Monday, October 13, 2008

Replace McCain's Policies With Obama's and Obama Supporters Still Choose Obama

A note from Radarsite: Remember as you listen to this great catch that this support for Obama has nothing to do with race, it's about the issues. And while we're laughing, we must also remember that these people are actually going to be voting in November. - rg

Cross posted lovingly from Susan Duclos' Wake Up America

Major H/T to No Quarters here and I agree with Susan UnPC about finding it difficult to title this piece because it is so ridiculous.

Howard Stern has never been one of my favorite people, personal reasons, but this bit is so unreal and almost unbelievable that it has to be heard. Why do Obama supporters support Obama? Anyone crazy enough to say "because of his policies", stop right there, say nothing and listen for yourself as Obama supporters are asked about his policies and which ones they are favoring Obama regarding.....thing is, the person asking the questions substituted McCain's policies and Obama supporters completely backed those policies...when they thought they were Obama's.

YouTube URL here and video below.. you have to hear this idiocy by Obama supporters to be able to believe it for yourselves.
I mean really, the Obama supporters actually believed Sarah Palin was Obama's VP choice AND they supports the choice of Palin as VP....


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