Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Liberal Vision of America: Still Shocking After All These Years.

A note from Radarsite: You would think that after having been writing about this election and about the liberal's view of America for so long that I would be used to it by now. But I'm not. I'm still capable of shock. Still capable of disbelief and outrage. The video below was taken from a relatively new liberal website. I will not do them the service of naming them. This certainly isn't the most despicable video I've ever seen -- after all, I've watched the Berg beheading video from beginning to end. But somehow this one's worse. The Berg beheading video was presumably made by our sworn enemies in this Islamic war against the West. It was made by our enemies to bolster their strength and to intimidate their enemies. It is horrific and it is supposed to be horrific.

But this video, this well-made video, with all the bells and whistles, wasn't made by al Qaeda, or even by some anti-Americanist foreigners. It was evidently made by Americans for Americans. It was proudly presented as a pro-American statement. This, they are saying, is what's wrong with America. This is why Americans should be ashamed to wake up in the morning. This is why we must elect an Obama. To send the message to the world that we recognize our monumental guilt and that we want to make amends.

I am still incapable of comprehending how an American born and brought up in America could see America this way, could hate America this much. They justify their treachery by claiming that they are separating out Bush and Cheney and Haliburton and the war in Iraq from America itself -- a little like saying that they are against the war but support the troops. Or perhaps a little bit like saying, they love their parents but that their parents are murderers and thieves.

Has our leftist anti-Americanist post hippie academia really succeeded this well? Have they really indoctrinated this hate-filled self-loathing generation of Americans this thoroughly? And the answer it seems must be, Yes.

Why is this still such a shock to me? Why is it still a shock to me that so many Americans could be so wrong? So inexplicably wrong about the nation that nurtured and protected them and saved them from the miseries that confront so many wretched peoples of this world? What other country should we be more like? Where would they have rather been born?

I know, it's useless. It's futile to argue with them. They are convinced. They have seen the light. This is why they are proudly producing videos such as this one. This is why they will be proudly voting for Obama. And, to be truthful, somehow, down deep inside, we know that it is we who are ultimately to blame for this travesty of truth. Somehow we allowed this to happen. Were we just not paying attention? Were we just too busy to see what are children were learning? Were we just watching too much TV?

If in one more week Barack Hussein Obama wins the Presidency of the United States the people who made this video we feel vindicated. They will have won, and their despicable vision of America will prevail. And then God Save America. -rg


"Here is a video that one of our group just made. "


  1. Tell you what. Let's bring all of our armed forces home - from wherever in this world they are presently serving. And let's have our military protect and defend America's borders, exclusively. Not one single courageous American military person anyone else in the world, save for here in America.

    And then let's see just how long it takes these misguided idiots to put out another video, with similar footage. Only this time the images will be far, far worse.

    If, indeed, they even HAVE the freedom to produce another video.

    Freedom exists in so many other nations BECAUSE OF THE AMERICAN MILITARY, not in spite of it.

    And frankly, if other nations are not willing to make the sacrifices for freedom that our own armed forces have, then those nations do not deserve to have it.

  2. well said denise-mary. I, too, watched the video and for these scum to show the bullet ridden bodies of Iraqi civilians who died AT THE HANDS OF AL QAEDA and insinuate it was done by American troops infuriates me.

    I'd like to find the person who made this video and no, I won't pummel him but I would like to escort him/her to Iraq, drop him off outside of Baghdad, perhaps in Diyala province on a lonely road and see just how long this putz will take to be crying like a baby for the U.S. Marines or Blackwater to come save his pitiful pink code ass.

  3. "Let it approach, let the plan of the Holy One of Israel come, so we may know it.

    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,
    who put darkness for light and light for darkness,
    who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.
    Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight." Isaiah 5:19-21

    The author/s of this video see the world through their own eyes, and they see only what they want to see.

  4. That would be great Denise Mary. Another great scenario is that the men and women of our armed services decide NOT to re enlist after the dems cut millitary budgets- leaving them short on the resourses they need while they are in harms way- and they get fed up because they cant count on half their own country men and goverment to stand behind them (code pink type nastiness). Fast forward to Joe Bidens prediction of attack becomming reality, and then what? Oh, I dont know... DRAFT! It's just too darn bad that the draft cant tell the difference between anti war liberals and socialists, and gun toting, 2nd ammendment loving conservatives. Problem solved! All our libs run to Canada, and we start over!

  5. Sadly, Roger, although this is nothing short of despicable, it is what it is, and it's hanging out there boldly for all the world to see. Sometimes, it's not hard to see why someone standing on the outside looking in might feel an overwhelming urge to exterminate us from the planet. Like cleaning the gene pool; what kind of defect must be hardwired into our DNA that could induce our progeny to mock... denigrate... destroy that which has been held so proudly for over 200 years, for which men have laid down their lives - first to earn and then to protect - that enduring legacy to be passed from generation to generation: Freedom from fear and tyranny, justice binding us one to another in equality and fairness, liberty as a refuge from oppression, pursuit of The American Dream - and more importantly, what is wrong with us for condoning it? History and civics lessons are no longer vital parts of our school curriculum; observances at Memorial day or Veterans Day are just "time off" from the daily grind and not an appreciation for the sacred gifts of the past; community and social values and simple respect have been replaced by a "ME" culture; and money not only buys happiness but the Office of the President.

    These things have little shock value to me in my "old age." I have survived being shoved to the periphery of my own life; staring in horror, paralyzed as though my inner being were clenched within a fist of doom; relegated to depths of unconditional condemnation and expected never to return: I have survived the machinations of Child Protective Services.

    However, these attacks from within disturb me greatly. The messages and images blazing across the ether in a virtual firestorm give us a brief glimpse into how deeply certain segments of our population have been permeated by this cult of "change" - the most vulnerable segments, of course. They project not confidence, rather something of a mass hysteria. They do not glide with the graceful fluidity and controlled mechanics of Sandy Koufax, but with the fury of an addict thrashing in the throes of a hallucinogen-induced psychotic episode. Stepping back to watch, one cannot help but imagine they have descended the evolutionary ladder and reside on the level of poop-flinging monkeys.

    The REAL shock hits you when you realize that these are the idiots who will be running the country in the next generation; if it even exists then, thanks to their oh-so-courageous efforts of today. I once again feel clawing inside my chest, and I am frightened - not for myself but for my own children.

    Inextricably drawn by the silky caresses of an arousing voice out of the darkness, promises of hope and change enticing them into the fold, they will gather eagerly at the feet of their leader, a hunger deep inside that they can neither explain nor satisfy. With a cry for "change," they will cast aside their cloaks, forsaking protection from the elements. Soon, huddled en masse against the cold, naked and shivering, perpetually waiting for a future they see too late can never be, at the point of a sword they will understand and lament the loss of that which had been lovingly bestowed upon them by their fathers, tear-stained cheeks lifted humbly to beg the Father's forgiveness.