Friday, May 16, 2008

From Other Sites on the Line: 16 May 08

Is This the Beginning of a Backlash?

Cross posted from Crusader Rabbit (Australia)

"Italy rounds up hundreds of illegal immigrants while vigilantes set fire to gipsy camps in hardline crackdown: Hundreds of illegal immigrants were arrested in a nationwide roundup in Italy yesterday, with dozens immediately deported.

The operation followed rising anxiety in Italy over the scale of illegal immigration, with tempers flaring in Naples where vigilantes set alight a Roma gipsy camp.Silvio Berlusconi was elected to a third term as prime minister last week after promising to crack down on illegal immigrants who are blamed by many Italians for a rising crime rate.In a massive police operation yesterday, police raided addresses stretching from Milan and Turin in the north, down to Rome and as far south as Naples.A total of 268 foreigners were arrested, all illegal immigrants, according to Italian police who carried out the raids with the help of Romanian officers.

Most of the arrested were held for further checks and possible charges over crimes.But 53 were immediately booted out after being put on planes to their home countries or taken to land borders.Police said the raids were part of a crackdown on thefts, break-ins, drug dealing and prostitution which have jumped in recent months.But there was no doubt it was under political orders from on high.

Those arrested came from Eastern Europe, Greece, North Africa and China.

Strange, isn't it, how Britain is unable to deport illegal immigrants, rapists and murderers and terrorists--because it would "breach their human rights".

The Italians appear to have no such problem. Perhaps their judges aren't neutered poodles?

A note from Radarsite: The title poses the question: Are these increasing incidents evidence of European backlash against their out-of-control immigration problems? Is this just the beginning? It is perhaps too early to see these developments as a backlash -- but all the necessary elements are certainly there. While the EU multiculturalists have continued playing their destructive games with European culture, the resentment and anger has been seething just below the surface. Are these signs of an imminent eruption?
To us, perhaps the gypsies seem an unlikely target of Italian anger. But perhaps they are the Italian version of our illegal Mexican immigrants problems. In any event, it seems that the Italians are trying to take their country back. And for this they must be applauded. Perhaps they can set an example to those other European countries, such as Britain in particular, who are at best ignoring the problem; and at worst facilitating it.
Bravo Italia! -- rg


  1. Although I applaud the work the Italian police are doing on their illegal immigrant program, it sickens me to see vigilantes set fire to Romany camps.

    The Romany have suffered from European prejudice in the same manner as Jews have. Millions were rounded up by the Nazis and killed. The true numbers have never been established.

    What the Romany need is their own nation where they can live in peace and harmony. For the Romany here in the US are some of the hardest working, most honest and law abiding citizens in the nation. They thrive in a Free atmosphere, lending their unique color to the fabric that is American society.

  2. You may be right Findalis. However, the picture you paint of the Romany isn't the same picture I've gotten of them. According to a lot of sources from Europe I've seen, they have earned a rather nasty reputation over there for all kinds of crimes against their host countries. Professional pickpocket rings, professional shoplifting gangs, etc. I'm afraid I don't come away feeling as generous as you towards them.

    Of course, what you say about their suffering under the Nazis is all too true. But, I think the Italians might see them a little differently than we do. Perhaps a lot of people view our treatment of illegal Mexican immigrants as overly harsh, without understanding our anger and frustrations.