Monday, October 6, 2008

PRE-PRE-Kindergarten is Daytime Adoption: Obama's Plan

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Barack Obama wants us to believe that he can right every wrong in our lives. One way he wants to do this is by educating everyone beginning at the age of zero. His educational plan is designed to offer daytime adoption of your children - get them off your hands, and mold their minds to Liberal thinking.

There is only one way to make life better for our children, and that is to hold the parents accountable. How do we do that?

1) We go back to irresponsible parenting being seen by everyone as a STAIN on the parents.

2) We go back to reputations being ruined because you ruined your child.

3) We go back to allowing no excuses for not caring for your child's emotional well-being.

4) We go back to basics being taught in schools so that children actually know math and history and science.

5) We begin keeping the negative influences out of a child's life, which includes family members, as well as others in the neighborhood.

6) We continually teach our children about decency, and we don't blame other races for who we are.

7) We demand that parents work to put food on the table.

As a country we have embraced victimhood for terrible parents. We have allowed violence in neighbors and schools, and blamed the majority of Americans for it.

We have embraced victimhood for jobless parents and fussed over minimum wage issues, and then declared that these parents cannot survive on minimum wage. We no longer expect parents to work to move up in the ranks. We no longer expect at least one parent to go to work everyday and stay at work until quitting time - and stay on the job until promoted. We tolerate money spent for cigarettes, alcohol and drugs - stealing food off the family table and clothing off the backs of our children.

Society has gone to hell because we are embracing hell.

America never let's a child starve for food, but we can do little about a child starving for love. When a child has a foundational background of love and care, when a child is taught "decency" beginning at the age of zero, then that child has a chance at life.

Getting a leg-up-on life isn't dependent on education. With love and nuturing, that child will do well when he/she begins pre-kindergarten at the age of four.

Let us hold parents responsible. Let us demand school choice for all families.

Here's Obama-Biden's plan - which only offers daytime adoption.

Barack Obama wants to educate your child beginning as early as the age of "zero." Mom's and Dads out there - is that what you want?... and what does it mean that "early childhood education" begins at zero years old? provides a downloadable pdf titled PreK-12 Education Fact Sheet detailing Obama-Biden's $10 billion per year plan to provide "a pre-school agenda that begins at birth." This is a PRE-PRE-kindergarten plan, and includes child care and child development, as well.

Obama-Biden see this plan as a "Universal Pre-School for all," which will be voluntary and we must assume, paid for by taxpayers. The "Government" will provide Early Learning Challenge Grants, matched by State funds, with a priority to "children in greatest need."

We know what this means: we pay the daycare for poor children from zero to five years old. So many children live in such miserable circumstances; I might be in favor of daytime adoption, but let's face it, there's no telling what happens to these children while in the care of others...they are so young and defenseless, with teachers with who-knows-what qualifications or intentions. We cannot find teachers to teach upper grades, let alone qualified, loving and caring teachers for infants. At least, parents can be held accountable - but a school full of "teachers..." or so-called teachers?

Obama-Biden also plans to send a sort-of visiting nurse around to see everyone with a child under five years old - referred to in the plan as "the Nurse-family Partnership." This "nurse," will use
...proven methods to help improve the mental and physical health of the family by providing counseling on substance abuse, creating and achieving personal goals, and teaching effective methods to nurture children.
Hospitals are crying for nurses. Where will we find nurses qualified to "counsel" and "nurture" others?

On September 10th, reported that Senator Obama criticized the McCain education plan:
He took aim at rival Senator John McCain, saying that in three decades ''he has not done one thing to truly improve the quality of public education in our country. ... Nothing.
Now consider this: As Chair of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Barack Obama channeled over $100 million dollars to pet projects, such as the South African Global Village, to celebrate Juneteenth (which replaces our Independence Day in some Black communities). In the years he served as Chairman of the Board, the Annenberg Foundation reported that no measurable improvements were found within the funded projects/schools - absolutely was a dismal and embarrassing report.

Obama worked with Weatherman Underground terrorist, William Ayers, to help fund Ayers' Small School Project.

Not only did he spend the money irresponsibly, he cheated the children of Chicago out funds to aid in accelerated learning opportunities.

In a November 2007 report, USA Today announced that Obama unveiled his $18 billion education plan. The $18 billion is to cover only "early childhood education, dropout prevention and teacher incentives. What about $10 million PER YEAR he says he needs, on his own webpage, just for early childhood education? As always, the numbers don't add up.

Do we want this man running our schools? If your child is white, think about it. If your child is Black, think about it. If your child is Hispanic, think about it. Your right to raise your child is slipping away.


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  1. It reminds me of Hitlerian Youth.

  2. I wish I could afford an island, put mines all around it, cut off all communication, and live in bliss not knowing anything about how far this world has been flushed down the sewer.

    I can't think of anywhere to escape to on earth where man is sane.

  3. One has to be very, very, very traumatized to stand by that idea. Geez!

  4. People like BARACK OBAMA with their nonsense are the primary agent in the destruction of core American Values and especially the American Family. DEMOCRATS instituted, expanded, and perpetuated the welfare system in this country that is the root of EVERY SINGLE ONE of the ills outlined here, all exacerbated by "expanded social programs."

    Consider this: My children, ages 3 and 4, were identified as being "in need" of special services for no reason other than being born Deaf. Ask most Deaf, and they will tell you that this is not a "disability" in and of itself, just a part of who they are. I contend that it becomes a "disability" ONLY after someone else feels the need to apply that label and then force it into reality by willfully and deliberately excluding these individuals from society. The same jackasses who insist my children are BROKEN and need to be FIXED. My children (and others like them) are INFERIOR and often deprived of an "equal" education and access to even those minimum wage jobs, forced onto public welfare rolls through no fault of their own, rather than being accepted as intelligent human beings deserving of the same respect and the same opportunities offered to their hearing counterparts.

    BARACK OBAMA, and so many like him, have borne the task of singling out my children as being "in need" for nothing more than a physical attribute, not because of abuse or neglect, not because of poverty, not because of any "tendencies" or "history" on my part as a parent; ONLY because it is not "aesthetically pleasing" to the mind's eye and IT MUST BE FIXED. IT MUST BE FIXED. IT MUST BE FIXED. By choosing NOT to "fix" it, I have been deemed as placing my children "at increased risk." I did nothing wrong, nothing immoral, nothing unethical - I simply exercised my parental rights and refused to buy into a highly skewed perception of reality.

    At my youngest children's respective births and upon failing newborn hearing screenings, we were "visited" by a social worker before being allowed to leave the hospital. We were "on the list" forevermore, and we have been continually invaded by the other prying tentacles of government since then. You know, the ones who PRETEND to be Child Protective Services.

    Stark comparison to the births of my two oldest children, neither of whom was born "broken" and, therefore, not "in need" of being "fixed," and who NEVER received "visits" from social workers. At least, that is, until they were "burdened" with "disabled" siblings, at which point the entire family became a target.

    My youngest children received "early intervention" from birth. I acknowledge that this has been beneficial in many ways to my children, but now that we are no longer under the "Birth to Three" umbrella, the prejudices, distinctions, and disparities are coming back to assault us full force.

    I am deeply disturbed by this. I am disgusted. I am appalled. I am furious. I am sick to death of having people like BARACK OBAMA pissing on my head and telling me it's rain. Or that it's for my own good. Or for the best interests of my children. Or for the good of America.

  5. Thanks all. And to Allee -- Wow. What a powerful and moving indictment of the intrusive welfare state. You sound like a wonderful parent beleaguered by an out of control Big Sister government bureaucracy. As you so perfectly point out, this is what we're in for if - God help us -- BHO takes over.
    Thank you Allee for sharing your story and best wishes.

  6. While the idea of pre-school is a good one, Obama's idea smacks of indoctrination.

    The decision on what values and morals you wish to raise your child with should be the parents right not the state's.

  7. Where does Obamanation plan on getting all the money for these stupid ideas. The American taypayers are taxed to their limit and beyond, as well as American Companies. Obama wants universal healthcare and other universal things....well this idiot is going to bankrupt America more than it already is. How some people don't see what Obama is and attempting to do is beyond me.

  8. Expect ditactorial measures if this guy is elected.

    "Author of critical Obama book arrested in Kenya
    Kenyan immigration authorities have arrested the US author of a critical book about presidential candidate Barack Obama before a launch in Nairobi."