Thursday, October 23, 2008

From Radarsite: An Open Letter to Anti-Obama Liberals

Something very unique it seems is beginning to develop out of the boiling cauldron of this fateful election. There seems to be a growing awareness of an important common bond between anti-Obama liberals, such as yourself, and anti-Obama conservatives like myself. I think we have both become alarmed at the very real possibility of losing all that we hold dear in our American culture if Obama succeeds. To me this is a wonderful, heartening sign. As I have written in some previous articles -- most notably the pieces about that unbelievably obscene 9/11 cartoon in Daily Kos, and the Obama Convention 'American flags in the trash' scandal -- I have received many emails and comments from Hillary Dems who were as outraged as we were by these attacks on America itself. I have read many articles now on Hillary websites that voice this common outrage -- some even linking back to Radarsite.

This was an education to me. I'm afraid that -- perhaps as you have done -- I had been lumping all Dems and all liberals together. I see now that this is a mistake, and I am very happy to be so wrong. Although we are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, we are it seems on the same side of the moral spectrum. I now believe that regardless of the outcome of this election there is a vast group of Americans out there, both Democrats and Republicans, who feel this same way, who have said, Enough is enough, we don't want our core values destroyed, we don't want our America changed beyond recognition, and we don't believe that America is the cause of all of the evils in this world -- just the opposite. We believe that we are the world's best hope.

I am even beginning to believe that these Americans are almost to the point of forming some informal third party, a party of true American patriots who will not allow this wonderful experiment of ours to be betrayed.

An impossible thought? Who knows? Stranger things have happened. - rg


  1. Liberals.. American Variety that is.. Study following and THINK it Over!! In these times of Hope and Change .. We might just see an Impechment Before Inuguration.. This would be agreat Hope and Change for the BEST!!!

  2. Liberals need to grow up. Some liberal ideals are good, but they take them to the nth degree. One cannot question their opinions. They are always right. They can never be wrong. And they really don't get it.

  3. I am praying that alot of Dems like me will be voting for our Country!! McCAIN/Palin 08!!!

  4. Send a message to the media that we won't be brainwashed by their Obama worship. Vote McCain/Palin!!!!

  5. Hey RG,

    I was just talking with my brother about this yesterday. The only silver lining I have found in this disaster is the principled behavior of these anti-Obama democrats (my grandfather is one of them). Sad to say, from a conservative's perspective, they have been the American crusaders this year. Conservatives--or at least our "leading lights" (Buckley, Noonan, Frum, Brooks, etc.)--have acted like yellow-bellied squishy-brained opportunists with no convictions and no heart.

    So, I too was wondering what these marooned democrats would do after nov. 4th? I think there's a large chunk of Democrats who are voting for Obama, saying, "I don't know about this, but I'll give him a chance." He's on a short-leash with many in Pennsylvania, for instance.

    In any case, we as conservatives must show respect to these liberals who truly belie our partisan heuristic. They have proven their love for America, and they fight hard. We can all unite around issues like stopping the Fairness Doctrine, stopping Card Check, etc.--BASIC values like free speech and private voting that should be no-brainers.

    Great post, my friend.


  6. As one of those Democrats who commented on your post concerning the horrific "cartoon" about 9/11, I want to thank you for your words today. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for people who are willing to reassess their opinions and I am grateful to you for not lumping us all together and allowing for the idea that there are many in the Democratic party who do not wish to see Obama elected.

    I was a member of the Platform Committee of the Democratic National Convention, and today, despite that allegiance to my party, I voted for John McCain, because my allegiance to my country is far stronger.

    I spent 18 months saying that Obama is not qualified to be President and that did not magically change on June 3 when MY candidate, Hillary Clinton, suspended her campaign. It has not changed now and I could not, in good conscience, vote for a man that I feel is completely unprepared and ill-equipped to lead this nation.

    If that makes me a bad Democrat, so be it. Hopefully, it makes me a good American.

    Thank you again for your post.

  7. Thank you all.
    And to Fewthistle -- If that makes you a 'bad Democrat' then I must be a 'bad Republican' for posting this article in the first place. lol
    Thanks again.