Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lionheart: An Important Update - 28 May 08

The British State’s leash around my neck

From Lionheart
28 May 2008

An update on my situation with regards to my arrest on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred through written material on my blog.

I was arrested, and placed in a police cell for hours, then questioned over the police investigation into me and my blog several months back.

I was bailed without charge to attend the police station yesterday to answer bail to see whether or not I am going to be charged with the offence and put before a British Court, or whether they did not really have enough on me for this case against me to be in the public interest to be brought before a British Court and then released without charge.

Due to the charge, the case load has to go to the CPS and then to the Department of Public Prosecutions for them to decide whether or not to place me on trial.

I was re-bailed again yesterday to appear at the police station once again in two months time to see whether or not they are closer to making a decision on me and my case.

The police had the information on me since June last year, and then 6 months later over Christmas I get the call saying that they needed to arrest me over my blog. Then 3 months later I return and hand myself in for arrest and interview. So 9 months up until my arrest, and now a further 3 months to answer my first bail and they still have not decided whether or not they are going to charge me with anything, so I now have to wait a further 2 months to see whether or not to prosecute me is going to be in the public interest.

12 months and they have not decided on me.

My legal team have stated that they could have me on bail for anything up to a year, but if they have not got enough to charge me yet, then what is going to change in another 2 months or in a year?

I think I have been pretty consistent with my message on this blog over the past 18 months, so I cannot see that changing.

This is the British State’s leash around my neck.

I wonder who wants to pull that leash or who wants to set me free from it?

All I can say now is that I have to continue waiting while big brother decides whether or not I have upset ‘community cohesion’ enough in today’s British Nanny State to warrant placing me on trial for defending myself and my country from the 21st Century invasion of Great Britain.

Those people who prevent the British people from speaking out in defence of their Country and all that is happening in this generation are TRAITORS to the British people, there is no other word for it.

The Military wing of Islam is at War with us and we cannot even speak about it through fear of arrest and imprisonment.

The British State is allowing Islam to spread unhindered within our Nation, and passing laws to protect its growth within our society, and in turn tying the British peoples hands behind their backs whilst they face this Goliath that is seeking to destroy their way of life and enforce an Islamic one in its place.

I serve the same God as David the shepherd boy.

Put me on trial and if convicted send me to one of your over crowded prison’s for my words, or release me so that I can get on with my life, it is not a hard choice to make is it?

Either I am guilty in the eyes of those looking or I am innocent, and considering I have not been stripped of my right to use a computer or my blog being shut down, it cannot really be that serious a matter for it to be in the Public interest to take me through a lengthy and very costly Court case can it? But then again people are being hauled before the Courts over leaving their bin lid an inch higher than they are told they can, or for throwing apple cores to the Earth, so who knows what will happen in today's schizophrenic British society.

I hope they are not Moslem eyes looking, because we are all guilty in their eyes, and considering Islam has infiltrated every area of British life I would not put it past those within the halls of power to be conferring with God’s enemies who are now entrenched within the fabric of our Judeo/Christian Nation.

I know my life is safe in God’s hands though, He is watching my back in those areas I cannot see, because He sees all things and I am His son.

In service of the King – Jesus – The Lion of the tribe of Judah.

A note from Radarsite: How many times have we discussed this bizarre upside-down world of PC Liberalism? How many reports have we read from Europe and Britain detailing the latest absurdities of these multiculturalist governments? There seems to be no end in sight, no limit to this governmental lunacy, this idiotic ideology gone wild.
But, in the final analysis, we, my friends, are merely reading about it, or perhaps writing about it. And although our outrage is sincere enough, we are, for now at least, removed from the actual horrors of this Kafkan nightmare. But some people aren't so lucky.

Our friend and fellow blogger Lionheart is living this bad dream, this social catastrophe called PCism. For him, it's not some hypothetical ideology to be debated over a couple of beers in your friendly tavern. It's a matter of personal freedom or actual incarceration. He wakes every morning to the persistent specter of this all-too-real threat. His very life has been put into the cold hands of these delusional PC bureaucrats. He can only helplessly await their decision -- their endlessly deferred decision: Will he walk away a free man, or will he actually be sent to jail.

Sent to jail.

This is the awful reality of PC craziness. This is what the real fight is all about.

This is not some kind of conservative propaganda ploy. This is really happening in the world we once knew so well, and once felt so comfortable in. Britain is losing it's battle to keep it's Britishness and is fast becoming all but unrecognizable. It has been -- and is still being -- invaded by a violent and brutish race of barbarians -- if you doubt for one moment that they are all of this just read why Lionheart was finally forced to fight back against these Muslim thugs, these Pakistani drug gangs, who have taken over his hometown of Luton and threatened his life. These hoodlums, these lowlife street punks are now being protected by British law because they are Muslims.

Because they are Muslims.

And Lionheart, having committed the unforgivable sin of exposing this sham, must now pay the penalty. He has spoken the truth about Islam. And in England these days one does not speak the truth about Islam. To speak the truth about Islam in their crazy PC-skewered reality is to commit a Hate Crime. And Hate Crimes are punishable by law.

My friends, think for a minute -- the next time we read about this travesty of justice called PCism, the next time we sit down to write about it, think about our friend and colleague Lionheart and remember what you are doing. Remember that we are discussing a reality here, not just some academic theory, but a horrible reality that is slowly eating away at the fabric of our beautiful Western Civilization, and in the process, all but crushing the life out of one of our last honest men.

Remember Lionheart. What happens to Lionheart happens to us all. - rg


  1. All I can think of as I read this is a tale by Kafka (Metamorphosis, I think.).
    What is frustrating, is this is the England of the Magna Carta.
    Is this the England of Burke, Nelson, Wellington Churchill, Thatcher? Is this the England from whom the greatest sense of our own legal ethics is drawn?
    We surely are asking ourelves, how did this happen. We must investigate - INVESTIGATE - step by step, from the first spark to the last cinder, every vote and measure taken and buy whom.

    So simple of me, isn't it. I'm soft and comfy in the USA.

    But, as we've been reading over recent months, this cancer is metasticizing at a rapid rate coast to coast and in the anonymous mid-country.
    Lionheart is giving us a clarion call. Read and listen carefully before we're drowned out by the calls to prayers.
    Look at congress, state legislatures, municipal councils; don't forget those special boards and authorities that can pre-empt your voting franchise.
    And remember, feel-good remedies for a social itch can be habit forming. I've no idea how the detox would go. But, then again, I haven't seen it tried; only more spoons full of sugar.

  2. it is asurreal situation as though that the Brown shirts under Adolph are back in Vogue!

  3. I sit in my home in the US with comfort in the knowledge that the US Constitution guarantees me the right to criticizes and condemn that which I find abhorrent. This right extends to all Americans regardless of their political views. Thus I can say I have Free Speech.

    But Free Speech isn't free. It comes at a cost. That cost is constant vigilance against those who would stifle my and other's voices. I shudder at the thought of my government forcing any of us into silence because someone didn't like what we wrote or said.

    It is a shame that Great Britain, a nation with a rich heritage of Free Speech should now find itself stifling the very freedom that they proclaim to have.

    Governments fear open dialog. They fear people not marching in lockstep with their ideas. They fear the truth.

    What Lionheart has done is to make them fear. And that is the duty of a good citizen. They should fear that the majority of their people are dissatisfied with their policies. They should be fearful of a majority who is being ignored in favor of minorities who demand from the government rights above the average citizen. And they should fear the backlash of the majority.

    The revolution is coming for Europe and Great Britain. We saw a battle of it in London and in the Italian elections. The majority won't be silent forever. Nor should you be Brave Lionheart.

    Know that G-d the Master of the Universe is with you at all times, and also know that it is his work and his words that you do. And remember this:

    Even if they throw you into the Lion's Den, like Daniel G-d will be standing with you. He will always be your rock.

    The prayers of many here in the US and around the world are with you, Lionheart. And it is said that prayer can move mountains.

  4. Shawmut and Findalis -- you guys are great. I'm proud to call you my friends.
    As I'm sure you both well know, along with this rampant PC fascism is a resurgence of a particularly virulent strain of antsemitism -- a definite sign of bad times to come -- and not just for poor old Britain.

  5. This is sad...
    And to think that not a one of our presidential candidates will discuss the issue...Islam is bad for Britain, bad for us, and bad for the entire free world...and with this don't kill the messenger for they (the Islamist) have proven it over and over again. I say this because if I were before Congress stating the same, they would kill me; either literally and/or the messenger in me.

  6. Lionheart is not alone. Two members of the BNP were persecuted for disparaging Islam a few years ago, fortunately, Justice was done in their cases.

    Two Christian clergymen were persecuted in Australia, fined and imprisoned for a similar contrived offense.

    In Canada, Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant are being dragged through the Kangaroo Court system.

    Praise be to the Almighty for giving our founding fathers the wisdom to ratify an amendment guaranteeing our right of free expression!!

    Isdamn arrogantly demands national and international laws to shield itself from criticism. As recently as December 24 the United Nations General Assembly, AssWholes that they are, one and all, passed a resolution condemning and urging member states to outlaw criticism of Islam, blissfully ignoring Isdamn's blasphemous defamation of Our Saviour.

    We must not slack nor slumber but be vigilant and constantly guard our precious liberties while trying to restore those of our Australian, Canadian and British brethren.

  7. We would be delighted to post Lionheart's material on our blogs (hosted in the U.S.) as an act of intentional disrespect and contempt to the British officials who are infringing on his rights while sympathizing with the enemies of England.

  8. "12 months and they have not decided on me."

    The bastards are probably trying to cook up something they hope will stick.

    We are only really free to say what the elites think. There is very little freedom remaining in the west. Call it constitution, magna carta, whatever you will. You only have the rights you can defend.

    I hope Lionheart has the will to fight the state, he sure doesn't have the means anymore, but the will and perhaps with some assistance he will prevail. If he ever gets charged and has to go to court, i'm ready to chip in and spread the word for him.

    Perhaps the media can get in on it too, shame the state into doing the right thing.

  9. There is the hope, as in all such cases (Steyn, Levant et al) that, stretched thin by the protracted idiocy of bureaucracy and exposed in the light of the blogosphere, Mr. Lionheart's ordeal will collapse entirely under the weight of its own asininity.

    Rather than render this case insignificant, however, such an event needs be publicized every bit as much as if Mr. Lionheart were taken under arrest. For state harassment, whether brutally effective or hilariously incompetent, is or ought be anathema to peoples of Western societies of all political persuasions.