Wednesday, October 15, 2008

America's Bright Future: We Are Strong and Getting Stronger

Hope Personified

What was the purpose of this presidential debate?
Cross posted from Deb Hamilton's Right Truth

After watching the debate tonight between Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama, I wondered just who this debate was for? Certainly this was not intended for Obama's supporters, they are hardcore behind him. If this little face-to-face was for the moderates and independents, or the former Hillary supporters, surely they have already made up their minds and nothing said tonight swayed their votes.

That only leaves the 'undecided' voters to entice and if any eligible American voter is undecided at this late date, I have to question their intelligence. Early voting started today, people are already casting their votes. Come on, people know who they are going to vote for.

How did John McCain do tonight? The answer lies in the battle of the metaphors: "McCain got to the plate, but didn't hit a home run." "McCain kept jabbing, but landed no punches." "McCain took the fight to Obama, but he didn't follow through."

John McCain did better in this debate than he has done in any other. At least he brought up some questions about Obama's past, his allies, his plan to increase government, tax everybody to death, hand out taxpayers money (spread the wealth) to those who don't pay taxes and others, and McCain even told Obama he was not George W. Bush.

I have three questions that no polling has been done on: One, how many McCain voters are casting a vote FOR McCain? Two, how many McCain voters are casting votes for Gov. Sarah Palin? Three, how many McCain voters are casting votes AGAINST Obama?

If Barack Obama wins this election, which is still not a certainty by any means, or even if McCain wins, I believe this will be the beginning of a new, strong, growing Conservative movement gathered behind folks like Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, and many others who have risen to the top during this 2008 election process.

It takes time for the cream to rise to the top -- that time begins now !


A note from Radarsite: Wow! This is such a heartening article. Thank you Debbie. What a bright and optimistic vision. And it's something that makes sense. More than anything I've read lately, this gives us some real solid hope for the future. For those of us who work full time on these issues, this has been a grueling and at times disheartening journey. There have been times when our future really has seemed bleak, as though this great nation of ours is determined to self-destruct.
But with this short essay of yours you have reignited the flame. More than at any time in recent history this fateful election has brought us American conservatives together. We have become centered and focused. We have become aware of ourselves and our mission. We believe in our mission. We are not "right-wingers", as some liberals would have people believe, we are simply patriotic Americans who refuse to surrender all that is fine and good about our great country to those who despise this nation and everything it stands for.

Do the leftists really believe that if their slippery candidate actually wins this election we are just going to go away? Hell no! If anything we will be more vocal, more inspired and more focused. We will be the relentless conscience of America. We will be watching their every move and reporting on it truthfully. And in the process we will be getting stronger and stronger.

We have bemoaned the absence of real leaders coming out of these elections, but we have forgotten our Sarah Palins and Bobby Jindals, and a whole host of other true American patriots we still have to rally around. Your wonderful post has reinvigorated my flagging spirits. I truly believe that there is still hope out there for us and for our great country.

We have clearly defined ourselves in this great battle. We are the moral opposition. We are beyond the confines of labels, beyond the confines of words like Republican or Conservative. We have defined ourselves by our united opposition to those who would change the whole character and purpose of America. We have defined ourselves by our moral standards. Rock-solid moral standards steeped in our great Judeo/Christian traditions. We oppose changing our whole value system just to accommodate the amorality of small militant groups of vocal minorities. We will not allow our cherished Judeo/Christian values to be expunged from our schools and our civic life: these are the values we live by. We will not embrace the latest redefinitions of marriage or families to suit the needs of those few for whom fairness and tolerance just aren't enough. We will not allow our schools to become breeding grounds for little amoral leftists. We will not allow homosexuals, lesbians or transgenders to change our social structure to suit their agenda. We will not allow them to advocate or promote these alternative lifestyles to our children in our schools. We believe that they must accommodate themselves to our traditional values, not the other way around.

We will not allow America to become a Socialistic Welfare state. We will not allow illegal aliens to subsume our American culture into theirs. We will not allow the naked evil of Islam to take over our country and we will fight them tooth and nail at every turn.

In short, we have become aware of ourselves and of our shared morality. And the left hates us for this. And their hatred gives us strength. Despite their ludicrous claims of patriotism, we see them for the devious hypocrites that they are. We truly do love America, we love her for what she is now and for what she always has been. We will apologize to no one, to no country, or group of countries for our integrity and our success.

Thank you again Debbie for this wonderful rallying cry. The more the American people begin to understand what the alternatives are, the stronger we will become

God bless America. - rg.


  1. I trust you longtime conservatives will not mind if we longtime Dem liberals tag along, not only for this election but many others to come, at all levels of government. You asked if we were voting for McCain, or for Palin, or against Obama. Well, what about all three? Please understand that if we did not feel McCain and/or Palin earned our vote - BUT we would not vote for BHO under any circumstances - then the chances are we would not vote at all. So...if we are voting McCain, know it is because we trust him to be our CIC.

    I know quite a few former Hillary supporters like myself who now will NOT vote for Hillary in 2012 (if such a possibility arises) because we felt she knew about the skeletons in BHO's closet ("You KNOW he isn't electable!") but did not speak out, save for a fleeting reference to Ayers. Or perhaps it was Rezko. And in any event, that reference again was so fleeting it didn't even register on most voters' radar.

    The suspension of Hillary's campaign in June, coupled with the Dem Party's abyssmal sexism, forced me and many others to truly evaluate McCain's platform rather than casting a "hold your nose" vote. And to our great surprise - or mine at least:) - we/I found that we had much more in common, ideologically, with McCain than with Hillary Clinton (BHO is not even in the equation...)

    We former Dems are in this for the long haul, just as you are. As I said, hope you won't mind if we tag along while regaining our bearings:)

  2. To DM -- Mind? Are you kidding? We love you! And we need each other.

  3. Tonight Obama lost badly. He was on the defense all night, he had no response to many questions. And I never heard more uhms and gawfs from Obama before. I just pray to God that this will be enough to win the election.

  4. Wow, that's so encouraging reading denise-marys' comment, please let there be many many more like her around.
    We're counting on all you lovely Americans to lead the way!

  5. Thanks Roger. It is people like Denise-Mary, who have come to realize that Democrats do not have their best interests at heart. Goot for her.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  6. Democrats used to be slightly left of the center; now so many are so far left, they've fallen into the gutter. It is nice to know that many democrats do not want to follow into the gutter with the imbeciles that are spewing their garbage. Obama is a hard-core socialist and the reason he can apparently, look cool and calm, is the same reason he can so easily vote for late-term abortion and infanticide. Even pro-choice supporters find late-term abortion and infanticide despicable.