Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blips on the Screen: 15 May 08

British Police Stung by Fallout from Undercover Mosque Stings

Cross posted from A Western Heart:

As you will see on today's POLITICAL CORRECTNESS WATCH, the politicized British police have just been forced to eat crow.

Some British documentary makers went around British mosques undercover and filmed various Mullahs inciting violence against unbelievers. The resulting film was shown on British TV.

So what did the police do? What the Mullahs said was clearly in breach of British law against preaching violence so the police went and rounded up all the Mullahs concerned -- right? In your dreams! The cops prosecuted the film-makers instead! They said the film stirred up hatred. It was a truly Orwellian inversion of what actually happened -- that it was the Mullahs who were stirring up hatred.

Anyway the wheels of justice eventually ground down the nonsense and the police were rightly sued over their perverse actions. They have now paid a big sum in compensation and apologized for their actions.

But, amid all the furor, the Muslim hate-speech has remained protected. It appears that none of the Muslim hate-speakers recorded in the film have been prosecuted or will be prosecuted. The main aim of the police exercise -- protecting Muslims from the standards that others have to obey -- has been achieved.

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A note from Radarsite:
"But, amid all the furor, the Muslim hate-speech has remained protected."
This is what we have come to, this Theater of the Absurd, this surrealistic Kafkanesque world of today's Britain. This nightmarish backwards world wherein our oppressors are protected and our defenders are persecuted. The Muslims are out to destroy Britain, and the British police are helping them. I cannot recall a time when our troubled little world has been turned so topsy-turvy.

This tumultuous mess is what you, my liberal friends, have wrought. This is your doing. You have practically destroyed your own civilization, and God help us, you're not done yet. No, you will not be finished until you have completely silenced the voices of reason, until the last glowing embers of liberty and freedom are stamped out.

Are you proud of yourselves now, you EU multiculturalist fools, you ignorant PC traitors? Look at what you have done. Look around you at the chaos you have left in your wake. The chaos that we now must live in. Can we survive your monstrous blunders? Can we finally rise up and exile you into that wretched historical dumping ground, with all of those other loony social engineers, who have almost destroyed this poor vulnerable world of ours with their theoretical tinkerings, and start rebuilding this great wounded society that you have left in shambles. Do we still have time?

God give us the courage to defeat you and the strength to save our wonderful world from your deadly clutches. -- rg


  1. When will Great Britain have the balls to put Muslims in jail for sedition and treason? Time is ripe for it. And they should bring back the death penalty. I understand the penalty for treason in Great Britain is quite gruesome. Sell tickets and pay per view and you could make a tidy prophet.

  2. Good one Findalis.
    PS: Love those typos. That one is a gem: " could make a tidy prophet."
    That's what we need -- a tidy prophet, to replace that old messy one. lololol.
    You should see some of the ones I've made.

  3. A growing number of Brits are wising up, enough to retire Red Ken. They need to maintain and focus their rage and their efforts.

    Last month ACT for America commissioned a nation wide random survey. The results are encouraging; you can see them here:
    4405 people have signed ACT's petition for Congressional investigation of Islamic hate literature distributed by Mosques. Now is the time for you to join us and forward the petition to your friends. Lets not wait until our conditions deteriorate to Britain's level.

  4. Roger that one was intentional.

    Ben: Petitions are signed. Whatever good that will do.

  5. Thank you Ben for those encouraging thoughts about Britain. We can hope that change is in the wind.
    I agree with that petition and have already signed it.

  6. Sorry Findalis, I guess I'm a little slow today, lol

  7. There is a plan and a purpose, Findalis. B.G. has been in contact with staffers for several members of the Anti-Terror Caucus. The survey results & petition signitures will be used to convince them that there is public demand for an investigation.

  8. The post about this will be posted to Monkey in the Middle tomorrow morning. I just love the schedule feature.

  9. jUST Imagine what a raid on a mosque will result in from ACLU.. Loons led by Pelosi, MSM... I'd sell tickets to watch them go ballistic!!

  10. Churchill's ParrotMay 16, 2008 at 2:52 AM

    Theater of the Absurd indeed. Such is the harvest after sixty years sowing Socialism and New Age clap-trappery in place of traditions and principles proven by time and bloodshed.

    Love the happy ending, however,particularly the way the Labour MPs throw the police under the bus now that all is said and done, as if they weren't behind this all the way. More courage and character demonstrated by our heroic Lefties!



  11. What's the outrage?
    Do we really expect that the leftist toboggan to do other than obey the laws of gravity, and when overloaded, get to the bottom any slower?
    In another vein, however; Who trained these police officers? Getting caught is a violation of the 11th Commandment when functioning covertly in another country, but to be exposed on their own turf?
    Is the UK still allowed to read Kipling? I recommend "Kim".