart mortgage deal Broadway Bank arranged for Obama to buy his town house.

(6) So, the Tony Rezko sweetheart deal was not the first magic home loan Obama ever received to buy a house he could not afford.
There’s more to this that looks like it will break soon. We were STUNNED when we read Sneed’s column because we never in a million years believed Fitz would actually be able to take down Obama.
We do not believe this will come out before the election, however, but we do believe Fitzgerald will continue his prosecution to the highest level, because that is what he does. Jean Valjean got off easy, compared to what it’s like to be in the crosshairs of perhaps the greatest prosecutor this nation has had in a generation. Patrick Fitzgerald is a force of nature.

Sneed’s clue can only mean Broadway Bank…we’ve now heard this from several people in Chicago. And Broadway Bank can only mean Giannoulias. And Giannoulias leads to Obama through that town house home loan and the quid pro quo political endorsement several years later. And that home loan ties back to Rezko, in that it was the first of two shady home buys Obama made with quid pro quos attached to them.

Just thinking that last paragraph out, Obama’s defense in the Rezko business was that he never did anything for Rezko so there was no quid pro quo. What the Giannoulias and Broadway Bank stuff proves is that Obama sits in people’s pockets for a while before the favor is given. He bought that town house sometime between 1997-2000 or so, since he lived there for a few years before trading up to the Obama Mansion with Rezko’s help in 2005, after he was in the United States Senate. And it looks like the payback was not given to the Giannoulias family until 2006, with Obama’s endorsement of Alexi Giannoulias for State Treasurer.

This all stems from Sneed’s clue in today’s Sun Times. She says to stay tuned for more, so please do that.

Postscript: For a superb clarification of this case read Puma Pundit


  1. I wrote a little about something else myself along these lines and was just going to write about Rezko also.

    It seems as though there are going to be RICO violations filed either Sunday or Monday/

    About halfway down right above the picture.

  2. I've been puzzling over this since I first checked it out a few days ago, and, again, while I desperately want it to be true, some things are not adding up for me.

    1) I read a post on the hillbuzz site where this story was reported that said Obama's home loan was not from Broadway bank. First things first, we need to be sure of that before we start speculating. Anybody KNOW? (Remember, I'm sympathetic, but I think Obama and la cosa nostra are slick enough to bury most of these things, if they've happened).

    2) How exactly does and Obama-Giannoulias connection imply some connection with Rezko? I know Rezko was tied to Obama--but Obama had already funneled construction contracts etc. to him.

    Yes, It would obviously be nice for Rezko and pals to have Giannoulias at Treasury. No, that does not prove anything shady in Obama supporting him. As another skeptic wrote at hillbuzz, "Campaigning is not a crime."

    Indeed. But maybe there IS a crime involved. Does anybody KNOW what it might be? I don't. So let's hear it! (Please! Let us "hope"!).

    3) The political dynamics are unclear to me. Some say Rezko is just stalling to get a pardon from chancellor Obama. Unlikely--Barry would find it hard to get away with that.

    Others say Fitz has to hurry it up, else he'll be promptly relocated to Pluto once the dear leader is elected. That is extremely likely. So, if it's true that Fitz has Obama in the crosshairs, this dynamic bodes well.

    But--this is just an innocent question--is Fitz an Obama guy? I get the impression that he's a seriously determined prosecutor, but it's worth while to wonder if he's as willing to go after Barry as he was to go after Rove.

    So, in sum: we need to know where the loan came from and for which house; we need to know what laws we are suspecting have been broken; and we need to be reasonably sure that Rezko and Fitz are amply incentivized to give up and go after Barry, respectively.

    Final thought: SHAME on the media. Troopergate was the biggest pseudo-event of the year, all facilitated by the light shone, incessantly, by the media. They speculated. They talked to people who speculated. The tried Palin in the court of public opinion.

    But Rezko? The CHICAGO machine for crying out loud? Nothing. Not a peep. Not even on Fox. I assure you, if the media shined their lights on this, it would get moving.

    I have no suggestions. I'm just friggin angry.

    Have a good one you guys,


  3. I do have to say that the Rezko, Obama and Broadway Bank (Giannoulias Family) has a most interesting twist. As well as, including the son of Giannoulias subsequently runs for State Treasurer of IL with no experience is sponsored by USA senator Obama. All of this is well worth a detailed investigation. And if all this info came out in the MSM it just might sway many independents to vote for McCain.

    Imagine if Obama is elected president and then this stuff comes out and even a trial occurs with a conviction. It would be a huge embarrassment for America. And then were stuck with Biden as our president who will be just a bad as an Obama Administration.

    I'm hoping the MSM gets ahold of this like they are beginning to finally report on things like Ayers, ACORN, etc. And this is a final straw which makes Obama lose the election. Anything to keep Obama out of the Office of the Presidency is fine with me. But, moreso, the American people have the right to know about Obama and his shadey past dealings. So, the people can make an informative decision.

    If the MSM hold back on reporting these accusations. And then it's ascertain to have some or all truth to it. It will make the MSM look even worse and their rating will drop significantly. Therefore, I think the MSM will no longer be able to hold back and protect Obama any longer. Since as a business the bottom line is what counts and the MSM cannot afford to lose anymore credibility. One can hope and pray for this. I'm a firm believer that goodness and honest no matter how grime it looks always comes forth and prevails at some point. Just at what juncture will the turth and honest comeforth, is the question.

  4. It is so tedious to go through all these things.
    Every day I see more.
    Every day I read more.
    Every day I hear more.
    Every day I accumulate more.
    ...more of the same old crap that Obama is this or Obama is that.
    I know and you know that Obama is a slick criminal, the devil in disguise, a Marxist, a socialist, an anti-Christ, an anti-American, and the list goes on!
    I'm sure that between us all we must have thousands of pages of incrimanting evidence that Obama is a crook. We should package them all up and send them to the judge. And after the judge gets by the first sentence, "Obama is a crook.", lock him up and throw away the key somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Give Machelle Obama some scuba gear to search for the key and if perchance she finds it parole Obama to the city of Chicago to be emplyed as dog catcher.

  5. You guys might want to check this out:

    This whole story genuinely reeks to high heaven (then again, we smelled the stench when we first found out about Rezko. Seriously--how is it that everyone who did business with the guy is a corrupt bastard...but Obama, our sweet little bambi, just happened to be the lone innocent?).

    Tucker Bounds is on Fox right now making a superb argument, that will never be heard: "You don't think that having an Obama supporter run the Troopergate case is a problem? Fine, then let the McCain campaign lawyers run the Rezko investigation." Precisely.

    We are a very sick country right now, I'm afriad to say. It feels in some ways, what with the crisis of faith in both the political and economic systems, as if we've been incubating unknowingly a deep malaise, and have finally broken out in a sweaty, hallucinatory fever. It goes from top to bottom--we got used to luxury on the cheap, wars without casualties, victories without effort, rhetoric without matching deeds, ethical relativism, the noxious fractiousness of groupist multiculturalism, and the most dangerous idea known to man: There IS a free lunch.

    Pardon my punditry, but Obama symbolizes the ultimate free lunch. All that you want, you shall have. All that he can seem, he shall be. No cost. All things at once. Sea levels. Enemies destroyed by jawboning. Prosperity assured by socialist bloat. And so forth. To use one of the postmodernists favorite terms, he is the ultimate "simulacrum."

    In any case, when Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter and Tina Fey's impressions of Palin herself get more press than extremely important questions about the corruption of one of our presidential candidates, we are in a bad way indeed.

    Be all of that as it may, Giannoulias is toast. He let Rezko run up a 450,000 dollar gambling debt on his Broadway account; and he loaned millions of dollars to a convicted gangster nick-named "Jaws." Um, swell.

    And the more you think about it, the more it is clear that these guys--Giannoulias and Obama--had (and have) no business being political allies. Almost every important Democrat in Illinois refused to support Giannoulias. Apparently, it is part of the public understanding in Chicago that the reason he got his seat was Obama's support.

    So one clear question is: What the hell were these guys doing together? That alone is enough for the MSM to give this some noise.

    Another thing: it does appear that Obama had campaign funds in Broadway bank, and maybe got loans from the bank as well. I'm unclear about this, and our intrepid investigators need to get clear and POST IT. Time is short.

    So, fellas, for what it's worth, I'm a skeptical fellow myself and this story seems to have teeth (or, at least, it's teething).

    Anonymous ultimately has the right idea. Regardless of if we are barking up a bare tree, this is a vetting process that our democracy requires. If Obama wins, with all of this stuff tested in the public mind, then fine. I loathe the outcome, yet we make our bad decision with the necessary info. To elect this guy on the basis of nothing but oratory, celebrity, and unfocused faith and rage is, as Obama like to say in his sanctimonious way, "ridiculous."

    The MSM will never live this down. The shame...


  6. "I'm hoping the MSM gets ahold of this like they are beginning to finally report on things like Ayers, ACORN, etc..."
    Anonymous baits the comment, "If dreams were horses, beggars would ride."
    Relying on MSM to come clean now would be more than a dream. How much coverage was the apprehending in Kenya of Corsi was 'permitted'?
    I pray - deeply pray - that stories like this get fully vetted and the delivery is sharp, fast and decisive - with a little 'stick-um' so it stays on the walls.
    The American voter has the attention span of an ant.

  7. Great report. I have put up my own post and linked this article. Also passed it to red county blog (Orange Co, Ca)

    gary fouse

  8. Good work Roger! Glad you made the Chicago Sun Times with this!

  9. Roger, Keeping the doubt fresh is valuable. My conceern is that we don't see the scoop "scuppered".
    When in our history have we ever seen such contempt for the truth? I can't think of it.
    Thomas Dewey might have taken Roosevelt's last term election, but for honorably supressing infnormation that effected the War.
    Have you heard some people say, "I'm just so bored with it all." I have. It disgusts me.
    I'm inclined to think Rezko expects an immediate pardon from Baraq anyway. Hell, he's already convicted. That can't be overturned without appeal.
    (Not that I'm all that a disciple of Jerome Corsi, but he's been out of Kenya two days and only World Net Daily has carried the story.)

  10. I think that Rezko has more than this on Obama and wants a real deal. Maybe even Fed Protection Program for him and his family.

  11. updates please.
    i been hoping for any news on this topic.
    please write something about where this news story stands.
    thank you.

  12. I just HOPE that he can do it FAST before the Nov 4 Election as it will NEVER happen once and IF He gets elected.. There is a GOd looking out for us after all.. Sorry Mooselinks it ain't mehammad!