Monday, October 27, 2008

Thanks Baltimore!

A note from Radarsite: One comment. Sometimes that's all it takes to make it all worthwhile. One comment to make my whole day and wash away the bad taste of all of those other ones. I wish I had thought to make a list of them all. It would, I think, have made interesting reading. Racist, Nazi, KKK member, right-winger warmonger, Islamophobe, white supremacist -- I get them every day. Thankfully they are in the minority, and they are almost always from the same guy -- his name is Anonymous.
I really can't complain though, because many of these negative comments have inspired some of my best articles. And most of the comments I get at Radarsite are supportive of our vision and our mission.
But every now and then I get a comment that is special. One comment that makes it all come together and validates all of the daily hard work that goes into this blog. The comment below is one of these. What can I say to cageyb but thank you. Thank you for taking the time to send it in, and thank you for your commitment. And thank your co-workers for having the courage to keep an open mind and the honesty to change their mind. Your comment made my day, maybe my week. And as you well know, this is a particularly tough week for us all. - rg

cageyb said...
God, I love your blog. I live in Baltimore. Every election, I'm the only one (or nearly so) in my office who is voting for the Republican candidate. Now, however, I'm one of many. I'm one of four in a pretty small office who are voting for McCain. These people are traditionally Democrats! I'm also seeing way more McCain signs in yards than I ever did for Bush. I don't trust the polls. If they can be manipulated, they will be. And they can. So they are. Thanks for your truly inspiring blog!
27, 2008 5:12 AM

Update: Just after posting this article I returned a visit from the Okinawa Japan Forum, who it seems are a little upset with Radarsite's coverage ot the Military Times poll. See what I mean:

Today, 02:07 PM

Master of The Force

badkitty posted the AF times article last week i believe.. i posted my thoughts of the biased polling...for everyone reading this thread i urge you to go to that radarsite blogspot and read the comments of active duty and former members of our military...just those few posts should open all of our eyes to the reality that racism is alive and kicking in the military we all honorably served or serve..i am going to go on a mission and find as many ofthese far right wing loon websites and blogs and start posting my thoughts... ill probably get banned but it will be worth a try..


It's truly sad that some people can be so ill informed, judgmental, and down right racist in some cases and still be allowed to vote (comment made at some of the people who left comments on the radarsite). Maybe you should have to take some kind of general knowledge test and knowledge test about the candidates before you are allowed to vote?


  1. "Maybe you should have to take some kind of general knowledge test and knowledge test about the candidates before you are allowed to vote?"

    If the above quote were to be taken seriously, wouldn't that basically screw all of Obama's supporters? He is a blank check that is offering everybody a version of change. The man stands for nothing, so pinning him down on an individual position would be utterly impossible, except for redistributing the wealth. He will never change on that.

    I would be interested to see what kind of racial comments that have been made at Radarsite, because I have seen none. I guess if you criticize Obama then you are a racist.

  2. Oh, RG, you are so very welcome. You are a true American hero.