Monday, October 27, 2008

That Explosive Army Times Poll: Racism Exposed

From the original Radarsite article

For those who may have missed the original Army Times poll, here it is again:

The Breakdown.

McCain- 68%
Obama- 23%
Undecided- 6%

McCain- 68%
Obama- 23%
Undecided- 6%

McCain- 69%
Obama- 24%
Undecided- 5%

Air Force:
McCain- 67%
Obama- 24%
Undecided- 7%

McCain- 75%
Obama- 18%
Undecided- 4%

By Gender.

McCain- 70%
Obama- 22%
Undecided- 5%

McCain- 53%
Obama- 36%
Undecided- 7%

By Age.

18 to 34:
McCain- 65%
Obama- 27%
Undecided- 5%

35 and Older:
McCain- 70%
Obama- 21%
Undecided- 6%
By Race
White Non-Hispanic
McCain -76

McCain -63
Obama -27

McCain - 12
Obama - 79

McCain - 67
Obama - 24

McCain - 70
Obama -22

A note from Radarsite: When I first posted this article earlier this month I naturally expected the left to be quite upset. I knew that if they couldn't discredit the source of the poll they would do their best to bring into question the methods used in the polling. What else could they do? No matter how you twisted them, the results were devastating to the Democrats, and they knew it. Of course as you can see below that didn't stop them from trying to denigrate the process -- while being very careful not to denigrate the military: a tight rope to walk.

When I first saw these numbers, one category immediately caught my attention. One category stood out like that proverbial sore thumb. However, I made the editorial decision to not highlight the African-American category, on the assumption that it would highlight itself and people would take notice without any prodding from me.

And take notice they did. After the obligatory disclaimers about the inaccuracy of the samples taken and the skewed methodology employed, a whole new subtext quickly appeared, and as so often happens in these comments threads, the story took off in a completely different direction from the one the author, myself, intended. It seems apparent that, despite all those well-intentioned denials, this vexing question of racism in this election has remained at center stage. Nasty, bitter, and unresolved.
Below are a sampling of these comments from different venues. There are many more. The source and the commenters names are archived but omitted here for reasons of privacy.
One of the first comments received will I think set the tone for what follows. - rg


Blacks voting for Obama because of race is just your bigoted opinion, not a fact…

I don’t think there’s a poll out there that better shows that black people are voting for skin color, not values and experience.
A sad state of affairs

So what explains the fact that Colin Powell just came out in support of Obama? Powell said on Meet the Press that he felt that Obama would be better for America than McCain.

Yes, Powell endorsed Obama, because he has the common sense to know that we have an occupation in Iraq, not a war, and you cannot win an occupation….look at Palestine. We can’t afford to keep throwing money into a hole in Iraq, when the real threat is in the Afghanisan/Pakistan region. And, yes, blacks overwhelmingly support Obama, is it really sad? Most blacks have long voted democratic, so what’s new? And now, after being systematically oppressed for most of this great country’s history, we are on the verge of our first black president, and white folks think blacks should not be proud and thrilled with this sign that racial equality has reached a new level? We still have a long way to go in this country as far as racial and gender equality, but advancements are being made, and some folks are not happy about it at all…grow up, people, times are changing.

I don’t question the source of the poll. I question the techniques utilized to conduct the poll. Poll results can vary widely based on the nature of the sample, the framing of the questions, and the method of asking the questions. I don’t say the poll results are false. I’m merely am curious.Do you believe that being in the military should make results radically different from the rest of the American population.

Too bad there arent as many in the military as there is in the civilian population. Bye bye war, bye bye McCain..Hello Obama.

Figures.. it’s that surpremacy mentality thing.

People really need to educate themselves on the issues, Most of the people in this polls will not even vote, and it is because they don’t know the issues or the canidates positions. Democrats are PATRIOTS also, please stop letting the Right Wing Republicans brainwash you military personnel into thinking that only they will help the ARMED Forces, our greatest President’s were Democrats who got this Great country through tough times. I am Black but I am voting for Obama because I believe he want to really help rebuild the middle class the real back bone of the country.

Simple math…..
According to the US Dept of Defense, blacks make up 30% of the US military. I actually thought the number was higher.
Anyway, conversely, 70% of the US military are anything other than black. Are you following me or do I need to slow down?
Since we do not know the size of the sampling this poll took was, let’s take a round figure of 1,000. THat would mean in that sampling of 1,000 there would be 300 blacks and 700 non-blacks, right? Are you still with me?
Since the poll says 68% percent of everyone voted for McCain (680) and 23% for Obama (230), let’s see how many blacks voted for Obama. The poll says 79% of blacks voted for Obama and 12% of blacks for McCain. Since in our sampling there were 300 blacks per 1,000 then the number of blacks voting for Obama would be 79% of 300 which equals 237. That is seven less than Obama got from ALL voters in the poll.
This poll not only is not scientific, it’s screwed up!

This is really interesting. This goes to show how one-sided a lot of people can be. Instead of looking at it as African Americans voting for Mr. Obama because he is black, we can also look at it that White pollers will not voting for him because he is black. Many will not vote for him simply because he is black. So what’s the difference? Before you take this poll to heart, remember that African Americans are a minority in the Armed Forces so the calculation of this poll could be curved. Get over it people; this is a multi cultural/multi racial America. GOD bless America.

For all you war mongering military idiots out there, you’d vote for McCain cause he loves war. By the way Osama Bin Ladin would prefer McCain for president because he is most likely to piss off Muslims while Obama is softer on them. Go ahead America, let your sons and daughters die for McCain’s cause.

It’s a fact…90% of the black population vote for Obama because he is black..period.There is no way that such a high percentage would all think the same on issues.Unfortunately, women are not as biased as the blacks or we would have Hillary in there where she belongs.

Why would anyone expect the military to support anyone other than McCain? I’d be interested to know how the vote would go down now that General Powell has endorsed Senator Obama. I suspect it may be quite different. Or is this really about skin color after all?

Blacks voting for Obama because of race is just your bigoted opinion, not a fact….who are you to say why somebody is casting their vote? Once again, I say, if the candidate was John Edwards or Hillary Clinton you would STILL see 90% of blacks voting for them….so get off of it. Besides, for every black who is voting for Obama just because of race (mostly black republicans are the only ones that would have reason to do that) how many whites are there who would never vote for a black man just because of race? Race is certainly a big factor in this election, but you know it works both ways, so stop just criticizing blacks as if we are mindless sheep!

Obviously they're just voting based on race and not common sense!

Obviously they’re just voting based on race and not common sense!**

But ... if you announced you were voting for the WHITE GUY ... they’d be on you like stink on a Skunk!

Why isn't anyone calling this clear racism?

So the racists in this country are black - they are supporting another black person, regardless of political ideals, character - almost across the board they are voting based on skin color.

Pretty sad that 79% of the blacks in the armed forces back Hussein. Racist, even.

Why isn't anyone calling this clear racism?

I guess that you did not know that only "whites" can be racists;)


  1. I love how the pollsters collect their samples. 800 to 1200 people for a national sample.

    I hope that the Military poll is more accurate than the others.

  2. It's a shame that those risking their lives to protect us and keep America free are the ones that often don't get their votes counted. Throwing out absentee military votes should be investigated. Our troops should get a 2nd chance to have their votes counted.

  3. If funny how blacks are so sensitive over this issue. As for me a proud white american. I would vote for anyone whom I thought could best run our nation over their term. I wouldn't care about their gender or color. And I believe most educated whites would agree with me on this contention.

    Simply said....Obama is untested and lacks experience big time. So why would anyone with common sense want him to hold such a powerful position. People need to realize that not all change is necessarily good for the masses. Could be Obama's change will benefit himself and people he surrounds himself around.

    I still gave Obama a fair shot and I didn't rely on the MSM to get my info. I simply reviewed Obamas views, interest, policies and so on to ascertain if he could benefit America and it's people. What I discovered was, Obama is no way would be successful in achieving in what he wants to do.

    Like his tax cut on income. Well, to off-set that peoples taxes would increase since Obama would remove and take away the Bush Tax cut plan. As well as, Obama would increase dividend and capital gains taxes significantly. So, people would see an increase in taxes from the back end.

    As for all these organizations he wants to does he plan on doing that when were in such horrible debt. Bring the deficet down is simply achieved by reducing government spending. Obama should learn a bit more about micro/macro economics before he spat out how he wants to clean up our economy.

    There is just too many things to list. As I'm sure the educated people out there are aware of. And due to these reason and many more. I will not be voting for Obama.

    One more thing that's truly important. America change that Obama wants is called Socialism. Now, our great nation wasn't established like this. In fact we went to great lengths to ensure our nation wouldn't become Socialist when it was being built. If so many people like socialism...then see what you would get by viewing the UK, Germany, France and even Canada. If people are complaining about paying too much in taxes now. Just ask people in Socialist nations what the average works percentage is taken from their pay checks. It would make you want to die if we did that in America. Our nation was built on Opportunity, Freedom and Liberty. All things Socialism is Opposed of. I don't need the govt. to inform me what best for me and my family. When I'm quite capable of making those decisions myself.

    People need to wake up. And if Obama is our next President. I can guarantee you that anyone who was against him will not be rioting. Whereas, I wish I could say the same if the opposite should occur and McCain is elected. Hopefully, the Constitution and people on the Supreme Court will protest a lot things Obama attempts to implement onto the America way of life. Last I recall no president is above the law or the Constitution. But with Obama who knows he might try to suspend things or have a team of lawyers to advise him on how to get around somethings. And wouldn't that look suspicious enough to the American people that Obama is operating in this manner.

    I said this many times. If Obama is elected. Americans will say within 18 months...What have we done.

  4. I just love how you people twist facts to further whatever silly little agenda you happen to push. One fact all of you "black racist" theorists happily neglect is that Kerry captured 88% of the black vote in 2004, and Gore captured 90% of the black vote in 2000. But I guess Blacks were just being racist then too, huh?

  5. One comment on this blog that stands out to me is the one mentioning when a Afro-American soldier is happy and proud of the fact that equality - this defined as a time where finally, a Black President that has a chance to be elected - if I paraphrase poorly I apologize. My impression is upon the term "equality" and I am inspired to look back upon two-hundred years plus of American politics. I mean no harm nor to attack no one but I do question Mr. Obama's electability based on his lack of equitable experience, of knowledge, of having faced and worked within the dynamics and the machinations that is Washington DC and, for the beneficence of our entire country. Friends, I see no equity in his length of experience nor quality of expertise. Yes, I see he works or worked with ACORN but ACORN is not beneficent and where ever has he worked among Senator colleagues as a means of learning, gaining ability and proficiency through collaboration with other Senators? I want to, but fail to see a record of team playing, again for the beneficence of if not our entire nation - then at least for his state of Illinois. Friends, after 21 months of study and research of our candidates, I do see that Obama might land in the Oval Office but I do not see that he is equitably endowed with the savvy, smarts, expertise, abilities OR transparency that 200 years plus of history of prior Presidential candidates have rewarded America with through their conscientious working through their elected Senatorial or House positions gaining abilities until that day that they receive a go ahead for the WH.
    One does not become a Major or Lt Col by avoiding coming up the grade and ranks. And not once have I in my experience witnessed an NFL coach substitute a Pop Warner- PeeWee Football player to Quarterback a Super Bowl game. I havent - and judge that no one reading this blog has either. Equity means exactly that - Mr Obama MUST possess the leadership qualities, and knowledge of our Constitution, Bill of Rights and moreso the limitations that the Presidency places upon him - not the sweeping ideas both he and Castro embraced and certainly not limited to rhetorical ability. I do not feel that Mr Obama possess those qualities I mention and more. My Commander never issues orders or Missions rhetorically. Rather, he uses the experience his 3 tours in Vietnam and 2 Iraq tours bring him to clearly lay out the tasks at hand.
    Thank you in advance for your time.