Monday, May 12, 2008

From Other Sites on the Line: 12 May 08

Fear of McCain: A Spy Story

Radarsite highly recommends this intriguing tale of espionage and deception. Knowledge is power. The more we know about our leftist adversaries, the better our chances of defeating them. Thanks to our good friend Snooper we now know a little bit more than we did.
Good work Snooper. We'll be following your progress. - rg

Vultural Jihad: The Leftinistra Are FRIGHTENED Of McCain


We have ALL heard that "out of my conservative principles, I cannot support McCain". We have ALL heard that "perhaps we need 4 or 8 years of a Hillary or Obama to teach the GOP a lesson". At one point or at least several points I, too, thought and felt the same way. I have since climbed OUT of that shell or comfort zone and have stepped out of that silly little box.

That attitude, although 100% understood, is a dangerous compartment in which to hide and slink into. Let me tell y'all a story. After all, my blog name of Snooper, and finally revealing just a tad about myself, depicts my MO.

About the time I was asked to merge with A Newt One, I had been working on an infiltration of a "top secret" forum made up of Leftinistra strategists. It took time as all such infiltrations do. It takes time and patience of which I have much of. The infiltration process took nearly a year but I was successful. I had an innocuous "handle" and an equally innocuous blog full of leftist rhetoric and musings.

Through a relatively long vetting process, I was accepted into the Inner Circle and still am. I am not in on the Upperling Tier...yet..still working on that but, I am respected in the forum. The current mission of the "top secret" gathering of total leftist driveling fools is this; get as many conservatives and moderates of all political party memberships to either not vote for McCain or to get them so in a tizzy as to cause them to stay home on election day. Naturally, I am all over they think.

Part of the strategy is to find "upset and easily led republicans" to support Barack Obama or Ron Paul. Part of the strategy is to find "conservatives so upset about McCain that they are vehemently opposed to McCain" and convince them it is in the best interest of America to stay home.

The overall mission is to elect either Hillary or Barack because in so doing, the conservative movement is history for at least 50 years and by that time, the goal of socializing the nation will be complete and the conservatives will be powerless to do anything about it.

I revealed all of that at this time because of a piece I read today at the Huff and Puff, written by one Jared Bernstein. He doesn't "know me" as "Snooper". Be that as it may, I know him.

I hold in my hand one of the most important pieces of paper in America: Table
T08-0071, an analysis of candidate John McCain's tax plan.

OK, it's not really in my hand because I'm typing, but I'm looking at it carefully, and you should too. It is a table constructed by the Tax Policy Center's steely-eyed tax
analysts, and it reveals nothing less than McCain's secret plan to diminish the US government beyond recognition. If he gets his way, conservatives will finally be able to say they've achieved the goal set out by Grover Norquist: to get government "down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub." [...]

That right there, folks, is just cause to support McCain...not because he is a Reagan Era Conservative because he is NOT such a conservative, not by a long shot. The just cause is that the socialists trying to overthrow this nation from within are FRIGHTENED of John McCain.

Good old socialist Jared thinks that is the governments' place tp provide everyone in the country with everything they none. McCain thinks just the opposite and so do most conservatives. As the United States stands in the way of the Islamic Caliphate with the "secret imam" in Iran's "possession" yet to be revealed, so John McCain stands in the way of a United Socialist States of America.

Remember the old TV mini-series Amerika? And folks think I am crazy for publishing the List of 45?
So, tell me again how teaching the GOP a lesson that letting Obama or Hillary screw this country up for 50 years hence is a good idea.

Get off of your High Horses, dig in and fight to take the Congress back by replacing every member with strict conservatives and constitutionalists. Now THAT will teach the current GOP leadership a thing or two WITHOUT having a budding Leninist (Hillary) or a Jihadi Sympathizer (Obama) directing the country.

When the Congress is packed with conservatives, the president can be Jack the Ripper and it won't matter.


  1. The trouble is that the last conservative congress was a lousy bunch. Instead of working on real problems, they used their time and energies on "social" problems (Terry Schiavo).

    We need a congress that will work on the "real" problems we face. Unemployment, Energy, Foreign Policy, etc...

    Until we get one of any party that will do that, then there is no hope for the US. It will downhill.

  2. Findalis. The last "conservative congress" was in the Clinton Administration. We haven't had one since.

  3. The last congress that worked was in the 1980's when Tip O'Neal was Speaker of the House. Then both parties worked together.

    Last I heard was that McCain was considering Huckabee for VP. If that happens, I can't vote for him. Huckabee scares me even worse than Obama.