Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blips on the Screen: 14 Oct 08

Jazzman says NO to Obama

By Mark Harvey aka Snooper to Take Our Country Back
HT Chicago Ray

Jazzman says NO to Obama. It is a little dangerous for him to openly express this. Why? Because he is an African-American. (One day, God willing, Americans will say enough of the Identity Politics and shed the hyphenated American meme...it irritates the hell out of me.)

With heart-felt sincerity, Jazzman explains in detail his younger years rubbing elbows with the radical elements of the 60s and 70s. I remember them as well. We might have even met in a "conflict". I was on the other side.I can relate to Jazzman and the content of his article at Newsvine. He bares his soul and decries what he will face as he published this article. To Jazzman I say, thank you Sir, keep the faith and never, never, never give up or in.

I have been hoping I would never have to write this article. I hoped it would never get to this point, which would force me to openly speak out against the first African American to seriously have a chance to be elected President of the United States.But after reviewing all the Stanley Kurtz material on Barack Obama/Bill Ayers relationship, I've come to the conclusion Barack Obama is definitely under the influence of a radical ideology that is so dangerous, it could literally pose a danger to the very existence of the United States, especially when we have an economy already in crises, and a war in progress against one of the greatest threats we have ever faced, in Islamic terrorism. [...]

[...] I truly believe the relationship between Barack Obama and William Ayers epitomizes those unholy alliances of the 60's and early 70's, which driven from the streets, moved into the inner city black neighborhoods and schools of Chicago, morphed into something seemingly respectable, but only spreading the same hatred and bitterness.My warning to all Americans both white and black (those AA's who can overcome the vote black impulse) is that in Barack Obama, you are not getting Bill Cosby, you are getting a very well disguised version of Louis Farrakhan.The question you need to ask yourself now and on Nov 4th is this.Do you really want to put the toxic cocktail of a character mentored and tutored by Rev Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers in the White House? Especially when this country is facing economic and security issues so critical our very existence is threatened.I do not.

Some African Americans will read this and brand me a traitor for this article. I say to them what good is changing America from what you may believe is bad to something much worse, for the small satisfaction of being able to say we have a black man in the White House.So personally, with conflicting feeling about it, I'm rejecting the first African American nominated for the Presidency, for what I honestly believe is the future good and well being of this country.I hope all those reading this will give serious consideration to what I present here, and do so too. [END]

Rock on Jazzman. Rock on.--


  1. Rock on indeed Jazzman, and yeah i hope he doesn't pay too high a price for this, leftists don't like those that don't think like them, especially those that they believe should think like them.

  2. Wish there were more people of both races who saw Obama for what he is. Opposed to listening to Obama's rhetoric and believing in it. Maybe there's some hope out there. But, this writer isn't too optimictic at this time. If Obama is elected, America will be in for a very long four years. And then Obama's opportunity of getting re-elected will never happen. People will then see what Obama is truly doing and not like it one bit. To those Americans who have guns, I suggest you stock up on ammo...you just might need it. Because I don't see the people of this nation siding down doing nothing. While we moved to becoming a Socialist Country under an Obamanation Administration.

  3. There are plenty of black people who see other black people for exactly who they are.....Jazzman is one of them. I do not align with white people because I am white; I align with people whose core values are close to mine....and then the issues take care of themselves.

  4. Thanks everyone.
    And perfectly said Joanne. Just perfect.