Thursday, May 1, 2008

London Bridge Is Falling Down: Diversity or Invasion?

London's Multiculturalist Mayor, Ken Livingstone

London Bridge Is falling down,
Falling down, Falling down.
London Bridge Is falling down,
My fair lady.
Diversity or Invasion?

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On 15 April 2008, London's Mayor, Ken Livingstone, launched his community relations manifesto, saying:"I regard one of my greatest achievements of my administration ... (as) the way it has pursued policies that have consciously promoted... the policy of multiculturalism."
On the same day, the BBC described Livingstone's manisfesto thus:"London mayor Ken Livingstone has vowed to put multiculturalism at the heart of his bid to be re-elected to office. He said he would boost numbers of black and Asian police officers, promote cultural events and set diversity targets on boards he appoints.

He said ending multi-culturalism could mean a return to 1980s race riots."The RISE Anti-Racist Festival is a free event organised by Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London and Chairman of Unite Against Fascism.

Introducing his pet project in 2006, Red Ken said:
"London is built on the diversity of its population and this anti-racist festival… sends a very clear message that racism is not welcome in this city… There will be no let-up in celebrating London’s real character as a diverse and open city.
Each successive generation that has come to London has helped to shape the city we live in, bringing new ideas, skills and cultures... From the great racist crimes in history to bullying in the school playground and vicious tabloid news coverage, racist ideas have to be opposed because they disfigure our society... Policies to combat racism and celebrate our diversity are a permanent part of the work of London government."

At the following year’s festival, the Mayor was in even better form.
On 15 July 2007, Livingstone said this:
"London's fortunes are tied up with our stand against racism and prejudice... Fighting racism is a daily fight and a political priority for our city and the Rise: London United festival is a clear statement of that fact.

Read this whole disturbing article here:

In 1926, the year the Queen was born, there were 4 mosques in Britain. There are now more than 1,100

In June 2007, The Times told us that Muhammad is now the second most popular name for baby boys in Britain and is likely to rise to no 1 by next year. The name was shared by 5,991 newborn boys in 2006.


MUSLIM radicals have demanded Sharia law across Britain “without compromise”. Extreme Islamics said the hardline system – where people are punished by stoning and beheading – is the future.
Speaking at a meeting in Birmingham, Abu Ibraheem said: “Let us make this absolutely clear. Islam is not subject to dilution, compromise or relegation.“The behaviour of some Muslims is failing miserably to meet these commands.”

About 50 activists held the meeting in the same town where terrorist Parviz Khan, 3, plotted to behead a British soldier. Ten thousand leaflets were distributed to attract moderate Muslims. They criticised comments by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, 58, who suggested parts of Sharia law may be good for the UK.

Abu Abdullah, who spoke at the meeting, added: “The purpose of this was not to discourage Muslims from following English laws. “It is to educate people about Sharia and its meanings.” educate people about Sharia and its meanings

London Bridge Is falling down,
Falling down, Falling down.
London Bridge Is fallin
g down,
My fair lady.

We must build it up again,
Up again, Up again.
We must build it up again,
My fair lady.
Build it up with iron and steel,
Iron and steel, Iron and steel.
Build it up with iron and steel,
My fair lady.

God bless Britain

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  1. I fear that England will be lost to the West if it doesn't act soon. The British Upper-class is pushing Multi-culturalism, but the working men and women are totally against it.

    Livingstone is right. There will be riots, but I fear it will be by the native Brits who will riot.

  2. I'm afraid I agree with you Findalis.

    You know, as much as I've thought about this and written about it, I still can't fathom the liberal mindset. I mean, how can anyone operating with a rational mind, with two eyes to see the destruction of civil society going on around them, that has been wrought by their misguided adventures in social engineering, actually think that their way is a better way? It's just beyond me.

    Whatever it's original intent, multiculturalism is in actuality merely submitting to the invasion and dominance of a foreign and, yes, I must say it -- a lower, backward, and inherently inferior culture. How this can in any way be construed as some sort of societal progress is baffling to me.

    Is it simply base cowardice hidden beneath layers and layers of intellectual rationalizations?

    Is it simple self-serving collaboration with a frightening and all-powerful occupying force?

    Or is it perhaps some newer form of that effete British Upper Class Public Schoolboy crush on yet another strong, hyper-masculine tyrrany (like Uncle Joe's USSR)which promises them future glory and some Utopian end to selfish capitalism and justice for all?

    Whatever it really is, whatever it's real motivations, liberal multiculturalism will destroy our advanced Western Civilization as assuredly as the Germanic hordes eventually destroyed the Greco-Roman world.

    And if this happens, then we are in for another long Dark Ages.

    Then again, perhaps I'm wrong and they're right. Perhaps the world would be better off under the rule of seventh century mullahs. I've certainly been wrong about things before. Maybe I'm just not seeing things correctly...

    Nice talking to you Findalis.

  3. Churchill's ParrotMay 1, 2008 at 1:56 PM

    My Dear Roger,

    The best of us regarded multi-culturalism as a harmless joke. The worst of us embraced it as sexed-up Nouveau Pluralism. We were all wrong. Now we all may pay a profound and tragic price.

    Britain's last honorable act in the Special Relationship may be to serve as an example for her offspring. In this matter, do not go where we have gone. Do not do as we have done. Or our likley fate shall surely be your own.



  4. I believe the dear boy has seen the handwriting on the wall and just wants to be on the winning side. The more folks talk about multiculturalism, the more Balkanized the world becomes. Poor dear fool; he probably hopes he will be remembered well. NOT! He should study closely the fate of the first Black American president – Bill Clinton.

  5. Thank you Charlie. But are we listening to them? I want to believe that we are listening and watching and learning from their plight; but some days it's pretty hard to buy into that comforting notion.

  6. tis too late my friend...England is dhimmified............

  7. I think the reason why multiculturalism is still prevalent is because of the guilt that leftist professor continually shove down the throats of students and the PC environment that stifles protest.

    Either way, people think of multiculturalism as ethnic food and diverse dance festivals. They never picture it as lowered levels of trust and an influx of people with very different values.

  8. With that leftist scumbag as mayor, London is gone. Hopefully his will be first carcass they string up from the cranes.

  9. Thank you all for your great comments. And, good points Johnson. And not a promising sign for the future.

  10. Some good news. Livingstone is out!

    And in Israel that crook Olmert is under investigation and it looks like there will be new elections.

    Maybe the tide has turned and England has come to its senses. Multi-culturism is dying, slowly, but it just might die. The British nation has had enough of it and want their own language, religion and culture back. Enoch Powell's ghost does roam the nation of Great Britain and he will scream in triumph today.

  11. Findalis -- This is the best news in months. I was just going to write an article about the Right winning out in Rome, and now this great news!
    Damn! Maybe there's some hope for this great civilization yet.
    Thanks so much for the update. I'll follow it up.