Monday, June 23, 2008

The Card

Either it's this,
or this

If there was ever really any doubt that the card would be played, you can now set it aside. It's already been played. This afternoon, for example, we came across the following Reader's Article at Real Clear Politics: "The Perfect Site For Racist Obama Haters ". Clicking on the article title brings you to the website of that notorious racist and antisemite David Duke. This, then, is how they will fight.

If anyone still believes that this contest isn't going to be about race, or that the Obama supporters aren't fully prepared to use that proverbial card whenever they see it to their advantage, then they'd better wake up. This is how they intend to fight the fight. These are going to be their tactics. "Racist Obama Haters" -- how comfortably those three words fit together. The message is clear and undeniable, isn't it? Either you're for Obama or you're for racism.

For those who still somehow held out hope that the other side wouldn't actually sink that low, that they wouldn't attempt to reduce this immensely important presidential race to a showdown between blacks and whites for racial hegemony, all one has to do is recall the disillusioning travesties of the Rodney King or the OJ Simpson trials to be disabused of those unreasonable expectations. Did those ludicrous charades have anything whatsoever to do with justice? Or were they just about a black man standing up to the white man's system? And now that the stakes are even higher -- as high as they could possibly be -- can we expect the battle to be any less ferocious, or the tactics any less ruthless? Can we reasonably presume that this great national contest will be solely concerned with electing the best candidate for the job regardless of race? Not anymore. The card has been played; it's on the table.

Now more than ever, isn't this November going to be about a black man standing up to the white man's system? A black man standing up to the Racist Obama Haters?

Of course, to even pose such a question is to automatically be indicted of the crime. And this, my friends, is precisely why, despite its inherent absurdity, that overused card is such a formidable tactic. The opposition is effectively silenced.

Was the OJ Simpson trial about a cold-blooded double murder, or about racial retribution?

One can only wonder, what will November's Obama trial be about?


  1. Obama played the race card himself last week and I expect him and his campaign to play it every time his policies are attacked.

    It is going to get old very fast. I don't dislike him for the color of his skin, but for the color of his politics.

  2. His brown skin is irrelevant. His black soul and red ideology are relevant in the extreme.

    He tells so many lies that web sites have sprung up to chronicle them.

    He associates with certifiable America haters from Ayers to Wright.

    He panders, one day flattering Israel, the next day he reverses his promise for a Muslim audience.

    He plans to increase your taxes, on income, capital gains, & Social Security.

    Your income will buy less, and your pension will shrink. Who gives a damn?

    $4. gasoline is ok, it just should have risen more slowly.

    Instead of increasing fuel production, he proposes to raise taxes on fuel.

    He wants to revert to the criminal prosecution model of terrorism response, the model which gave us 09/11/01. He wants to give terrorists American Constitutional rights. If convicted, he whats to jail them for life, where they will be an incentive to take hostages for exchange.

    This is legitimate, issue oriented criticism, not racism. I would vote for Alan Keyes, I voted for him in the '01 primary. I will never vote for Obama. That is not racism,its the difference between a statesman and a conman! I make my stand on the foundation of truth, and to Hell with whomever disapproves!!!

  3. I personally do not believe the race is about race...although with over 90% of the black population in favor of Obama then that is clearly a racist statistic. With stats like that it would highly suggest that those 90% are clearly oblivious to the Socialist-Muslim agenda that is clearly Obama's cup o'tea. Or...or clearly, I am 100% wrong in my beliefs in that the real story here is, the blacks are not in favor of Obama because of the shade of his epidermis, but the blacks clearly desire a return to their Muslim roots...naah, that could never happen here in America now would it?

  4. Ben...

    Right on !

  5. No surprise that we can told directly to our face that we don't like a Democrat because he is Black. It should be insulting to every non-black, but no...we must pander.

    I feel certain that the majority in the media are not personally enthralled with Obama. Some, of course, are enthralled, but others...well they are in a dilemma because they cannot point out the obvious and keep their jobs - but who knows how they vote.

    The ONLY hope is that people lie to pollsters if they think their opinions will be seen as racist.

    I agree with everything Ben said:-)
    AND, I would have voted for Alan Keys if he was the nominee and would proudly vote for, and work for, Clarence Thomas, and there are others.

    Maggie's Notebook

  6. And if Obama loses the election and I believe he will...all we'll hear is how racist America is for voting against a black guy.

    The MSM will talk about how race relations have been set back 100 years, blacks will complain that nothing has changed and on and on.

    It will have nothing to do with him being a marxist, socialist, pascifist bastard whose closest friends are former terrorists, black militant racists and America haters, oh no it will only be about skin color.

    Third world lowlifes and media enablers.

  7. There are NO depths to which the left will not sink. None.
    And if--as reported--90% of black voters will pull the lever for this man because he's black then who are the racists here?