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Romanian Mystery Solved

I don't know about you, but there are innumerable unanswered questions in my mind about this Mysterious Machine on which I spend the greater part of my life these days. Sometimes it seems to have a mind -- and a will -- all it's own. Things happen suddenly for no apparent reason. Sometimes things work, and sometimes they don't. Sometimes -- unfortunately very rarely -- I actually fix something and it works. Other times, no matter what I do, I just have to learn to live with whatever it is that isn't working the way it's supposed to.

Our relationship is I would say tenuous at best. I hold a somewhat grudging respect for it's seemingly independent spirit. My Mysterious Machine has caused me all kinds of headaches, but then again, it has also provided me with some of the most wonderful experiences and surprises.

One of my daily routines has now become browsing through my Sitemeter (or my Stat Counter) every day to check out my stats and to see what interesting people have been on Radarsite, and why they decided to visit. I have uncovered all sorts of interesting visitors this way. Sometimes I can discover why they chose to come here; but many times their true identities and their private motivations remain an unsolved mystery.

A short time ago I had a visitor from -- of all places -- Romania come onto Radarsite to read a specific article of mine. Now, this was a small article called "My Haunted TV" which I had written quite some time ago, in commemoration of September 11, 2001.

Why on earth would someone from Romania be coming onto Radarsite specifically to read that particular article, at this particular time (which, incidently, was not September), written so long ago? How in the world did they even find out about it? And, of course, coming from a somewhat obscure, former Soviet Eastern Bloc country, like Romania, added a particular element of mystery to it all.

Now, in most of these cases I never get anywhere, I'm just left to speculate about the who and the why and so on. But this time I figured it all out. And if you read our Romanian visitor's Google search you can figure it out too. Mystery solved.

The only mystery that remains is what our poor Romanian sportsman thought about when he arrived here.

Oradea Bihor Romania ( [Label IP Address] %26 haunting tv&spell=1

Have a nice day -- rg


  1. My favorite hit so far came via google. "Demon Possessed Squirrels"!!! Don't know how much help I was!!
    The most common search words that bring people to my blog is, "How to sit in a hammock"!!!!
    I love my sitemeter!

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  3. I, too, am fascintated by my Sitemeter. This is not only because of the wide swings in readership from day to day, but for the people (or at least their ISPs) who come on. I do often wonder why some people would come to read what I have to write, when they work where they appear to work. It does, of course, make me alert to things when I get my weekly, or more frequent hits from the Middle East.

  4. "Demon Possessed Squirrels" !! I love it, Jungle Mom!!

    And Hi Storm -- Welcome to Radarsite.
    I can just imagine the interesting visitors that you get on your site. You could probably write an article about them. In fact, maybe you should -- lol.

  5. I try to avoid thinking about the reasons why "some" people show up there. I'm as puzzled by the foreigners as I am about the gov't types (they have access to info. that I don't have, and even if I do have it, I wouldn't write about it).

  6. lol..gosh the searches that lead to us eh!!

  7. As I said, this damn machine has a mind of its own. For whatever reasons on Firefox it didn't show the entire Romanian Google search -- which of course ruined the whole point of this post!
    I think I've fixed it now. It should read: "fishing and 'haunting' tv" Sorry. My readers must have been wondering what the hell I was talking about!
    Damn machine!!