Monday, October 13, 2008

The Muslim Invasion of America: NYC Islamists Day Parade Gets Ugly

Note latest update at end of article:
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A note from Radarsite: Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs has just posted what may well be the most disturbing article you have ever seen on the Muslim invasion of America. These breathtaking videos and the accompanying photos are a must-see for all those Americans out there who still find it difficult to believe that we are really at war with Islam, and that this war has now found its way onto our shores. I challenge anyone to read this full post, watch these videos, see these photos, and still deny the existential threat Islam poses to the United States. The Islamic hatred and venom are palpable in this volatile atmosphere. The blind fanatical intolerance and visceral antisemitism is shocking. But even more shocking are the amoral inaction -- even the enthusiastic participation -- of our own NYPD in these outrageous demonstrations.

No longer can we look askance across the sea at our beleaguered British cousins who have tossed their sacred birthrights down the sewer and ask them how? How could you have let this happen? How could you have given up your own country to these medieval barbarians? How could you have embraced brutal sharia law and all of the backward wickedness that it exemplifies?

We have our answers now. This is how it's done. This is all it takes.

And, God help us, there are still those amongst us who will not -- dare not acknowledge this threat. Even now. Even after this.

Thank you Pamela Geller. - rg

Islamists Day Parade Gets Ugly
Sunday, October 12, 2008

UPDATE 4:01 am: An important middle of night observation, the rules are changing.
First, the difference between the fighters for free world over in Europe who get attacked, harassed, berated and in some cases physically beaten and us (in America) is law enforcement. The police in the US do their job. Magnificently. What was striking today was, for the first time since I began covering these demonstrations (three years and counting), an agitator was allowed behind our barrier and permitted to harass the patriots (as seen in the video). Later on, when a Muslim was filming on our side of the barrier in our designated area, screaming allahu akbar, I asked the cop why he was permitted to agitate where we had secured the space with a permit, she replied, "he's allowed on the sidewalk".

Also, it's noteworthy the policemen in uniform dropped to their knees and prayed on Madison Avenue while on duty (see pics). They removed their hats and shoes to pray. Now look, on their own time they can do what they want. But that is unacceptable. I am sure that shiz would not fly if it were a Christian, Jew, Jehovah, wiccan, pagan ...... bottom line seperation of church and state.

It is disturbing to think that the thin blue line is being erased and we only need to look across the pond to see the dark future.

I have been covering these things for three years now and as I have recently said, there has been a palpable change. It is getting uglier, more aggressive - violent even .Today was no different.The parade was much smaller this year and there were a couple of American flags, most unusual. This is calculated. They do not want to hurt their candidate, Obama, in any way.
At first, I couldn't find the parade - went to Madison and there was nothing there but I heard a lot of parade noise on 5th Avenue so I walked down and there was this jubilant celebration. Shiny happy people in a sea of America flags - dancing and I'm like, this can't be it - and it wasn't. It was the Hispanic Day Parade. What a difference. A sea of colors and smiles - not the parade I was looking for.
I made my way back to Madison and found what I was looking for. I have a lot of coverage so you will have to click on the link on the bottom of this post. I do not want to slow down the load of this page any more than I have to.The video must be watch. There is a very nasty incident recorded when the Muslims came over to our side (behind our barrier despite our permit) and began to proselytize - it got ugly.

Watch it

[click below to watch video]
UPDATE: The Jewess in the video that went one on one with the hostile Muslims wrote this bakcgrounder:
[click below to watch video]
The goon you'll see in the video attacking me was on the other end of a rather simple question from me. Why was I given the apes and pigs rap. He gave me a vague answer. That led to another simple question from me. Does Israel have a right to exist? He started in on a history lesson. Was I familiar with Balfour, Rothschild. His eyes were dripping blood. Rothschild, he told me, was a Zionist not a Jew. I'm both, I told him. Zionist, Jewish and proud as hell. Then Atlas, a hero of mine, showed up with the camera and she takes it from there. She always has my back. As I was being led away by the police the goon on the left told me he will rape me 50 times so I remain nameless. Proud, Jewish and nameless.

See the rest of this disturbing report with incredible pictures at Atlas Shrugs


Update: A redacted copy of Radarsite's complaint to the NYPD:

Name of Fields
Roger W
Muslim Day Parade
Officers seen praying in Muslim street parade
Dear Sirs. I am the owner/editor of a political website, Radarsite. This is a question related to an article I just posted, following up an article by Atlas Shrugs on the Muslim parade event that took place recntly in your city[see info below]. Are these pictures valid. They show uniformed NYPD officers participating in this troubling event and actually on their knees praying to Allah. One of these policemen [pictured] appears to have the rank of "Inspector".
These pictures and the accompanying videos have been very upsetting to many of my readers all over the country. I am a relatively small site, averaging around 3-4,000 readers per day -- although last week I had 10,765 readers on Thursday alone. I also send my articles out to many other venues, and I have had 44 of my articles published by the Chicago Sun Times, as well as being published in other mains stream media. To me and to my readers these images of NYPD officers actually taking part in such an anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, and overtly anti-American event is deeply disturbing. Does this behavior reflect NYPD protocol? Are these officers on duty? And if they are off duty, why are they in uniform? This story is much larger than just NYC and the NYPD. If you wish to respond to these reasonable questions, I will be happy to post your responses in an update to this article. Till then, I can only assume that you approve of these outrageous actions by some members of your NYPD.
Thank you, Roger W. Gardner

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  1. That video tape made me want to vomit. I cannot believe that police officers while in inform stopped to pray. First of all no police agency would permit an officer to use their uniform in which it promotes a particular religion, organization or entity....a law called the Hatch Law was instilled so people of uniform...i.e., police and military cannot be in uniform when at a particular event. So, it doesn't represent the agency is showing favoritism. Just look at the BS Lee County, Florida, Sheriff is enduring. He wore his uniform and was set up at a Obama gig. The organizers asked the sheriff if he would announce Obama which at that time he saw no harm...though there on offical duty. He announce Obama using his middle name. And now the FBI is looking into whether the Sheriff voilated the Hatch Law. So it shouldn't be ANY DIFFERENT for the police officers praying.

    Now, whether these officers were working the parade or there on their own accord and free time. Then they shouldn't have been wearing their uniform. When large cities have these kind of events. They cannot pull the cops from their normal sectors they patrol. So, they provide over-time to officers to provide the extra security detail for any parade or fun event that might be scheduled. Nonetheless, when those officers are wearing the uniform they are one representing the police dept, and the city of NY. And second, they are being paid to do a job, which is mostly crowd control and to keep the peace. How can those officers be concentrating on their job task when they're actually participating in the parade. Hopefully, the higher ups in the NYPD will reprimand and dicipline those officers for derelect of duty and unbecoming of an officers actions.

    People are absolutely correct that if we in america think that europe is far more advanced in the muslims conducting their BS...they are dead wrong. These muslims are in America...NOW and are attempting to do their crap just like what's been going on in the UK and other european nations.

    Now, I'm all for freedom of religion without the fear of being persecuted. But, we have separation from state regarding religion for a very good reason. And no one, no matter what their position is...even a position of power and authority is above our constitution and laws. If anything, these people need to be a example since they're the ones who uphold our laws.

    I'm appauld of what I read and saw. At the sametime, I'm thankful that people are out there exposing this. These muslims are going to and already begun to push us non-muslims to far. And when the muslims push us to that breaking point which is coming much sooner rather than later. Then the muslims better beware. It will not be a pretty picture. More Americans need to be Shocked on what the muslims agenda is and what they're doing right now under our noses. Hopefully, the good people of America will see this and begin to stand up for the very liberties and freedoms we enjoy before it's too late.

    Remember that many people died and are dying today who stand up for our freedoms/liberties. We are mere custodians of these freedoms/liberties. And we will now have to fight (literally) to keep what is most important to us. I for one am more than willing to fight and even die to ensure our freedoms/liberties are to remain in tack. I much rather die fighting for my freedoms, knowing I died a free man. Opposed to being a dhimmi. Excellent article and video. And thanks RG for posting it and telling how important it was for your readers and others to read the article and see the video. You're absolutely correct...many people don't care since they see this as a european problem yet to hit our shores. Well, it has hit our shores and will only get worse if we don't begin to fight back now.

    And god bless that young lady standing up to those muslims. Whenever a person stands up to a muslim...I notice they immediately get enraged, down right rude and hostile. Ironically, these muslims then proclaim they and their religion is of peace, love and tolerance. Yet their very own actions reflect the exact opposite. They aren't even tolerant, peaceful or loving to their own kind. Islam must alway have something to be warring with. Sorry for the long post. But, this really pissed me off and hit nerve. Hopefully, this will have the same affect on others who are blinded like it had on me. I have never been blinded towards islam and it's goals and agenda. But, we need to do something NOW.

  2. To the Anonymous No. 2, who attempted to post that phony "Washington Post" piece in our Comments Section:
    There is more than enough very real incriminating evidence out there on Barack Obama. We do not need to post obviously fraudulent attacks. Peddle your childishly bogus reports elsewhere.

  3. "Nonetheless, when those officers are wearing the uniform they are one representing the police dept, and the city of NY." by anonymous @ 5:16 am

    As for those Muslim police officers kneeling down to pray, their allegiance is to Islam first and foremost always, so any allegiance anyone thinks they should have firstly as representatives to the NY police department is gravely mistaken.

    Muslims are to kill Jews and Christians where they find them - and America gives these guys a gun and a badge and the powers that come with them? Wake up!

  4. "I wanna take this off so bad".

    Her headscarf fell off. Had it been under an islamist regime, she would be in trouble, in serious trouble. Yet she fights for such a regime. Geez!

  5. To all - Note recent update, re: Radarsite's complaint to the NYPD.

  6. It's getting ugly out there Roger, but it's going to get worse...

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  7. Heavens above, i knew this would come to your shores soon enough. It's the nature of this ideology, it will test all on this planet.

    As i said at Debbie's blog, never give up your guns America, when the state betrays you like they've done over in the UK, that'll be all that you'll have left to defend your freedom with.

  8. all i can say is if oslobba get in the whitehouse then this islamic crap will blossom all over my AMERICA. every soldier,sailor,airman, who fought and died for our freedoms will have been in vain. WE CAN NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN.

  9. Roger.... At the "Israel Day Parade" in New York, the NYPD were clearly disgusted by the assembled groups of Christians and Jews. The cops however, were extremely sympathetic to the bloodthirsty Jihadists who were protesting against the parade. The police threatened to falsify charges against Christians who dared to stare at the Islamists. Thankfully, our lawyer friend Bos Smith was recognised as a lawyer by the NYPD commander...who called of the Muslim police.

  10. Thank you all.
    And to Michael -- I will definitely follow up on that info.
    Very disturbing. This is one of those stories that just seems to get worse and worse. We shall see --

  11. Roger...have Debbie put you in touch with either me, or Dr. Paul Williams.