Thursday, May 22, 2008

Should We Bomb Iran?

Should we bomb Iran?

Recently, in a discussion on Radarsite about Iran a commenter complained that because we had gotten ourselves bogged down in our "Iraqi debacle" we had compromised our ability to react effectively to Iran's evolving threat. This relentless negativism is typical of the skewered thinking of the left -- whose primary function in life is, after all, to find something negative to say about the policies of the right.

I would suggest that it's pretty difficult to prosecute any war without getting 'bogged down'. I would suggest that it's the nature of warfare to get bogged down. We were bogged down in Vietnam and Korea, and we were bogged down for four long years in both the Pacific and in Europe during WWII.

If being bogged down means finding yourself confronted with myriad difficult and unforeseen developments, then I would argue that this is the very essence of warfare -- the Fog of War.
The enemy hardly ever does what we expect them to do, when we expect them to do it. The battleground is in a constant state of flux. Old allies suddenly become new enemies. Neutrals start taking sides. Invariably, all of those carefully-devised pre-war plans and strategies have to be thrown out the window and new plans developed. That's how it works.

It is not my intention here to rehash all of those old arguments about the manner in which we've conducted our Iraq War. That's a futile endeavor. I would, however, suggest that this particular complaint is wrong-headed for other, more important reasons.

Consider this: Had we not invaded Iraq and taken down Saddam we would now be facing two formidable ME powers both feverishly building nuclear weapons capabilities.

If Saddam were still around does anyone honestly think that he would just sit idly by while Ahmadinejad built up a formidable nuclear arsenal next door? Of course not. He was already preparing for this eventuality before we took him out.

Rather than being in a better position strategically, we would be in a much more precarious one. A position filled with even more serious threats than we presently face.In short, taking Saddam Hussein out of the equation has given us a stronger hand, not a weaker one.

But, should we actually bomb Iran?

Well, now, let's see. There are other alternatives.
We could wait until Ahmadinejad has a viable nuclear weaponry program and then sit down and try to negotiate with him. We could rely on the omnipotent UN and their toothless watch poodle, the IAEA to keep him in check. Or, finally, we could just take the good gentleman at his word that his nuclear ambitions are only peaceful.

Do any of these options look good to you, my friends?

Well, they certainly don't look too good to me.

We must act.

If the Allies had checked Hitler's geopolitical ambitions in Czechoslovakia in '38 we could have stopped the rise of the Nazi war machine in its Panzer tracks. By a preemptive military strike against Hitler's meager military forces at that point in history we could have saved millions upon millions of lives.

But we didn't act, did we?

We prevaricated and procrastinated ourselves into the monumental horrors of World War Two.

Now, as then, it's not a matter of if we have to confront Iran but rather when we confront Iran. The choice is basically pretty simple. Either fight them now on our terms or fight them later on theirs.

We made a terrible blunder in the Thirties by not listening to Hitler's threats and by not believing that he was actually serious about carrying them out. We simply cannot afford to make this same mistake again with Ahmadinejad, not with the threat of nuclear bombs. We must believe what he is telling us and the world, we must acknowledge the uncomfortable but undeniable fact that, regardless of our puny sanctions and our sanctimonious condemnations, he is daily backing up his threats with irreversible actions.

Should we bomb Iran?

The proper question should be:

Can we afford not to bomb Iran?

There are some good plans on the table for doing it the right way. I, for one, don't see that we have a choice, do you?

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  1. Another direct hit. Well done, Roger!

  2. I feel there is another threat from Iran even closer to home. Iran is rapidly gaining influence in South America,
    In Venezuela, we American missionaries were expelled from the jungle region and Shiite Iranian 'missionaries' are now active there. It just so happens to also be a large uranium field.

  3. Thank you Ben.

    And Jungle Mom. That's an important and little known subject.
    If you write something about it -- and I hope that you will -- please send me a heads up and I'll happily cross post it to Radarsite.

  4. We should just give whatever support Israel needs to blow the place up. Those nice bunkerbuster bombs, midair refueling, fighter support, I can go on with this.

    Or a joint mission, but the IAF doesn't like to share the glory.

  5. I have posted a few things about this. So far, I have only raised subjects that can already be found online elsewhere. I am still a bit 'gun shy' about some of the other things we have observed. And some is on no way able to be confirmed as it would put others at risk. Still not sure how to go about it...

  6. We trust your good judgment Jungle Mom.

  7. If push comes to shoeve and Barack of HO has not dropped his skivvies Hoping for Change.. I say put the Mulalhs and Government palces under a permanent GLASS Dome .. Iranian Sand will do it.. and let the Iranian people gain their fredom with self determination

  8. Fair post. We'll agree to disagree on Iraq, since across the political spectrum, most politicians likely regret the war, and the majority of Americans regret ever invading.

    I just appreciate that there is at least SOME solution on the table rather than constant discussion about how Iran can't acquire nuclear weapons that goes nowhere.

    But can't we just get Israel to do our dirty work? Like they did 2 decades ago in Iraq?

  9. If Shove comes to push.. and Barry of HO has still kept his Skivvies ON, I would propose to DOME the government and Mullah's palaces under a GLASS Dome so that the Iranian People can achieve Independency by self created new form of Government... Iranian Sand can make great glass domes with the RIGHT Heat!!!

  10. Simple answer Roger. Bomb the bastards. Take out the top leadership, which we are fully capable of and so is Israel.

    There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people inside and outside Iran who would welcome it.

  11. Right on Dean!
    I posted this article to History Channel Forum and got a lot of liberals over there very upset. Some have even called me Hitler. I love it.
    Our good friend Findalis sticks up for me over there though.

  12. I invite all to go to

    Register and have some fun with the liberals there. We even have some real life Jihadists (although they won't admit it).

    Its fun to watch them squirm.

  13. True liberals are a rarity these days. I am always amused at the so called 'liberals' who take offense at being called that, preferring the title of Progressive.

    When they come up with that I ask them, progressing towards what exactly. Socialism? Communism? Both have been tried many times over many decades and result in the same abject failures.

    They will then usually resort to calling me names like, redneck, regressive, among the milder ones....hahaha.

    Yes indeed, progressives are funny critters sometimes. Always claiming so called good intentions with zero practical results.

    Just ask them the last time appeasement or negotiations with the worlds despots has ever resulted in what they expected. A few will attempt some pathetic response, even a somewhat intelligent response, but they cannot name one attempt that has ever worked the way it was intended.

    With Islam there will indeed be peace one day and that is when Islam dominates the world.

  14. I have enough venom in me regarding Iran to be tried in the Hague for my thoughts alone.
    However, without a follow-through and a very disciplined end game we could easily find ourselves over-extended (again).
    I am encouraged to see individual European states (not that EU hackerama) moving toward a stronger posture. Of course, should one more direct provocation occur, we have what we would could call a cause for war.
    But, let's remember, even as individual states may side with us; political elements in this country will be adamently opposed.
    As I'm sure you've noticed, other states of the region are being more open about their nuclear shopping lists.
    Jungle Mom has provided us something to work with, however. With the exception of Syria, what has those effetist Persians done for their neighbors lately. (See, I'm trying to be mean. A little nasty propaganda here and there won't help them. Raise the old images of the sissified Persian courts. Why not throw the Shia Heresy at them. Hell, I'm a kaffir, I don't mind.)

  15. Good posting does it go? Peace through superior firepower...