Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blips on the Screen: 8 Jun 08

Endorsed by Fox News at GOP Hub.

Our Own Back Yard- Jihad Blog in Charlotte, NC

Cross posted from Fousesquawk

Coming to America? - or already here? Fox News is running a story today about a Jihadist, anti-American blog that supports Al Qaeda, praises Osama bin Laden, and calls for the killing of American soldiers. What is particularly outrageous is the fact that the blogger is not in the Middle East or Pakistan; he is right here in America. Samir Khan is a 22-year-old, who lives with his family in an upscale Charlotte, North Carolina neighborhood. He immigrated to this country with his family from Saudi Arabia when he was 7 and began the site when he was a student at Central Piedmont Community College.

The blog is called

Not only does Khan condemn our country, he rails against non-Muslims as well, according to the article. What arrogance! I have linked the news story to the Fousesquawk site and will keep it up for the foreseeable future. This is just another example of a 5th column that we have allowed to come to this country, reap its benefits, spit in our face, and advocate the killing of our soldiers. If this creep is now a citizen, do we not have sedition laws that could be used here? Or is this another example of free speech accompanied by political correctness and a fear of offending Muslims-no matter how radical and anti-American they may be? Are we now going the way of the UK and other European countries that are bowing and scraping to a radical presence in our midst-one that is devoted to our very destruction?

This story deserves the widest dissemination possible.

A note from Radarsite: We have been following the activities of Revolution Muslim for a while now, but this new outrage must not go unanswered. Thank you Gary Fouse for bringing this latest obscenity to our attention. Rest assured, it will get the widest possible dissemination, and perhaps a personal crusade by our loyal members of Radarsite. We will follow up. - rg


  1. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I predict that in a few years there will be hundreds of these sites from all over the world.

    We who blog have a duty to bring these sites to the attention of all the people.

  2. The Hezbollah group out of Charlotte, NC, were taken down by RICO Statutes in the cigarette smuggling-fundraising routine. That was in the 90's. It was a horrendous task for law enforcement because of our own laws.
    It uncovered tax-fraud, immigration fraud (the handy American marriage) and terrorist financing.
    You're right, findalis, we'll be seeing more of this. I'm afraid our countrymen won't see it happening in their backyard so...on to the golf course and then the Bar-B-Q.