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Britain Under Attack: 2 Nail bombs found in busy restaurant

From Lionheart UK
22 May 2008

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the Nail bomber is a Moslem convert - In my view, expect more attacks on similar targets around the Country as they always hit multiple times.

There is no denial in this report saying that it is not terror related, the question is, is it Islamic terror related as the report does mention animal rights extremists.

I will post more when the details emerge.

Restaurant, Cafe and Shopping Centre does not sound good though, thankfully they never achieved there aim and only one of the bombs went off near a busy cafe and only injured in the blast the one who had planted them who has now been arrested.

If it was Al Qaeda I would expect more are on there way.

Shopping centres, Cafe's and Restaurants are the easiest targets to hit, and if this was the work of Islamic terrorists then we have once again been saved from a scene of mass murder and carnage.

The picture below is of one of the nail bombs discovered in the boot of the 7/7 bombers abandoned car at Luton railway station.

Daily Mail

A city centre was evacuated today after two bombs were found - at least one of which exploded - at a busy lunchtime cafe.

A man, who is believed to have set off the explosive device, was injured and has been taken into custody. At least one of the devices was believed to be a nail bomb.

The Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall, Stephen Otter, said tonight: "We can now confirm there were two explosive devices found at the scene."

He said they were both in the same area of the Giraffe restaurant at the Princesshay shopping centre, in Exeter, although he would not give exact details of where.

He said they had both been made safe. He could not say what kind of devices they were.

The 22-year-old man was taken to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital and the area was sealed off by police. Officers said he suffered lacerations to his eye and some facial burning.

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  1. This sounds like a lone bomber. Some nutcase who wanted to make his own statement about his "faith".

    If this was an actual planned attack by a terror cell, the bomber would have been given devices that were already charged and ready to go. All he would have to do is scream: "Allah Akbar!" and press the trigger. That is how they do it in Israel. Nice and neat.

    This wannabe is a symptom of the disease of Islam. They teach their converts that the only way to paradise is through martyrdom, then leave them to their own devices.

    So much for the "Religion of Peace".

    The trouble is that Great Britain and her citizens will do nothing special to stem this. In the 1960's and 70's the IRA would bomb London on a regular basis. The British have gotten complacent in this. It will take more than a wannabe or another 7/7 to wake Britain up to this new idea of terror. I fear it will take a dirty bomb at least to do it.

    G-d help us all if that happens.

  2. Too bad he wasn't killed. Now he'll be put into the British criminal system to be coddled and looked after with halal meals, korans and all that for a couple of years until he's released to take his rightful place suckling off the tax payer again. Who said terrorism doesn't pay.