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America's New Identity: The Spin Doesn't Stop Here

A note from Radarsite: This is one of the most interesting and unique articles I have come across lately. The basic premise of the author's argument seems unassailable to me: America has been drifting left and will become even more dramatically leftist in the immediate future. This will not just occur if Obama takes the reins of power --that will merely escalate the movement. For me, one of the most illuminating, and disturbing, concepts in this fascinating essay is the movement of the center. A movement so radical that it would push most so-called middle-of-the-road Americans to the far right fringes of the political spectrum. Indeed, sometimes it seems as though this has already happened. To speak on behalf of commonly-accepted "American values" today, one can be quickly labeled a racist, a homophobe, an Islamophobe, or a hate-filled right-wing radical.

There are two statements in this insightful article with which I would take exception -- "...the shame of Americans regarding slavery or segregation." and "People are in general stupid, a sheep's community - not just in America." However, I will not digress here from the main thrust of this work because I feel it is too important to muddy the waters with secondary disagreements.

For me, a valuable work, such as I believe this to be, looks at the same world we see every day but sees something we missed, something that suddenly makes this very same world make just a little more sense. This excellent article is a fine example of this rare quality. - rg

Saturday, October 25, 2008
As posted on The Alien Patriot

What is America's new identity?FoxNews' Bill O'Reilly likes to say in his own show: "Because the spin stops right here", but to be honest the spin doesn't stop for America.In a world that is turning more towards progressive liberal politics and people's minds leaning more towards left of center philosophies, America has long been fighting to get sucked into this agenda. If the world could vote they would vote with over 80% for Obama (partially because many countries do not even report about McCain - so he is pretty much unknown in many parts of this world - I will talk about this in a later post)

More than in any country I have seen before, the general population in the US always had a non-controversial love for their own country and its constitution (of course not everywhere).Even a country like Germany, where traditions and German achievements are usually proudly pointed out, the shame about facts in history seem to overshadow the glory more than for instance the shame of Americans regarding slavery or segregation.

But the left spin in the US has already begun at least 2 years ago. I think with the last 4 years of Bush, the democratic majority in Congress and the election between McCain and Obama we are witnessing a new paradigm of American Identity.There is no doubt that America will take a sharp turn left, if Senator Obama will become president. But the left spin has been quietly introduced by Bush's spending policies, ground work of the democratic majority in Congress and would even be carried to some degree into the new White House under McCain. No question that it would be much less than under Obama, but the left spin would be still noticeable.

Under an Obama presidency we would look towards a charismatic leader, that has the MSM under his wings, who might be able to sell things to the American citizen's they would usually not subscribe to, just because he has a way of making them rhetorically palatable.Plus he will have the toolkit for a left spin in his pocket.With 3 supreme judges announcing possible retirement he could create the most liberal supreme court the nation has ever seen.Possible bigger majorities in the Senate and Congress, plus the support of the left leaning media (including internet) will seal the deal.

As we have seen many times in history (sometimes with a sad eye), under a very charismatic leader the public will usually adjust to the spin (no matter if it is sharp right or left). That means that the nation attitude will in general turn to the left and recalibrate its value according to the new Presidency as Center or possibly Center left. it will be sold as nothing more liberal than Bill Clinton.But what does that mean? Well good news for super left wingers which will graduate from loon to middle of the road thinker. And people on the left of Obama's views (now called super liberal) will then be called left leaning. This will give credit for example to the Socialist party of AmericaBad news even for centrist Conservatives, which will, even if they don't change their current views, drift to the right fringe and will be called loons or right wing nut. McCain who is by not any means a full blown conservative would be in the very right field, Sarah Palin would be off the scale and maybe even Joe Lieberman will be called a Conservative.How people will be able to connect their own traditions with these new liberal doctrines, will be mainly dependent on the work of MSM, the presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court.

People are in general stupid, a sheep's community - not just in America.There will be no pressure from the rest of the world as they seem to welcome the Obama nation.So the main work of the Conservative under an Obama and McCain presidency to stick up to the values of Free Speech and other constitutional rights. We don't just owe this to the Founding Fathers who dedicated their lives to create this great nation, but also to be a balance for the rest of the world.One has to see that the American society, constitution and the free market in the US have made it possible for the world to prosper, because a left spinning world without a balance on the right (vv a completely right spinning world without a balance on the right) would create a global community of tyranny.And no one should want that. Not just in America!

The Alien Patriot

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  1. Roger, thanks for the kind words.
    After reading your review I have found that the parts of my post that you have a problem with were not developed enough to be clear, so I will take this opportunity here to do so.

    "Even a country like Germany, where traditions and German achievements are usually proudly pointed out, the shame about facts in history seem to overshadow the glory more than for instance the shame of Americans regarding slavery or segregation"

    In my experience Hitler's fascism still puts a lot more damper on German patriotism, than I feel that slavery and segregation does that for Americans. Most Americans feel of course bad about what happened, but there seems to be a distinction between history and value. In Europe people have a much harder time with separating those two.

    "People are in general stupid, a sheep’s community - not just in America."

    Rudimentary thought here - I mean people in general have a hard time to put their foot down or to live according to their principles they believe in. Otherwise Hilter would have never been able to rise, nor Stalin, Mussolini - especially people with not much interest in politics are subject to a lot of political manipulation. And fact that almost 50% of Americans are not voting shows that there is not much interest, even though it affect there own life. That's pretty stupid, sorry.