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American's Fat Lazy Butts and Britain's Immigration Problems

To my readers: On June 1, 2008, Radarsite cross posted an article from the Daily Mirror titled "Britain's Immigration is Out of Control".
Following the article Radarsite posted our usual commentary. The following exchange from the comments thread is one reader's response to our commentary and our reply. We have posted a final comment to all of this from our now-famous friend Lionheart.- rg

Here's the original commentary:

A note from Radarsite: Nowhere could the major cultural battles that are taking place throughout the West be more visible and instructive than those currently being fought out in Britain. The multiculturalist PC Government's "open door" immigration policy has, not surprisingly, proven ruinous to the country, both economically and culturally. Despite their repeated, and one might say, cynical and devious attempts to put a good face on it and fudge the figures, the results are in and they are deeply troubling. The situation is much worse than originally thought. The British Isles are in serious trouble, and we all know who is to blame, don't we?

How on earth does one justify giving away an ancient and noble culture -- to a lesser, more backward culture? How does one rationalize "opening the doors" to thousands upon thousands of unskilled and often 'culturally-conflicted' immigrants whose arrival will unquestionably have a "dramatic [and negative] effect on the nation's services", and on the nation's character? How does one defend the act of ruining a country, while supposedly in the service of that country?

This is the war we are in. These are the battles. This is the nature of the enemy we face.

We here in America are now being advised by our knowledgeable British friends to "not go to London". To "steer clear" of one of the most famous and beautiful capitols in the world. And why? Why are they warning us away? Because, in their own words, London has changed so much that it has become almost unrecognizable. It has begun to take on all the mean characteristics of a Third World city, with an appropriately out of control Third World crime rate. It isn't the immigrants who live in isolated pockets now; it's the Brits.

This is where your vaunted liberal multiculturalism has brought us, you fools, you multiculturalist PC morons. Are you proud of yourselves now?

As we watch this epic drama unfold from across our pond, we shake our heads in disbelief and sadness. But we comfort ourselves with the knowledge that what is happening over there in England could not happen here. Here, we are protected by our American laws and our American Constitution. A foreign culture -- or several foreign cultures, just couldn't come over here and take over the whole damn country -- could they? We are different here -- aren't we? I mean, no American Government would allow such a thing to take place here -- would they?

The answer, my friends, is just a little over five months away.

Here's our reader's comment:

The answer, my friends, is just a little over five months away.
Yes, don't vote for Obama or the browns will kill us all! Sigh.
Look, despite all the fearmongering, assimilation still works. Yes, immigration puts pressures on our society, causes ethnic, religious, and economic conflicts, and threatens the purity of suburban culture. But immigrants overwhelmingly are becoming American and even succeeding dramatically at work and school where native-born students and workers are failing. Hopefully competition from immigrants will get some Americans off their fat lazy butts and force them to sweat a little. Obama for President isn't going to be the end of the world. And you better get used to the idea anyway, because McCain doesn't really have a snowball's chance in hell.
June 22, 2008 12:43 AM

Radarsite's reply:
To [name withheld by Ed.] -- Other than a deeply held conviction in your own self-importance, and your abysmal lack of knowledge of the subject, you seem to share one other trait with your fellow libs -- that inevitable persistent and annoying complacency, coupled with that affected disdain.

Assimilation works?? What country are you referring to -- not Britain I hope, not the now-infamous Londonistan, not the virtually ruined northern industrial cities which have become culturally unrecognizable and whose crime rates have soared exponentially since your wonderful immigrations? Certainly not the Britain of our good friend and contributor Lionheart? Ask him about how well integration has worked in Luton, where he has been forced to live in fear of his life from the "assimilated" Pakistani drug gangs. But of course you know better, don't you? Your pitiful attempt at condescension falls flat at the feet of your hopeless ignorance.

Foolishness and complacency -- why do they always seem to go hand in hand with the liberal leftist persona? And add to that thoroughly unattractive mix that fashionably nasty anti-Americanism, which you are so proud to display.
And you have the gall to suggest that immigrants "will get some Americans off their fat lazy butts and force them to sweat a little." What the hell America are you talking about? Certainly not the America and the Americans I know. Your arrogant self-centered contempt makes me ill. Why do I suspect that you are the one with the fat butt?

Here is my reply, lifted from a previous article written in response to another self-satisfied and ignorant critic of American industry:
"And why is it that this crass, unlettered public of ours, who is only interested in what brand of shoes they wear, works harder and puts in more hours and takes less vacations than any of those feeble and declining unionized socialistic European workers wallowing in their increasingly failing and stagnant economies could ever conceive of?"

I cannot bear to engage self-centered and hopelessly ignorant America haters any longer. Your empty-headed attacks just make me ill. If you have any more bile left to spew out save it for some other more like-minded site because you have already worn out your welcome here. No room here for ignorant anti-Americanists. Sorry.

PS" Obama will join the unhappy ranks of Al Gore and John Edwards.

June 22, 2008 1:46 AM
Lionheart said...
Well put Roger.

God bless
June 22, 2008 6:46 AM

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  1. Americans aren't lazy, they won't work for slave wages. $6 an hour will not house, feed and cloth a person let alone a family.

    Illegal immigration drives wages down. It has already happened and been shown to be true.

    Legal immigration has always spurred the job market, bringing in skilled laborers and helping the economy of the US.

    The Mexican economy is boosted and sustained by a large influx of dollars from the US. Money that the majority of legal immigrants would use to purchase goods in the US, illegal immigrants use to send "home" to Mexico. Stop the flow of illegals into the US and the Mexican economy will fall.

    The UK faces a different threat from their immigrants. The face of radical Islam. The majority of the immigrant community from Muslim nations do not want to assimilate into the culture of the UK. They want their own culture to dominate instead.

    In the US, immigrant groups assimilated (to various degrees) into the culture. Adding their distinctive flavor to the Mulligan Stew that is America.

    And thank you Roger, I didn't know what to post for tomorrow, but now I do.