Monday, May 12, 2008

From Other Sites on the Line: 12 May 08

British Police Go To Hell!

Jihadists take over London streets

A note from Radarsite. For anyone who still has doubts about the intentions of Muslim immigrants into Western societies, this startling video from Britain (courtesy of Crusader Rabbit) is a must-see. Perhaps even more disturbing than their hateful and outrageous anti-British anti-Western rant is their ability to confront and actually intimidate the mostly helpless British Police. Shame on London. Shame on Britain.

Congratulations, you liberal PC fools. This is what you have brought us to.

Are you satisfied now?

Click here to watch video:


  1. I first saw this on Lionheart and was outraged. Why wasn't he arrested for instigating a riot? Disturbing the peace? Assaulting a police officer?

    In the US the cops would have taken control of the situation. In Great Britain they give Jihadists a free rein. That's the difference.

    The war is getting ready to start, I can feel it. Will England stand tall or be obliterated?

    By the reaction of these cops, they will fall.

  2. It's disturbing that the police couldn't open fire. I would love to see tanks rolling on the streets of London ready with some tear gas. Well, actually some other more fatal chemical solvent than tear gas would ensure these cockroaches are exterminated. The streets need some serious fumigating.
    Here in the states they hide within Hispanic "barrios". There is a large one in CA. It is scary, but I am ready.
    Good post!