Friday, June 6, 2008

Useful Idiots: The Maddening Complacency of the Dhimmi

A note from Radarsite: Occasionally we find a comment so disturbing and so revealing that it deserves more than just a simple reply in the comments section; it deserves an article. This is one of those occasions.
On June 4, 2008, Radarsite posted an original article "The Serpent is in the Nest: The Islamification of Dearborn, Michigan". It was subsequently sent to several other venues. The comments below represent the first response to this article from one of those websites.
The subject of the article -- the danger inherent in the Muslim immigration to the U.S. -- is a highly contentious one, and passionately opposing views were not unexpected. However, what makes these particular comments so infuriating isn't the fact that the author disagrees with the premise of the article, rather, it is that typical liberal smug, condescending tone that permeates their response. And, more importantly, it is the abysmal ignorance that underlies it.

Here, then again, is the basic argument, followed by the commenter's response, and a final word from Radarsite.

The Islamic Center of America
Dearborn, Michigan
Total Population 97,775
City Area 24.4 miles
Muslim Population 30,000
500,000 Muslims live in the entire Detroit Metro Area.
Population (By Ancestry):
Arab 30.0%
German 13.7%
Polish 11.8%
Irish 9.4%
English 6.7%
Italian 6.4%


CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) spokesman Ibrahim Hooper indicated in a 1993 interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune that he wants to see the United States become a Muslim country.

In 1970 there were an estimated one-hundred thousand Muslims in the United States. Today, a mere 34 years later, the number is approximately 7-10 million! More than a quarter of a million people of Arab descent live in southeastern Michigan, making the area the second-largest Arab community outside the Middle East (after Paris, France). One frightening example of their prolific growth in American is Dearborn, Michigan. Of a total population of 90,000 Dearborn residents, 25,000 are now Arabs! And of all the Dearborn children under the age of 18, a full 58% are Arab children! Other developing centers of Arab/Muslim growth are Florida, Texas, New Jersey and California. God Bless America!

Every year huge numbers of Arabs/Muslims from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kuwaitis, Syria, Egypt, Albania and dozens of other ethnic Muslim states who hate America swarm into the United States and add to the already increasing numbers of Arab/Muslim. And every year hundreds of mosques, which preach the extermination of all non-Muslims and the Islamization of America, are being added to the thousands already pointing their minarets skyward. Militant Islam is rapidly spreading its tentacles across America. One of the few Islamic moderates in this country, Muhammad Hisham Kabbani of the Islamic Supreme Council of America, estimated that "extremists" have taken over 80% of the mosques in the US, nearly all funded by Saudi Arabia. These extremists are working single-mindedly to turn America into an Islamic state, with the Koran as its foundation.

Many mosques, "Islamic Learning Centers" and Arab/Muslim Student Unions are distributing large numbers of pamphlets and leaflets attacking Judaism, Christianity and other non-Muslim religions and urging young Americans (esp. angry black Americans) to convert to Islam! Not surprisingly, a large number of African-Americans convert to Islam while in the prison systems! The National Islamic Prison Foundation, which coordinates a campaign to convert inmates to Islam claim an average of 135,000 such conversions per year.

This is Islam

And this is Islam

And this...

And this...

These are our enemies

These are their symbols

And these are their words:

"This Is A War Of Destiny Between Infidelity And Islam."
(Text Of Bin Laden's Audio Message To Muslims In Iraq, Posted On Jihadist Websites, 12/28/04)

"Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those [who say this] are witless. Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all!"Islam Is Not a Religion of Pacifists (1942)-- Ayatollah Ruhallah Khomeini

In 1996 and then again in 1998 Osama bin Laden issued two fatawa -- that Muslims should "kill civilians and military personnel from the United States and allied countries until they withdraw military forces from Islamic countries and withdraw support from Israel."

Bin Laden: "The Whole World Is Watching This War And The Two Adversaries; The Islamic Nation, On The One Hand, And The United States And Its Allies On The Other."

What is there in these simple, direct and unequivocal messages that remains obscure? What is there here that lends itself to misinterpretation? Could these undeniable experts be any less ambiguous in their pronouncements? This is, they tell us quite plainly, "a war between Infidelity and Islam", a war between "the Islamic Nation and the United States and its Allies." And, even more clearly, "Islam is not a religion of pacifists".

Yet we will not listen. We will not heed their warnings. We refuse to acknowledge the weight of their solemn words. Blinded by Hope, abandoned by Reason, we steadfastly refuse to understand their meaning.

From Blinded by Hope, Abandoned by Reason

These are the Dhimmis


7th-21st century. The notion of Dhimmitude, originating in the 7th century, still applies today to non-Muslims under Islamic rule—whether Jews or Christians, whether in Saudi Arabia or in Sudan. Dhimmitude began in 628 CE when Mohammed and his forces conquered the Jewish oasis at Khaybar. They massacred many of the Jews and forced the rest to accept a pact ("Dhimma") which rendered them inferior to their Muslim conquerors. Over the centuries, the ideology of Dhimmitude expanded into a formal system of religious apartheid.

Institutionalized apartheid. In Shari’a law, there are official discriminations against the Dhimmi, such as the poll-tax or jizya. <>R>
No legal rights. Jews may not testify in court against a Muslim and have no legal right to dispute or challenge anything done to them by Muslims. There is no such thing as a Muslim raping a Jewish woman; there is no such thing as a Muslim murdering a Jew (at most, it can be manslaughter). In contrast, a Jew who strikes a Muslim is killed.

Humiliation and vulnerability. Jews and Christians had to walk around with badges or veils identifying them as Jews or Christians. The yellow star that Jews had wear in Nazi Germany did not originate in Europe. It was borrowed from the Muslim world where it was part of the apartheid system of Dhimmitude.

Conditional protection. The protection of the Dhimmi is withdrawn if the Dhimmi rebels against Islamic law, gives allegiance to non-Muslim power (such as Israel), refuses to pay the poll-tax, entices a Muslim from his faith, or harms a Muslim or his property. If the protection is lifted, jihad resumes. For example, Islamists in Egypt who pillage and kill the Copts do so because they no longer pay their poll-tax and therefore are no longer protected.

Here are the comments

Re: The Serpent is in the Nest: The Islamification of Dearborn, Michigan
Posted: Jun 5, 2008 7:48 PM

"So, in other words there's nothing to worry about. To fear the Islamification of Dearborn is just another sign of American Islamophobia. Right?"

Why, of course not. Already we have a bunch of other serious problems that we're trying to deal with...

The Italianification of Paramus, NJ;

The Irishification of Boston;

The Cubanification of Miami;

The Snowbirdification of Coral Gables;

The Amishification of Northern Pennsylvania;

The Chinification of San Francisco;

And I don't know what it is about those northern climes, but the
Bjornification of Duluth, Minn. ranks right up there. Why, do you know
that One in ten kids up there is now named Sven or Brigid?

The Irishification of part of my city is so bad that those damned Micks forced the city to put up a stoplight that has the green light over the red;
the only place in the country that has happened.


This, my friends is Dhimmitude in action. This is the unchanging liberal mindset. All cultures, and all peoples are the same. The immigration to the U. S of the Muslims represents no greater threat to our security than did the preceding immigration of the Poles or the Irish or the Chinese. All religions are basically the same and all are working for peace. To infer any special dangerous traits to the Muslim community is just a form of racism and intolerance.
The whole concept of the Islamist threat to America is nothing but a Republican ploy. 9/11 was an isolated event, a tragic anomaly, a senseless disastor, like a hurricane or a flood or a tornado. There is nothing is to be learned from the horrendous examples of Europe or Scandinavia or Britain.
Not only do our blinded liberals deny the threat to our Western civilization, but they work assiduously to obtruct our own efforts to combat the threats, and in so doing, have justifiably earned that ignoble label of collaborators.
One can only wonder which is the most dangerous: the obvious threats from our Islamist enemies who openly threaten our cultural survival, or the maddening complacency of the Dhimmis? -- rg


  1. I never heard of the Swedes, Italians, Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Russians, Jews, French, Germans, Amish, or any other group trying to force their ways on the whole nation.

    The Irish were subjected to discrimination up until 1900. Just because they were Irish and Catholics.

    The Jews were subjected to discrimination up until the 1960's because of their religion. Companies didn't force Kosher on the nation, but made some of their products Kosher to tap into a rich market.

    The Chinese were subject to discrimination up until the 1970's because they looked different.

    The Japanese were sent to Concentration Camps in the US because they looked different (and only those who were interred were given reparations).

    The Muslims want rights above other groups in this nation. The right to have Public School prayers (nobody else has that right), the insistence on Halal food in the military and schools (Jews never insisted on Kosher foods, they served in the military and ate what was served to them), and to be given special consideration in hiring practices.

    We are a nation of immigrants, but in each wave of immigration the new immigrants gave something of their culture to the overall American flavor and took to their hearts the Freedoms that the nation had to offer. Muslims want none of that. They want all people to follow their culture and religion. And G-d help you if you don't.

    No Dhimmi here. I can see very plainly what they want for America and will fight against it tooth and nail. Or Tavor and Magal in my case.

  2. They are using every tactic and device that has hither to been used in the Judeo-Greco-Western tradition. The only difference is that in recent times these measures have been employed for the better standing in this country for minorities who are citizens with a grounded loyalty to the country; and that for which she stands. They threatened nobody.
    The dhimmies don't see that. The dhimmies won;t see that.

  3. Thank you both Findalis and Shawmut, your comments are always a delight to read.
    Can you believe the depths of denial the libs are capable of?

  4. They ain't called Libtards for nothing, Roger.

    They have willfully blinded themselves. Worse yet, they have willfully reduced their own cognitive capacity.

    Libtards have blinded themselves to the fact that Islam is a predatory institution.

    Islam is a pact between Muslims and Satan. Under this pact, the Muslims get admission to Paradise filled with Houris (perpetual virgins), young boys who never bleed nor grow old and rivers of wine that never causes a hangover. In return, they fight in Satan's cause, killing and being killed.

    Libtards and other damned fools will not read 9:111 & 61:9...13 to verify the facts. Of course, they know better,after all, they are libtards, the best & brightest in the nation.

  5. The idiocy of the Leftinistra is dismally enchanting. It must really suck to be an idiot libtard.

  6. As we consider this near total occupation in Europe and the United Kingdom and the development of this alien poltical culture in the United States, we must review something very critical.
    This is all happening in well-developed industrial countries with 'claims' (?) to high rates of literacy and education. This is all happening with legal systems that signify the most advanced liberties of Western Civilization and under governments that are chosen by the consent off the governed.
    Will we be moving toward a revolution for the sake of countering invasion by fraud, crime, sedition and subversion; or are we going to engage in a counter-revolution that will end the legal processes and neutralize the means that have weakened us?
    Picture the professors and pundits rolling gauze and hauling water. Though, in the coming conflict, in which they won't be trusted fight, I doubt we could trust them to handle those chores.