Wednesday, June 4, 2008

X-Rated Radarsite: This is How They Fight Back

Britain's Immigration is Out of Control

Endorsed by Fox News at GOP Hub

"This is the war we are in. These are the battles. This is the nature of the enemy we face."

A statement from Radarsite:
Above is the original Radarsite article on runaway immigration in Britain. Below is a perfect example of the childish and underhanded tactics our enemies employ. This is how they fight back. This is illustrative of their warped mentality. This is the nature of the enemy we face. - rg

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Radarsite's email response to Stumble Upon:
According to this announcement my well-regarded political website Radarsite is now being listed on Stumbleupon under "Pornography". Unless this form of internet harassment is immediately corrected I will be forced to take appropriate action.
Roger W. Gardner
Owner and editor Radarsite


  1. Or you can leave it there and start educating the masses. It is a well known fact that the majority of Americans don't read politics, but do read porn sites. A pity really, after all those porn stars will not be raising their taxes, politicians do.

  2. Hey Findalis -- Love that idea. lol

  3. Please don't take this too personally. I've heard of this happening quite a bit, especially on Stumble Upon. It is easy to mis-categorize something; then again, it is very easy to change it back if you made a mistake too. I don't misinterpret the intentions, but you certainly aren't alone.