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Confronting Mubarak: A good idea or a dangerous game?

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The US Congress and Leadership Council for Human Rights introduce a resolution to condemn Mubarak and his criminal regime

By ibn Misr on June 28, 2008

We encourage all Anti-Jihadist sites, and individuals to promote this resolution. Its success will be another step forward in our war on Islamic terror.

The U.S. Congress and the Leadership council for Human Rights condemn Mubarak, the godfather of Egypt that parades himself as the champion, for the Palestinian rights and war on terror while denying 15 million Copts of their basic rights, and expose him for what he really is. [A true muslim. This is the best qualification we should use, that should say it all, to address these creatures.]

The beauty is, they will understand what we mean by that when you slap them with it in the face, don’t forget the smile, but they won’t be able to accuse you of anything.

Actually I’m looking forward for the day when muslims and Islamic organizations like CAIR and company start suing us for calling them, true muslim followers of mohammad, knowing how much they’re proud of that infamous name that many of them carry. To give them a double dose of, “Feel the pride.”

When it gets to their bones, and we reach the point of being accused as islamophobic and spreading hate speech, for calling them true muslim followers of mohammad, that will be the day when they’ll bring down the house of islam with their own hands on their heads. And that will be the day when you’ll see scores of muslims wearing crosses and stars of David and calling themselves Mike and Emily instead of mohammad and eisha.

I particularly advise the radio shows, and television talk show hosts exposing islam to use this strategy. Can you imagine a headline like, “CAIR officials sue Michael Savage for calling them, true muslim followers of mohammad?”

We debate muslims every day, and we know the effect. Many muslims became ex-muslims when it made them regain conscience and forced them to connect with the deeds of mohammad and islam.

It is also a double formula. For muslims claiming to be against terrorism, against beating women, against killing kafirs and apostate, calling for peaceful co-existence between all people, equal rights for women and minorities, against the “marriage” of baby girls, against anti Semitism and defaming other religions, etc, etc, we congratulate them for not being true muslims and having a much higher morality than mohammad. But we ask them from where they got all this beautiful teaching, since it’s not in the Koran, and contradicts mohammad’s deeds, unless they can give us the references to correct our lack of knowledge.

Besides, telling a muslim that he’s a true muslim follower of mohammad is perfectly, “Politically correct.” But it will give political correctness a new dimension that will serve our purpose.

LCHR Applauds Egypt Human Rights Resolution, Urges Support

Written by LCHR
Wednesday, 27 June 2008
Washington, D.C. – The Leadership Council for Human Rights strongly supports H. Res. 1303, calling on the Egyptian Government to respect human rights and freedoms of religion and expression in Egypt. LCHR expresses its appreciation to Congressional Human Rights Caucus Co-Chair Frank Wolf for introducing this important resolution, which details Egypt's human rights abuses against religious minorities, journalists and bloggers, democracy proponents, and civil society development organizations. The resolution also urges the President and the Secretary of State to prioritize human rights and religious freedom in meetings with Egyptian officials.
LCHR applauds Rep. Wolf for his consistent leadership on the human rights situation in Egypt. Tragically, many Egyptians have been unable to claim and enjoy their rights because of widespread repression. Religious minorities like the Copts and Baha'is are subject to discrimination at every level, and political opponents of the ruling regime, including Ayman Nour, have been targeted and jailed. Egypt's President, Hosni Mubarak, has promised democratic reforms time and again. These promises have gone unfulfilled.

Please call and encourage your Member of Congress to co-sponsor H. Res. 1303. Your support is vital for the success of the resolution, which if passed will send President Mubarak a clear message that Egypt must respect human rights. Current co-sponsors include Reps. Burton, Smith, Franks, Fossella, Kirk, McCotter, Schakowsky, Souder, Davis, Pitts, Waters, Pence, McGovern, and Goode.

Proposed letter


The Honorable XXXXX(Address)

RE: Request to Co-Sponsor Resolution H.Res.1303
Dear Congressman XXXXX,

I/ We, as members of your district, are writing this letter to kindly ask for your assistance in supporting the aforementioned resolution that admonishes the Egyptian government’s egregious violations of human rights and religious freedoms. This resolution also requests that Egypt ends all forms of harassment and fully implement protection of religious minorities.

We, as Coptic Christians and Americans of Egyptian descent, are extremely concerned with the plight of all Christians in the Middle East, and especially with our Coptic brothers and sisters in Egypt. The Copts of Egypt are the last sizable Christian population left in the Middle East, and are also Egypt’s largest religious minority group.

Egypt’s violations of human rights and religious freedoms have been on the Congressional agenda for some time. However, violations of human rights in Egypt have continued to worsen significantly; and this severe decline and lack of improvement by the Egyptian government prompted:
1. Two European Union Parliament resolutions (one on Nov. 15th, 2007 and one on Jan. 18th, 2008) that condemn Egypt’s violations of human rights and religious freedoms
2. This new proposed US resolution, which will prove to the world that the Americans will always defend democracy and human rights throughout the world; showing our support for helping those who are helpless.

We are writing to respectfully request that you join in co-sponsoring this resolution. Your knowledge and expertise would be a great addition to this resolution.

The lead sponsor of this resolution is Congressman Frank Wolf of Virginia. On Friday April 18th, Mr. Wolf’s office sent out a “Dear Colleague” email asking for support of this resolution and it includes the contact information for Elizabeth Hoffman in Congressman Wolf’s office.

We sincerely thank you for your time and attention to this important matter.


A note from Radarsite:
This is a complicated and delicate subject. As anyone who regularly reads this blog well knows, Radarsite is an ardent anti-Islamist, and we will enthusiastically embrace any movement or cause that undermines their influence in this world.

Confronting Mubarak is important and it's time we did it. But we should be careful. History has shown us that confronting -- or even inadvertently helping to depose -- strong arm ME dictators can be a dangerous game, if it is not well thought out. The elder Assad managed to keep the lid on the extreme Islamists in Syria only by the use of overwhelming brute force (purportedly slaughtering 25,000 of them). The same of course could be said of Saddam Hussein. We have all experienced the horrific fallout of our allowing the Shaw to be deposed. In retrospect, this may have been one of our most serious foreign policy blunders. However, at the time, I don't think we had any conception of the potential lethality of the Islamists.

But we do now.

Throughout our history, in order to win our larger battles against our major enemies at that time we have had to make common cause with all sorts of brutes -- perhaps chief amongst them, Stalin in WWII. It may have been unseemly, but it was also absolutely necessary. It is arguable that we could not have won WWII without him.

I believe that it is just and proper to exert whatever influence we may have (Egypt is, after all, the second biggest recipient of our foreign aid after Israel) to elevate the moral standards of dictators like Mubarak and to help protect the rights of his subjects; however, we must always keep in mind the tiger that they have by the tail. As distasteful as it may be, these brutal dictators just might -- at least, in the short term -- be the necessary lesser of two evils. -rg

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  1. I have reservations about applying the resolution to the Quranists, and certainly don't want it applied to al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen.

    The persecution of the Copts trumps those concerns,so I sent an email to my Rep. asking him to sign on as a sponsor.

  2. That's what happens when the only place ppl can gather and talk about stuff without the secret police appearing and cracking heads is the mosque and the soocer stadium.

    Hosni is 80 yo. His son "Jimmy' (Gemal) is his personal choice for leadership after the big State funeral.

    Egypt's population is nearing 80 million, the country is
    short of resources and a food crisis is already looming on the banks of the life-giving Nile.

    Today it makes one shudder to think what the world could
    expect from the land of pyramids should the Muslim Brothers come to power.

    Possible outcomes could be:

    1. Political and economic isolation;

    2. A resultant drop in living standards and economic chaos;

    3. An aggressive foreign policy; and

    4. Attempts at ideological expansion: declaring a jihad on its
    neighbors and exporting the "Islamic revolution" beyond Egypt's borders.

    OTOH, Egyptians know full well what mohammedist rule has granted Persia - keeping it locked up in a bizzaro box with the religious police and the fashion posse - proving preachers can preach ok - but kinda suck at running a government, economy or foreign affairs. Or the Strip since HAMAS came into power.

    The lack of multi parties to marginalize the mohammedist appeal is significant

  3. Egypt is slowly heading towards Shar'ia law and Islamic domination.

    Mubarak keeps himself in power by suppressing dissension. His son will have to do the same. If he ever stops, he will be defeated by the Muslim Brotherhood.

    What that means is that female tourists will be forced into the burka, the hijab, the veil. Do they really think that American tourists would actually don the hijab to visit Egypt? No. Nor would they visit Egypt.

    Egypt has no industry other than tourism. It once grew its own food and exported food to the world. Today it has to import food to feed its people.

    Egypt will stay as a dictatorship or it will become an Islamic Republic. There is no other choice for Egyptians.