Thursday, May 8, 2008

From Other Sites on the Line: 8 May 08

Frontiers of the Human Spirit

Cross posted from Churchill's Parrot

"To me the greatest issue in this part of the world is not deserting Israel."- Sir Winston Churchill

There is at present but one flag upon Earth’s moon; for only a society which values the liberty and enterprise this flag represents could achieve such a miracle. That flag yet stands alone, a colorful and defiant testament to human imagination against the cold, dead, vacuum of space.Here on earth, another such flag flies ore' a once desolate plain now fertile, thriving, and prosperous; for only a society which values the principles this flag represents could achieve such a miracle. That flag stands alone as well, a proud and defiant testament to human love, loyalty, and commitment against the murderous chaos of hatred.

Sixty years ago that flag was raised for the first time among the others of the international community. Ever since, many in that community have sought to bring it back down. They say it is their hunger for justice which compels them, their rejection of an illegal puppet state foisted upon indigenous peoples, their indignation at the machinations of international power brokers who helped bring this state into being. These are lies, for the same case could be made against the majority of nation-states in that international community. What compels them is plainly and simply envy; puny, petty, pathetic, and murderous envy.

As the Qassam rockets continue to rain down upon her, as Syria and Hezbollah ever vow to once again attack her, as her allies and friends do little more than wag their fingers at her, we pray: stand tall proud Israel, for you are truly an icon of the very best humankind has to offer. What would it say of our civilization were we to abandon you and leave you to be overrun by the dark tide of chaos? And having done so, how long would it be before that tide consumed the rest of us? Truly, your fight - order over chaos, life over death - is the fight of all human civilization.

Would that we all soon realize that!In our ongoing attempts to help bring about this realization, we offer the following :
Our own masterful overview of the nascency Israel’s nationhood The Israel Project's "Things You Should Know About Israel at 60"

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Happy Sixtieth Israel! You are a beacon upon the frontiers of the human spirit. May you remain so forevermore!



  1. Man, that Parrot can WRITE!!!

    Glad to see your support of Israel on Radarsite, also. As Americans, British, and so forth we are some of the few real friends of Israel, unfortunately....

  2. That parrot was right. In 60 years, and after 6 wars, Israel stands alone. Her friends criticize her actions in self-defense, her enemies lick their wounds and bide their time.

    This small nation who was founded on hope and grand ideals has not lost her way. She will and has taken in Jewish refugees from all over the world. First from Europe, then from every Arab nation. Israel became known as a refuge for a people. A place where a Jew doesn't have to live in fear. And still they came. From Ethiopia and Russia. They come from S. America and the US.

    In 60 years, this small nation with a very small army has grown up. She is a mature nation now.

    Happy Birthday Israel!

  3. Not quite alone, Findalis. As is evidenced by many of these comments, there are a few of us who stand with her, and would be willing to fight to preserve her.

  4. youre so right my friend!..God bless Israel always!!