Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Can The Gloves Off Approach Be Working?

Wednesday, October 08, 2008
From Susan Duclos' Wake Up America

A note from Radarsite. Damn! Now, that's what I'm talking about. Thank you Susan D.!
That's just what I needed. As you can tell by my previous post, I was getting pretty tired. I was beginning to let the numbers get me down. I was beginning to lose confidence in the American people. I was beginning to think that maybe we really deserved a Barack Obama. I was beginning to think that no one was paying attention. Well, I got a good night's sleep and woke up to this great article from Susan and I'm back again. If I seem to be bouncing back and forth over this damned election, it's because I am. One day looks hopeful and bright and the next day it looks as though we're headed for certain disaster. It's been -- and still is -- an emotional roller coaster. And I know I'm not the only one on this crazy ride. This article has done me a world of good. I feel reinvigorated and hopeful once again.

It's just hard sometimes. It's hard to listen to some of the inane reasons some of the people I know are using to vote for Obama and not get disillusioned. Knowing what we know about Barack Hussein Obama and his people it's hard to see all those damn Obama signs in my neighborhood and not succumb to doom and gloom. But all I needed was a good night's sleep and a corrective article like this one. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do. - rg

When Sarah Palin took off the gloves and the McCain campaign started making the "Joe Six-Pack crowd aware of Obama's connections to people like Domestic terrorist William Ayers, and Anti-American Jeremiah Wright as well as McCain showing how much monies Barack Obama has received from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (Obama is one of the top three recipients), it seems the new polling results have started showing an uptick for the McCain campaign cutting into Obama's lead.Zogby has Obama's lead down to a 1.9 percentage point, within the margin of error, HotLine has it at Obama/Biden 4 5percent, McCain/Palin 44 percent with nine percent undecided.

An important note from the HotLine data:
McCain, however, now has his largest lead ever on energy issues. 46% favor the GOP nominee on managing U.S. energy policies, and 40% favor Obama. One week ago, in the survey completed 9/30, Obama led 46-40% on energy.Today's Diageo/Hotline tracking poll, conducted 10/5-7 by FD, surveyed 904 LVs and has a margin of error of +/- 3.3%. Party ID Breakdown for the sample is 41%D, 36%R, 18%I.So, Obama holds a one percentage point lead yet the sample shows 5 percent more Democratic respondents than Republican.The chart from BattleGround is interesting as well showing over the last week, McCain's levels rising and Obama's lowering, although Obama still holds a 4 percent lead over McCain.If the pattern continues as is, that won't last though.Rasmussen still shows McCain down by 6 percent, but he was down by eight... is this a trend emerging in multiple polls?None of this reflects last night's debate, but now that people know what questions to ask about Obama, perhaps they will start digging into his radical associations, questionable votes, voting record and these numbers will continue in the pattern this week is beginning to show.Polls are only a snapshot, a guide to tell us patterns and trends and when used for that direct purpose they can be handy but they cannot tell us how people will definitely vote when they go to the polling booths.

Hopefully enough people will understand that Obama's rhetoric might comforting, but he hasn't the record behind him to back up his lofty promises.Note to the John McCain campaign- Do not forget about Rezko, Meeks and ACORN... people need to know it all in order to make an informed decision.


  1. All polls seem to show the gap widening because the independents and undecideds don't particularly like attack ads. But I'm still hoping and praying we can turn it around.

  2. It's about time the McCain/Palin camp starting informing the public about Obamanations questionable things he has done. This kind of ammo is too good too not use. Obamanation will destroy this country if he's our next president. But, if he's elected I believe he'll be a one term president. And the next president will have their hands full fixing Obamas mistakes. Which will be fixable, just will be difficult to correct them.

    O'Reily said the other night that if McCain told the people that he will hire Romney as his Sect. of Treasury and Rudy as his Attorney General. The tell Rudy to go after all the people on Wall St. and even Govt. Officials who made this economic mess. And have Mitt correct and fix the economy....not patch it. Many people would side to McCain and welcome this. I happen to agree with O'Reily If McCain announce this. It would help him in getting more votes and a better chance to win the election.

    And up till the present McCain has not lead a negative campaign. Whereas it's the oppsite for Obama. I recent study reflected, that 76% of Obamas Ads were subsequently negative, compared to 57% of McCains ads.

    Appears that Obama wants people to think things are so bad and it's dire straits for us, unless we vote for him (Obama) because he's the only person to rescue us. Now a lot of people over the history of time used this hitler to gain the masses behind them. And then look what the people really got. This is why Obama is so scarey to me and many others. And like RG can people be so blinded to what Obama is doing and saying.

    Remember that no all change is necessarily always best for us. And Obama's changes will definitely make things far worse than they are currently. Obama states that 95% of americans taxes will NOT GO UP. And only people who make $250K or more a year their taxes will be raised. Well, Obama wants to raise the "Capital Gains Taxes" sigificantly. Now, most people who have "Capital Gains Taxes" make less than $250K a year. So those 95% of americans who invest (which is the majority in the stock market), their taxes will actually go up. And the tax increase will be much more substantial than if Obama raised the income tax which he proclaims he won't do for those 95%. Yet so many americans, especially the ones who invest don't seem to understand this. How is beyond me. It's pretty simple mathamatics.

    Also, the other tax increases Obama wants to instill will still affect the 95% of the people who's income taxes are not increased. This called being taxed on the back end. So, Obamanation is actually deceiving people...which isn't anything new.

    All my life I was told to do things a certain way. Work hard and save money and I will do alright. Then these sub-prime loans are rewarded to people who didn't follow the norm of what's necessary to get a home. No...people like me are punished for doing it the right way. And the lazy people claiming it's not fair are rewarded. How ironic is that...even criminal in my opinion.

    And how come no one is looking into or investigating Senator Chris Dodd (D). He received one of those Sub-Prime loans from Country Wide Loans. When he was more than capable of getting a regular loan. Dodd's explanation was he thought it was a "Courtesy" given to him by Country Wide for all the work he did for Country Wide. Now that's a lame reason he gave. What Dodd did was out right criminal activity. I sincerely hope Dodd is investigated. And this senator is the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. Yet the MSM doesn't mention any of this. And others look the other way. And Govt. Officials wonder why the people distrust politicians so much. And this congress has the "Lowest Approval Rating" than any congress since the stats have been started. It's a proven fact that a president has a low approval rating during war time. Also, this congress has done the least amount of legislature work than any other congress to present date. So, the prudits and Democrats continue to blame the Bush Administration. When it's really the democratic congress which is the reason for most of our social problems we face today. Again it's a shame that so many American people can't see or understand this. And since the MSM is no help. It up to people like us to inform the public and the rest of the world. God Bless us all because we're going to need it. But, as a resilent people we shall overcome and prevail. Keep your heads held up high.

  3. People like specifics and the more specific McCain and Palin can get, the more they will rise in support. There are a lot of people whose only source of information is the media, so McCain and Palin need to tell the specifics in the media and not rely on bloggers and internet users to do the digging.....people are generally lazy.

    njgop - the truth is not an attack ad, and sooner than later, those who view the ads as 'attack ads' will come to the conclusion that, "hey, what's up with that?"