Saturday, May 17, 2008

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Hizbollah High School?

Cross posted from The Midnight Sun

May 17th, 2008 by Aurora

Horrified by the idea of Hizbollah taking over Lebanon? What if they had taken over an American high school. Impossible. You think so?

Back in 2006, Fordson High School, Dearborn Michigan had already become the first Muslim majority high school in America. From Debbie Schlussel:

The principal of Fordson Hezbollah High, Imad Fadlallah, is a cousin of Hezbollah spiritual leader, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah –who is on the State Department Terrorist List and who issued the fatwa to Hezbollah terrorists to murder over 300 U.S. Marines and U.S. Embassy officials (among countless other terrorist acts he’s okayed).

Note from Radarsite: The rest of this article was removed at the request of the author.


  1. A couple of good lawsuits and Dearborn will be history. That's all it takes and the willingness to file them.

  2. I love your attitude Fundalis. lol
    Right on.

  3. Are the people of Michigan and, especially Detroit and Dearborn, just beaten-down by the Muslim conflux there - and the ready aid of the ACLU?

    What parent can allow this? We desperately need parents to speak up and out.

    This is the kind of piece that makes you think someone has crept-up behind you.

    Maggie's Notebook

  4. Schlussel tells it as it is in Dearbornistan. Nothing can be done because the local population is majority Muslim. Isdamn rules.

    So long as both parties contend for the Muslim vote, and are willing to overlook corruption among their pets, this situation will continue to fester.

    We need to purge the nation of Isdamn's fifth column.

  5. Where's this education lobby that's has every politician quaking on the dais? What about diversity? How about busing? (Boston ruined community cohesion that way.)
    I remember when parochial schools (back when education of children was a major element of the Roman Catholics) charged tuition and the families still had to pay school taxes.
    How do these schools do on merit-rating? I imagiine Jr. ROTC would be interesting.
    You got it, Findalis. A few good lawsuits by a concerned party.
    And, Maggie, don't turn you head. It could fall off. They've crawled up behind us and cut our throats already.
    Let's think about this; real seriously, folks. It's been allowed to happen.

  6. The thought of this article having a shred of credibility should have been dispelled as soon as you notice the name Debbie Schlussel on it. Debbie runs a on a platform of hate and divisive journalism that threatens our great country's sense of well being and safety.
    Don't get me wrong and label me an Muslim sympathizer. Muslims, Jews, and Christians have all had a bloody history and continue to tear into each other. Only difference is that this era has the Christians and Jews (Juedeo-Christians) waging war on the Muslims. Tommorrow's generation could very well have the Jews and Muslims on the same side against the Christians, one never knows.
    Its important for us as a nation to not get caught up in this fear mongoring practice of Schlussel and others. We should dictate our treatment and toleration of one another based on personal merits as opposed to breaking billions of people down to two teams (good guys vs. bad guys) Everyone has blood on their hands in this conflict. The Christians for thier unconditional support of the Jews, the Jews for their agenda of displacing millions of Muslims, and the Muslims for their desperate acts of suicide missions that harm innocent and guilty alike. Of course everyone has theri own version of which side he or she belongs too, good or bad.

    Most Christians don't support the unconditional support of the Jews. Most Jews don't support displacing millions of Muslims, and most Muslims condemn supposed martyrdom of suicide missions against innocent targets.
    The three major religons respective leaders are the ones that use positions of power to pursue their own agenda by means of conflict.
    Its crucial that we are patient and tolerant of one another if we can't love and respect each other.

  7. Ali -- you are appropriately named --
    I am torn between deleting this irrational but all-too-typical attack on Debbie's journalistic integrity and on the Judeo/Christian west in general, and leaving it up for everyone to see.
    As of now I'm leaving it up.

    Because this is the voice of the enemy. This is the garbage they spew out. These are the outrageous lies they are peddling.

    Everything is relative. All religions are basically the same and are driven by the same basic self-centered agenda. Islam is no different than the others. The Judeo/Christian west is attacking innocent Islam. And -- most tellingly -- our Ali manages to get some of his hate-filled antisemitic messages into his senseless rant.

    You're on the wrong channel here Ali. No one here hears you. You are either a fool or a villain.

    Islam is the enemy, Islam is the problem. Islam is a dark pit of negativity. And we will not fall into it.

    If you attempt to comment here again you will be deleted. - rg

  8. I intend to use Ali's exemplar of moronic multiculturalism as the core of my next major blog post. When it is completed, I will make it available to you for cross posting.

    Dissecting that pile of brain droppings is too extensive and intensive a task for the reply editor format.

  9. Good news Ben. I'm glad now that I left it up there. I'll be looking forward to your response.

  10. As promised, Ben has responded to Ali's comments. And as promised, Radarsite has posted them. They have been added to the original article above.

    Nice work Ben. I'd say you settled that dispute.

  11. Thank you, Roger. I simply could not let that smarmy slime trail lay unrefuted.

  12. It's people like Ali who think those of us who are capable of thinking and aren't snowed by the old romanticism of the mystery of "arabi" who are the real morons. I don't see Benedict doing a damn thing against the muslims other than quoting a 14th century idiot and the muzzies frothing and rioting over it. Shows ali's intellect.

    Ali, leave and leave this country while you're at it. We don't want you, your doctrines or your shari'a law here--this is the United States and we DON'T roll over and play dead, we fight back, like it or not.

    Never submit. Never surrender. Hooah!

  13. Damn! Luvya Miss B.! Nice to see you!
    -- Rogerguy

  14. As usual I showed up late to the party.
    Nevertheless, it appears ali-babba has had his magic carpet yanked from beneath him by proud patriots.

    Not much to add except this for ali-bub; 7.62mm X 54mm. My personal favorite ali bub, and the first one I reach for when it becomes necessary to apply a "patriot implant".
    Bigot? Racist? Nope...American through and through ali-bub. The only sure way to get rid of islamicroaches is to exterminate them all with extreme prejudice preferably by application of the patriot implant to the soft tissues found in the cranium.

    You scum claim you'd rather die to facilitate meeting up with your god and gaining your pornographic rewards and I am only happy enough to help you achieve that.

    islam(and I use the lower case out of NO respect) is the problem and should be eradicated completely from civilized populations.

  15. Thanks everyone. And Hi Dean.
    In case anyone is wondering -- I posted an announcement a while ago on my sidebar stating the same thing about no longer using a capitol "I" for islam. Eventually though I had to abandon that idea because when my stuff was cross posted to other sites it would show up as an error and I'd have to keep explaining myself.
    It's still fun to do it once in a while though. lol. -- rg