Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Gwen Ifill Scandal and the Obama Democrats' Pattern of Contempt

Does anyone else notice what's going on in our nation right now? Has anyone else out there reached the same troubling conclusions that I have? This VP debate moderator bias scandal -- and it most certainly should be called a scandal -- is just the latest example of the Democratic Party's ability to ride roughshod over the rights of the American people. Here is the typical scenario: The Democrats perpetrate some outrageous affront to common decency and fair play, the Republicans howl in indignant but ultimately impotent outrage and disbelief, and nothing happens. The Obama train moves on to the next station, not even noticeably delayed in its journey to the White House. How many stories have been written expressing this helpless dismay? How many writers have pointed out how this unquestionably biased moderator scandal could never have happened if it were an avid McCain supporter at the center of this controversy? And the point is made and it makes perfect sense and everyone agrees and Gwen Ifill is still going to be the moderator. We the American people are virtually powerless in the Democrats eyes. They hold us and our impotent rage in contempt.

We have been sidelined. Our opinions no longer matter. All of our righteous anger, all of that conservative outrage is nothing but a fart in a snowstorm. The Democratic left is running this show and you'd better not forget it. No outrage, no matter how significant, no Reverend Wright scandal, no hate-America rhetoric from his angry hate-America wife, no William Ayers terrorist connections, no proven Rezco affiliations, no cynical and devious manipulation of our military's withdrawal schedule by Obama in Iraq make one damn bit of difference. The Obama train keeps rolling. And all of those Americans who look to the Obama future of America with dread, all of those Americans who fear an internationalist, socialistic, anti-white, anti-Western Administration have been effectively marginalized. No relevant government agency will respond to your complaints. No media will voice your outrage. Your concerns have been dismissed. The word is out: No scandal, no crime, no discovery, no matter how significant will be allowed to delay the inevitable course of the fateful Obama train.

We have been warned to keep silent. Our own Justice Department has warned us to watch our mouths. Obama is partially black and this must not, this will not, be mentioned. That questionable VP Debate Moderator, that obviously compromised Gwen Ifill is black, and has written extensively and glowingly about the rise of black politicians, and specifically, and rapturously, about Barack Hussein Obama. But this must not, this will not, be mentioned.

We have been warned to keep silent. All or almost all of the terrorist attacks against this nation have been perpetrated by Muslim jihadists. But our own State Department has forbidden its employees to use the word "jihadists", or to even associate terrorism and Islam in the same context.

And, most ironically of all, if anyone presumes to write about this virtual Democratic coup, they will be called a liberal propagandist or a weak-kneed defeatist by some members of their own party.

Now, my friends, I ask you once again -- Does anyone else notice what's going on in our nation right now? Has anyone else out there reached the same troubling conclusions that I have?

For more on the Gwen Ifill scandal see Stop the ACLU's recent article.


  1. I do, and I am also very concerned. I have talked to a few friends this week who are buying the whole game and not looking past the headlines, which is disturbing- eg a former Republican friend in Virginia who's a mother and lobbyist was leaning towards McCain and has now switched to Obama. It's so disheartening to see the near-total control of mass information. Any ideas about what to do, other than us keeping writing?

  2. Please don't either of you stop writing. I'm a former lifelong Dem (voted in nine presidential elections thus far), but this is the first campaign season where I actually paid attention to the issues, the candidates, etc. Had it not been for sites like yours, I, too, would still believe the garbage spewed by "maintstream media." I can't emphasize this enough - because of YOU and your courageous commentaries, I've not only had to admit that I was a "conservative" or "moderate" all along, but I have managed to sway others as well. Not many, mind you - but they in turn have spoken the truth as we know it, and so the message continues to pass along.

    Will it be passed along quickly enough to avoid a BHO election next month? Sadly, probably not. I've reached the conclusion that only serious bucks being taken from people's paychecks will finally wake them up. We can talk all we want about BHO's nefarious associations, his probable non-existent US birth certificate, the infamous Rev. Wright, the encroaching threat of Islam, etc., and all we get for our efforts are pitying looks:) BUT, when you start scr__ing around with people's hard-won cash? That really is when they pay attention.

    And I digress far afield here. Again, please know there are thousands of us who ARE paying attention, learning, and passing along the information. A group of us (at Savage Politics) have sworn that we will not give up the fight, no matter which candidate wins this election, even if we have to go "underground:)" Pushing sixty, that may prove a bit challenging for me, but I intend to protect the America we love for my grandchildren (yet-to-be).

    Please keep writing, and know that your words are appreciated, taken to heart, and passed along.

  3. Thank you Ruby for your insightful comments.
    And thank you Denise-Mary for your comments -- some of the most heartening and encouraging comments I have received in a long time. I am sending them around to some of my fellow bloggers who I believe deserve to read them.
    Commenters like you two make it all worth while.
    And you don't have to worry about any of us stopping writing. We would first have to stop breathing. lol

  4. I was stunned to read about the choice of Gwen Ifill -- for about 30 seconds -- but of course it's an obvious choice-- she's in the tank for Obama, naturally, like all the media. Like others, I'm a life-long Democrat voting McCain/Palin. I bet Sarah will outshine the gaffe-prone Biden anyway.

  5. Even the MSM has said that she is not objective and unbiased. But the debate still goes on.

    Funny thing is that the MSM goes on about how unprepared Sarah Palin is, but they forget that she debated 2 well accomplished politicians in Alaska and knocked their socks off. I think she will do very well in the debates.

  6. You are very welcome. And lest I appear a mere "reader" (which implies passivity - definitely NOT what is needed right now), I do continue to email, write, phone and otherwise gently harass my representatives. I am not bashful about reminding them that just because they got my vote in one or two elections does not guarantee they will get it again. I print off articles that seem particularly worthy or attention-getting and pass them along, always with due credit to the authors. I print them off, as opposed to suggesting this site, only because I know how easy it is for people to say they will "check it out," and then never do. By actually carrying an article or two in my purse (roughly the size of a carry-on:) I can simply hand out an article which may be germane to a discussion. I KNOW people read them because the topic is raised in a subsequent conversation.

    I trust I don't appear to be an itinerant bag-lady (no offense to bag-ladies everywhere). I'm actually a full-time paralegal who now sorely wishes she had become an attorney so that, like Berg, I could "sue the bastards..." instead of merely writing them. At least if my grievances were taken to court, they would have to reply instead of simply ignoring me.

    In any event, God bless your efforts, freedom-fighters that you are. I continue to believe that although we may not turn the tide by November 4, we shall eventually do so.


  8. "How many writers have pointed out how this unquestionably biased moderator scandal could never have happened if it were an avid McCain supporter at the center of this controversy?"

    Sadly you are on the money Roger. It's disheartening that the scumbags are allowed to get away with it. But the American people do have the power, they just need to use it and stick it to the media elites who have nothing but scorn and contempt for America.

    However, as i said elsewhere, there is a silver lining Roger, if Obama wins and when he starts screwing up, people will turn away from the MSM in droves as the cold reality of the betrayal starts to set in and the wiffle-waffle about hope and change really remains that, wiffle-waffle.

  9. Denise-Mary, I want to tell you that you are a wonderful commenter. All bloggers yearn for those readers who actually "see" something in our articles and then contribute through thoughtful comments (even those who disagree).

    Right now, I'm on a bit of a blogging hiatus - for a few more days. I don't know what I would do without reading my favorite blogs while I'm away - like Radarsite. It's a lifeline.

    Thank you so much for caring about Roger's work and for your encouragement to conservative blogging.

    Maggie's Notebook

  10. hey roger, did you know that the Republican party signed off on Gwen, even AFTER they knew she had a book in the works. So what changed from then to now? Cold it be the 9 point slide in the polls or maybe the disaster that is Hurricane Palin set to unload upon St Louis?

  11. roger too,

    The Republican National Committee and the Committee on Presidential Debates did NOT sign off on Gwen Ifill AFTER knowing about this book.

    From article:

    The host of PBS’ “Washington Week” and senior correspondent on “The NewsHour” said she did not tell the Commission on Presidential Debates about the book. The commission had no immediate comment when contacted by The Associated Press.

    Oh and before you accuse me of taking that quote from a "Neo-Right Knuckle Dragging blog" here's your link:

  12. I am so glad to see DeniseMary here, she is correct, there are some of us at Savage Politics that will go underground if necessary. Please do not quit writing, sometimes it is the only trust worthy form of news we can get. We stand with you.