Thursday, May 22, 2008

An announcement to my readers

Radarsite is proud to announce a new feature: "Lionheart: Reports From Across the Pond". Beginning today, Britain's famous and outspoken blogger Lionheart will be contributing articles to Radarsite on his brave resistance to the Muslim takeover of Britain and on his ongoing battles with the British PC Authorities who are trying -- so far, unsuccessfully -- to silence him.

As most of you are aware, his incredible story made international headlines and caused a huge backlash of moral outrage against Britain's Liberal PC Establishment. What happens "across the pond" is of great concern to all of us here in America, and especially to us at Radarsite. We are deeply honored to become a small part of this noble crusade. Please join me in welcoming our brother blogger Lionheart to the pages of Radarsite. -- rg

Note: Lionheart's articles will be appearing under his famous knight logo:

For those who may be unfamiliar with Britain's embattled Lionheart here is Radarsite's original article:

Today it is me, but tomorrow it is you"
January 4, 2008

This is not an article. I'm not looking for votes on Real Clear Politics. I'm not looking to impress anyone with my knowledge or my considered opinions. This will not be heavily edited or clearly thought out. I'm too damned angry for that.

This is a cry of outrage, a shout of FIRE in the crowded theater. This is a four letter obscenity aimed directly at those of you amongst us who are allowing this travesty of justice to take place, who are actually promoting it.

Whatever research has been done by me in order to write this was done long before I decided to do it. If I don't write this piece, and write it right now, then I'm not worth the effort it takes to read my stuff.

Today, posted by Deb Hamilton of Right Truth in Real Clear Politics is an article about the British blogger Lionheart. Lionheart is facing arrest if he returns to Britain. He is facing arrest for doing something and for doing it well. He has written about the invasion of his native land by Muslims. And he has called a spade a spade. And today WE DO NOT CALL A SPADE A SPADE. It is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN TO CALL A SPADE A SPADE. Or to call the ISLAMIC MENACE an ISLAMIC MENACE.

God help us! The Multicultural Thought Police ARE REAL, folks. THEY ARE HERE NOW. This is no longer some clever literary device, this is reality. HE IS FACING ARREST. For writing TRUTHFULLY about Islam.

Today it is Britain, but tomorrow it is us --"Lionheart has committed the unpardonable cultural offense of writing the truth about Islam. He has actually gone so far as to criticize Islam. THIS is his crime. He has committed a Hate Crime. And for this dreadful Hate Crime he is actually facing the horrifying prospects of prison. For trying to protect his own country!

My God! How have we let it come to this? When the hell are we going to stop this before it's just too late to stop it? How in hell can you write about a hateful and murderous cult without calling it hateful and murderous? How in hell can you demonize the devil? Just to describe it is to commit the crime.

If these same Hate Laws are enacted and enforced here in the United States -- and we are coming very, very close to this fateful precipice -- every conservative blogger or columnist here who writes -- truthfully -- about this Islamic Menace IS VULNERABLE. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. And from what I have read of Lionheart's work, I must say that what I have written critically about Islam is ten times more scathing. Ten times more indictable. And I've got plenty of company.

Regardless of the outcome of this particular preposterous and outrageous British case, the mere fact that we in the Western world have allowed it to progress this far is an indictment against our collective intellectual laziness and our lack of courage. We have allowed two terrible monsters to grow to maturity within our midst: the Imperialistic Islamic Menace, and the PC Multicultural liberals who are nourishing this deadly beast to their own bosom.

THIS CANNOT STAND. We must not just read these articles about this latest horror and move on to something else. It's gotten too serious. The threat's too grave. It's gone much too far. We're in some kind of crazy International Stockholm Syndrome. We identify more closely with the criminals than with those who are trying to save us.Please, before it's too late. NOW IS THE TIME. TOMORROW WILL BE TOO LATE.

Here's his website address. Please write him and give him your support. Write whomever you may think can be helpful. I'm going to.

Here's Deb Hamilton's original article:

Here's someplace to write and voice your indignation


  1. Hi Roger, its good to know that you think highly enough of my blog to want to share what i post in relation to Great Britain for your readers.

    What happens here in the UK does have a direct influence on what may happen in your Country.

    Diren Barot Al Qaeda's General who planned blowing up your stock exchange, Richard Reid the shoe bomber and many more Islamic terrorists used the safe haven that they have in todays Britain to stage terrorist attacks in your country.

    Britain is falling, being consumed by the 'religion of peace' and spawning British born terrorists from here who are fighting the Global Jihad in the West.

    Great Britain is Al Qaeda's staging post in the Western World with a military guerilla war machine on the ground here.

    We are the last outpost of Eurabia, and the stepping stone for the military wing of Islam into the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century - America

    The Great Satan.

    Britain is falling please believe that fact.

    War are at War and there can only be one winner at the end once the dust settles, them or us, no middle ground.

    The greatest Jihad in the history of the Islamc religion, the Global Jihad is unfolding now in this generation.

    Osama Bin Laden has declared War, and he has a global army who are joined ideologically to him and his leadership because it is taken directly from the pages of the Koran, by the example set by the blood thirsty child molesting paedophile false prophet Mohamed himself.

    In God we trust

    God bless you Roger


  2. Lionheart is the reason I started blogging. Having read and commented on many blogs, including this one, when I saw Lionheart's announcement that he was going to stop blogging I knew that I had to start.

    If one of us is silenced,then 10 must stand and give our voices to the chorus of outrage. If the government can silence dissent, then they have become a dictatorship and all Freedoms are at risk.

    It is through an open forum and discussion of ideas that nations remain strong.

    Thus I support Lionheart and all who openly criticize that they find abhorrent in the world.

  3. Roger, excellent introductory commentary.
    Welcome Lionheart, I followed your news story but admittedly from afar…this means I read it and did little or nothing about it. My concerns rose to a higher level when the Archbishop of Canterbury hinted at some merging of Sharia law into your culture. My initial words as I read to myself were, “What? This is getting a way out of hand! What next, the Pope?” Your work does not go unnoticed here in the U.S. however complacent we appear. We have many calls out to ‘Wake Up America” as I’m sure you do with the Crown and if this ‘hate-crime’ nonsense against Islam doesn’t resonate soon the Jihadists may have to re-visit the words of the Japanese, “We may have awakened a sleeping giant.”

  4. Welcome Lionheart. Looking forward to your posts.

  5. Will, glad to see you on deck. I recently made reference to you as an "Alfred". I guess, I mixed my defenders of the isle.

  6. A splendid new chapter to The Special Relationship is here begun!

    Welcome Mr. Ray (Lionheart) and well done Mr. Gardner. Two of our favorites all in one!

    We have long declared that as goes Britain so go her offspring. No one has a better ear to the streets of Britain than Lionheart and American Radarsite readers will do well to heed his reports.

    The Islamofication currently consuming Britain is fed by the same moral weakness and ignorance of history that plagues the States(and all the Anglosphere for that matter.) Knowledge is the antidote to this plague but spreading it (knowledge)is far easier said than done. Partnerships like this, however, are bloody good start!