Sunday, October 5, 2008

Blips on the Screen: 5 Oct 08

Stop the war. The Taliban is getting angry.

From Harvey aka Snooper at Take Our Country Back


This was THE last straw. I tell you what, boy. This is unacceptable. If we cannot fight a war without taking into consideration the feelings of the enemy and ignoring their sensibilities. In a report from the Washington Times, we read the following headline:
Officials say Taliban mad over alleged US strike.
That tears it for me. I am done. Judas H Priest! What have we come to? Can't we even extend the Olive Branch when we fight the enemy? I mean...COME ON! Get with the program. That's it. I am writing a letter as soon as I hit publish and I am writing it to Sen McCain, Gov Palin, President Bush, Sec Gates and Rice. We need to IMMEDIATELY withdraw our forces and send them to Dale Carnegie's How To Win Friends and Influence People seminars. Maybe then we can have a PC War where all the participants line up and play Dodge Ball. The last one not touched by the ball wins the war.

But, we would still have to consider the emotional trauma from losing a game and we cannot forget about the effects of using red pens to keep score. Oh. Wait. We can't keep score either because then we would have to declare a winer AND a loser of the game. Wow. What a conundrum.

DERA ISMAIL KHAN, PAKISTAN (AP) - The Taliban are unusually angry about the latest suspected U.S. missile strike in Pakistan, a sign a top militant may have died in the attack, officials and residents said Sunday amid reports the death toll rose by two to 24.Elsewhere in Pakistan's northwest, an official said some 15,000 Afghans had left a tribal region the military is trying to wrest from insurgents, but that tens of thousands more had yet to meet a government ultimatum to get out by Sunday.The U.S. has ramped up cross-border strikes on alleged al-Qaida and Taliban targets along Pakistan's side of the border with Afghanistan, straining the two nations' anti-terror alliance.The U.S. says pockets of Pakistan's border region, especially in its semi-autonomous tribal areas, are bases for militants attacking American and NATO forces in Afghanistan. It has pushed nuclear-armed Pakistan to eliminate the safe havens.
The enemy is "unusually angry". STFU and STFD and blow them to hell.


  1. The enemy is ANGRY? ANGRY? Screw the enemy! Good God Almighty!

  2. Pakistan allows the Taliban to seek safe harbour within their borders, and then when the Taliban cross into Afghanistan, strike, and flee back into Pakistan, they wonder why the Americans are attacking them within Pakistan borders. Get a bloody clue - it isn't a game of "I Just Crossed the Line, and You Can't Touch Me....Nah, Nah, Nah."

    Fine, the Americans may not be allowed to torture prisoners, but they are allowed to kill terrorists before they capture them - give that a thought, cockroaches.