Friday, May 30, 2008

A Message to my Readers

Perhaps this would be a good time to reiterate Radarsite's primary mission.

Radarsite is a conservative pro-American, pro-Western, pro-Israel, pro-military website. Radarsite was developed as an attempt to counter the self-loathing, self-destructive leftist anti-Americanism rampant in today's Western culture. Our skewed MSM is overflowing with it. To be considered knowledgeable in today's ungrateful topsy-turvy world one must be loudly and proudly anti-American. Patriotism is now to be considered some lower form of life, a weakness demonstrating a lack of intellectual capacity or historical awareness. In this current environment it takes more courage to be patriotic than to be a dissenter. In fact, if one is unabashedly patriotic, one automatically becomes a dissenter.

America and the democratic West are presently at war-- and not just in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Western world is in the midst of great cultural upheavals, virtual civil wars that will ultimately determine the nature of our civilizations for decades to come. Our traditional democratic Judeo/Christian values are arguably in more peril at this particular moment in history than ever before. We are even more imperiled because half of our Western societies refuse to acknowledge this imminent peril and hide under a blanket of lies and euphemisms.

Daily we are besieged by enemies from both without and within. We are battling against ruthless fanatics who seek to dominate or destroy us, and against delusional multiculturalists who would gladly give our great societies away. We are fighting against terrorists, collaborationists, propagandists, appeasers, apologists and deniers. Our enemies have innumerable resources at their disposal and innumerable venues from which to expound their negativities. They find themselves warmly welcomed at our most prestigious universities, in the hallowed halls of Congress, and at trendy Beverly Hills cocktail parties.

But not here.

Here we still believe in the American dream. Here we fight back against those who would destroy that dream. Many of our readers are veterans, all are patriots. We do not come together here to debate the merits of America, but to protect her. We have studied the issues and have worked hard to understand just what is at risk. Our opinions are not borrowed, but are the results of our studies. We defend our opinions only so long as we believe them to be true. The moment we begin to doubt them, we will abandon them.

I am so immensely proud of our readership. I believe we have accumulated some of the most intelligent, knowledgeable and most honest writers and thinkers on the web. We believe in America and we believe in each other. And we will not give in to negativity and despair, no matter how popular it becomes.

I humbly thank you all for your loyal encouragement and support. - rg


  1. OK which one of the posters at HC boards got to you?

    If I ever disagree with what you write, I'll let you know. But I agree with you on the main points of Patriotism and a Conservative voice in opposition to the whiny left.

  2. It's we who should thank you, Roger for your clarity and passion and unswerving belief in Western values.

  3. Well done, Roger, another excellent post.

  4. You're too much, man.

    I sometimes wake up from dreams of things that we did while serving this country and wonder why so many hate our heritage.

    They can't be from around here.

    You keep writing that good stuff,and it'll keep being viral...

    Thanks for what you did then, and are doing now...

    Liberty Card

  5. Radarsite stands watch on the far horizon. Essential in the New Millennium, superior intellect, formidable eloquence and much like the nom de guerre - Radarsite enlightens, imparts and influences in a truly global range.

    RoGeRbAbE! is the Paladin - the honour bound philosopher king - leading this vital cadre of Great Satan's artistes', intelligentsia - au courant and all together with it.

    Radarsite's readers may have a 100 diff thoughts and ideas on a 100 diff topics - yet Radarsite's readers also share like a billion beliefs - especially about America. What She is - where She is - how She got to this point in time - uniquely powerful - the only one of Her kind!

    Just like Radarsite.

    Roger W Gardner's exceptional mind candy has created a circle that built new media in the new millennium. And we know our way around

  6. Well -- once agin, in response to Findalis's question, I don't want anyone wondering what the hell we're talking about.
    So here it is:
    I posted my "Outrage of Patriotism" article that had been picked up by the Chicago Sun Times to the History Channel Forum.

    Now, from having dealt with them previously I knew this would probably upset a lot of them terribly -- and I wasn't disappointed.

    For those of you who haven't read it, "The Outrage of Patriotism" was a follow up article to the reactions I'd received from a previous article in abashed praise of America.
    Here are some excerpts from their first reactions:

    "I dunno, the author just seems to be whining a lot about some negative responses he got to an article he wrote. I think the guy says he loves America but hates feminists and jews."


    "This is Just Bogus Homerism. Really lame."

    and here's another one (don't you love it when they call you duuude?):

    "duuuude! twain was the quintessential AMERICAN, and yet he understood quite well the american imperialism was poisoning the core of this once-great nation. twain became vice president of hte anti-imperialist league"

    and then this:

    "True patriotism doesn't involve paranoia, exagerration, braggadocio, hostility and chestbeating. This is like a five year old's idea of patriotism. It's simple-minded nationalistic flag waving. Hitler used junk similar to this."

    and, finally:

    "Real patriotism isn't just us versus them or "aren't we the greatest!"

    Now, here's my rejoinder. I hope you like it:

    "You know -- after reading some of these comments here and then re-reading that essay, I think perhaps you were right to criticize it, after all.

    I think now that I should have been a little more forceful in my praise of this great country and a little more searing in my condemnation of anti-Americanists.

    It/I did receive a lot of hate mail, eerily similar incidently to the hate mail here. But, then again, (and I know that this will really upset you) I received more positive and passionate responses to this little article from people from all over this world than on anything I've ever written before or since.

    You see, I had been led to believe by our own media that everyone in this world hates America and everything she stands for today. But what I discovered was that that wasn't accurate reporting. We have more friends around this world than you could possibly imagine. I have had people writing in just to remind me of this fact. Just to remind me not to be swayed by the negative and skewered views of our own leftist MSM, and to remember how many people around this world love and admire us.

    Do you really think that after all of these wonderful messages from all these wonderful friends that your petty immature little pinpricks will upset me?

    "your detractors are small and petty and vicious"

    You are expending all of your limited talents and your waning energies to prove what exactly? That America is no good? That it isn't as good as other countries? That America is a misguided imperialistic bully? That the Venezualans or the Syrians or the Senagolese are somehow morally superior to us? That we are a bigoted nation of racists and hypocrites? That we should heed the admonitions of our corrupt UN and change our ways?

    Think about it. You are fighting your best fight to try to denigrate your own home and I pity you for that. I pity you for your small uncritical minds who have meekly succumbed to the peer pressures of these current ideological fashions. And in your anxious desire to please and to hopefully appear superior, you are trying to sell your country down the drain.

    We are at war and you have chosen to take the side of our adversaries. You spend your waking hours trying to find something new to criticize her for. And you are happy with yourselves and you think that this makes you clever.

    You are merely the self-centered, self-satisfied ungrateful products of a discredited academia. You are more interested in being accepted than in being right. And that, my friends is moral weakness.

    You are, from what little I have seen of you here, small minded and nasty little people, whose pathetic attempts at condecension fall flat at the feet of your ignorance. You try to raise yourselves up to look down on me because you think I am being simplistic and jingoistic, yet you have no idea of who I am and where I come from and what I have learned. You have no interest in finding out what I have learned.

    No, you will defend your shallow second-hand opinions to the bitter end. I have nothing but contempt for your narrow mindedness and your bleak and empty rhetoric.

    You are driven not by the search for truth, but merely by your own insatiable egos. You blithely ignore the pronouncements and threats of our enemies because they do not fit into your tidy diversity paradigms. And you are of course arrogant in your conceit and your contempt for any opposing views.

    Your very first reactions to me -- a relatively new guest on this forum, someone you know little or nothing about -- were an onslaught of childish personal insults.
    What I wonder does this say about the level of your humanity?

    It's been fun. It's been truly enlightening to see how the other half lives. And it is a sad and embittered little life. But I'm afraid I can only take it for short visits before becoming depressed.

    Good night and sweet dreams,
    Roger W. Gardner"

  7. To my friends -- I will save and treasure this article and your comments for a long long time.
    I could go on and on about the things you said and your many kindnesses, but I'll just say thanks.
    I think I will post this to GOP Hub now. I think, even if it is primarily about Radarsite, it's worth posting it there. I think it's about a lot more than just Radarsite.

    Luvya -- rg

  8. I still find it funny that one of the posters there compared you to a Hitler and called you a Nazi.

    They don't know what they are doing. You cannot love your nation and bad mouth it at the same time. Doublethink doesn't work.

    Criticism of policies will not destroy America, it is encouraged by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution. The right to petition the government on grievances is a First Amendment right (we sometimes forget that one). And without healthy criticism meaningful changes to this nation would have never come about. It was criticism that brought about: Women's suffrage, The Voting Rights Act of 1964, The end to Jim Crow Laws, Direct elections of Senators, etc...

    All I've seen the left do is condemn this nation. They seem to have forgotten the joys of liberty that this nation has given them. Nor do they remember that the rights that they enjoy belong to all.

    Roger here and others at many sites are voices crying from the wilderness of the nation. They are the prophets of the 21st century. And like prophets of old, they are ridiculed and despised for the truth they tell.

    Just my 2 cents for what it is worth.

  9. Damn Findalis. Your two cents is invaluable to me.

  10. Excellent reiteration Roger.
    For much of what is said negatively about our great country can be traced to non other than the traitors from within. Knowing you are a student of ancient Rome I believe you would agree with Cicero's assessment:
    "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies in the heart of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murder is less to fear.
    The traitor is the plague..." Marcus Tullius Cicero, speech to the Roman Senate

  11. Another great article and great response to those ignorant comments. Sounds like you hit a nerve or two with them.

    You have a strong bunch of patriots here at Radarsite. We may gripe and complain about the idiotic things our country does (well, the politicians in Washington do), but that is because we love this country and we want her to stay the country we know she is at heart.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  12. Roger,

    Excellent post and thanks to you for helping us spread our word.

    gary fouse

  13. The broad base of contributors, focussed upon common agreement of values, and your very gracious acceptance of opinion is what keeps this humble pedestrian in the world returning to you as a reference point.
    In a short time, you have drawn me closer to more people that I only hoped were out there.
    The Western Tradition has done more for the sake of every other 'traditon' in the world. I hear people who would denigrate us who would be cadres in its defense.
    They don't get it. But for us, they wouldn't have a chance.
    May you, Roger, and those who fly with you, (yes, YOU, who chip in as do I)receive and enjoy blessings.

  14. Roger, I am proud to call you a friend, brother, fellow blogger, and PATRIOT! God bless you and all of your efforts here at Radarsite.

    I will link to this at the first part of next week - as this weekend I am featuring a repost of Ben's "The Defamation of Jesus Christ".

    It kinda got lost during the Memorial Day series and I wanted to get it back out there, and I know you have it posted here as well.


  15. FYI: that original article "A Brief Message To America" was the result of my reading a particularly vicious anti-Amreicanism, written not by some Al Qaeda creature, but by some coddled America academic.
    And it really set me off.

    Part way through writing my response, for some reason I thought about Gen. George S. Patton. I tried to think about how the gentle general might have responded to this creep. And I'm sure his response would definitely have been 'over the top'. lol

    I think we will always have a place in America for a firebrand like Patton. But also for a clear-headed unemotional tactician, like Gen. Marshall. And a skilled diplomat like Eisenhower to bring it all together. After all, as different as they were from one another, they did get the job done.

    I think to counter the loud, often foul-mouthed anti-Americanist rants of these fanatical leftists 'Old Blood and Guts" is an appropriate choice. - rg

  16. Maybe you should put a notice on your sidebar that says:

    WARNING: Radarsite requires you to engage your brain before viewing.

  17. That would be OK if a libtard moonbat anti-Americanist HAD a brain.

  18. Roger,

    Bravo! It is we that are so immensely proud of you! What an awesome post. I feel so fortunate to have come across you and your wonderful site and great friends.

    I have to thank Ben P. for that. Thank you Ben! He told me I would love your articles and he was right!

    I leave you with this as I feel it is appropriate and I hold this close to my heart and soul.

    "PATRIOTISM is not short, frenzied outburts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime" By Adlai Stevenson.

    Your comment reply to the Leftist - Libtards (sorry for the name calling) is worthy of a post in itself.

    Bless you my friend and Keep up the Fantastic work you do and to all your contributors!

    So very Proud of being in the company of such wonderful and intelligent Americans!

    Kudos to you Roger! One of the most Dedicated and Loyal Patriots I have ever known.

  19. Well said, now I'm all pissed off... :)

  20. Thank you so very much for the post Roger. I absolutely adore your site. Thank you too for your comment.

    Lindsey Russell

  21. Almost lost in the shuffle was GSG's wonderful comments. How can I ever thank you enough GSG? I think this is probably the nicest, most encouraging comment anyone has ever made on Radarsite.

  22. My Dear Roger,

    You are indispensable!



  23. I think this site is so great I rss'ed it to my home page. Way to be Radarsite!

    I can't believe I finally found a community of like minded readers and thinkers out there.

    Just when I thought I was all alone on this great blue planet the Spirit lifted me up to this great site.

    Here's my website link

    You can reach me at
    Hotlikecold -@-

    I've got other greats on my site too, like Maggie's Notebook, Yid with Lid, Just the the Fence etc.

    Please contact me with any ideas or suggestions or anything. I am open to all ideas that work to get this movement of the ground.

  24. Please see: In Defense of White Americans -

    Appreciate the sincerity of your post but also hope that we are moving towards a world where views such as yours AND mine (which are pretty much opposite of yours) can work together to make this country even better. It's important for me, as a liberal democrat, to read and try to understand the positions of those who think differently than me. Just as I respect your right to express yourself and live in this country, the same respect and rights need to be accorded to those who might disagree with you -within the boundaries of the rule of law. This is the American way.
    Thank you

  25. "...the same respect and rights need to be accorded to those who might disagree with you -within the boundaries of the rule of law. This is the American way."

    I give no respect and no rights to those who either through ignorance or evil intent are set to ruin this country. I give no respect and no rights to those who attempt to denigrate America or her moral integrity during a time of her utmost peril. I give no respect and no rights to those who would attempt to redefine what it means to be American or undermine the Judeo/Christian values that have made this country the shining example to the world.
    In short, yes, if you can accept these perimeters we could begin to have a conversation. Otherwise, I'd suggest finding a more liberal-friendly website.
    However, if you are a Obama supporter you are not welcome here. Period.

    This is not a game. I don't care if you don't think I'm nice. This is life and death.